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  2. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #10: The flower garden keeps growing :)
  3. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #12: "I will do what all Saviors must. I will give hope! No matter the cost."
  4. HUSBAND & WIFE ♥ {Hook♥Emma} #22: "You showed me that a heart full of love was the most precious treasure of all & one that I dont intend to lose"
  5. Jennifer & Colin Friendship Appreciation #6: "Colin and I are good friends and will always be good friends. He knows me like a family member."
  6. Jennifer Morrison This or That #2: Acting or Directing?
  7. Emma Swan S&S #28: "Emma Swan is one my favorite characters that I have ever played. Forever grateful for giving me the gift of playing Emma Swan."
  8. Stephanie {The End of Longing} #2: What Jen has in common with Stephanie- "Besides the fact that I'm a high end escort?"
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  10. Captain Cobra Swan {Emma & Henry & Hook} #4: Operation Best Man!
  11. Jennifer Morrison Post Count #19: April 2017 got us to .... #2!!!
  12. OUAT {Season Five} Discussion #4: "...I have to protect those I love. Nothing's more important."
  13. Jennifer Morrison Family Appreciation #2: We want more pictures of Auntie Jennifer!
  14. Under Construction 2017: Updating the OPs
  15. Dr. Allison Cameron & Dr. Gregory House (House) #6: Love is an emotion similar to happiness ... maybe I should give a more relatable example.
  16. Jennifer Morrison ABCs #19: Versatile, Wonderful, X-Ray
  17. Jennifer Love it or Hate it #3:
  18. Jennifer Smile Appreciation Thread #8: Jen has many things to smile about!
  19. Jennifer Morrison Elimination Game #2: Emma Swan Friendships
  20. Jennifer Morrison vs. Eliza Taylor Posting Challenge #5: This board keeps on rocking that post count!
  21. Besides Jennifer, what are you watching? #5
  22. Jennifer Morrison Jewelry & Accessories #2: Because Jen knows how to complete her look!
  23. Jennifer Morrison Word Association #12: pancakes - kitchen - table
  24. Jennifer Morrison ღ [Introductions | Board Guide] #5: Welcome, ducklings!
  25. Jennifer Three Word Post #7: CS had pancakes!
  26. HUSBAND AND WIFE ♥ {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #21: ""To hell with the pancakes."
  27. Jennifer & Rose {Twins} #1: "Sister sister. Love you lady rose. Xx"
  28. Jennifer & Jamie #2: Because we love getting tweets about their NY Nights!
  29. Jennifer Hair Appreciation #9: she looks great in every color or style, how is that possible?
  30. The Nerdy Nook (OT) #22: What's the news, Morrison?
  31. Jennifer Morrison ABC Gif/Picture Game #2
  32. Emma Swan S&S #27: "So, elopement?" ~Emma "Aye. I'll bring the rum." ~Hook
  33. Jennifer Morrison Pictures #10: Jen should turn #101Smiles into a full year deal so we can get more pictures!
  34. Jennifer Last Letter Game #4: Killian - Love - Emma
  35. Jennifer Morrison Expressions #1: She has perfected many expressions over the years!
  36. TPAM #12: TPAM is excited for all Jen's upcoming projects!
  37. Jennifer Fashion Thread #7: "She's smart, hard working, beautiful inside and out, & so fun to dress." Jen Rade.
  38. Jennifer Morrison Arms Appreciation #3: “I never intentionally did anything to have this arm situation.”
  39. HuntedSwan {EmmaღGraham} #3: "Sometimes, the cliches are true" "Okay what do you want" "you're very lucky you bought a bear claw"
  40. Sun Dogs S&S #3: My thinking face. #30DaysofSUNDOGS #sundogsmovie
  41. Jennifer Morrison Anti ABCs #15: Gag, Hateful, Icky
  42. Tess Conlon{Warrior}#2:The warmth of Jen becomes the warmth of Tess.The goodness you see on screen is a quality that cannot be manufactured for a role
  43. Charming Family {OUAT} #3: "I can't wait to tell your father, we have a wedding to plan."
  44. Frozen Swan {Emma & Elsa} #2: "Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are there"
  45. Wooden Swan {Emma & August} #2: "And how does this story end?" - Emma "With you believing." - August
  46. Jennifer Morrison vs. Eliza Taylor Posting Challenge #4: Even when everyone is feeling slow, together we can actually be very fast!
  47. Jennifer & Ginny {Emma ღ Snow} #4: "And I'm happy to help. We've been looking for some mother-daughter bonding."
  48. Jennifer Morrison Book/Movie of the Moment #2: If Jennifer recommends a book or movie, it must be another project.
  49. Jennifer Morrison Post Count #18: Thread killing squad activate! Part 2
  50. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #11: ""I'm done with nice. Your son has a death wish. Which, if he messes with me one more time, I'm happy to fulfill."