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  1. Jennifer & Colin Friendship Appreciation #3: "He cracks me up all day every day."
  2. Jennifer Morrison Arms Appreciation #2: Because we all have serious arm envy!
  3. Jennifer & Ginny {Emma ღ Mary Margaret} #3: "You deserve a happy ending Emma and happy endings always start with hope." ~Snow
  4. Sun Dogs S&S #2: "I know that Jen is a passionate story teller with great instincts and a director that knows what she wants."
  5. Emma Swan S&S #19: That's why you never, ever hear these words about a Savior. "They lived happily ever after." ~Jafar
  6. Jennifer Videos #2: All the clips, interviews and fanvids we can find!
  7. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #6: We're happy that Jen is posting more often!!!
  8. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2016
  9. Jennifer Morrison News & Appearances #5: “She’s truly the triple threat -an extremely talented filmmaker, actress, and producer."
  10. Jennifer Morrison Countdown Thread #2: So many events to look forward to!
  11. Emma Swan Spoilers & Speculation #18: We just want to know who is under the robe!
  12. Jennifer Last Letter Game #12: Swan, Neverland, Director
  13. {Swan-Jones Family} #2: "I wished our family would be complete, and do you know what happened a few days later? ... Hook came to New York."
  14. Jennifer Morrison Anti ABCs #13: Angry, Boring, Cranky
  15. Kindred Spirits {Captain Swan ღ Hook & Emma} #16: "My armor's been on for such a long time, sometimes I forget I don't need it with you" - Emma
  16. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #8: "I'm not nothing. I was never nothing!"
  17. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  18. Swan Believer {Emma Swan & Henry Mills} #3: Emma: Oh, kid. You’ve got problems. Henry: Yep. And you’re going to fix them.
  19. Emma Swan Spoilers & Speculation #17: After a stressful season in the underworld, Emma and Hook just want to Netflix and chill – literally –
  20. Jennifer Morrison Movie/TV Roles #2: My love for storytelling crosses television and film and theater and writing. ~JMo
  21. OUAT {Season Six} Discussion #1: "What's coming and how do I stop it?" ~Emma
  22. Allison Cameron {House} #5: "You can't control your emotions...just your actions."
  23. Jennifer Morrison Post Count #14: Continuing with our awesome counts!
  24. Emma Swan, Regina Mills, and Henry Mills #2: "Who doesn't like apples?" Henry: "It's a family thing."
  25. Emma Swan Spoilers & Speculation #16: What Untold Stories will play out in Storybrooke?
  26. 300 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer #2: We have way more than 300 reasons!
  27. Jennifer Three Word Post #5: Jennifer fans unite!
  28. Jennifer Hair Appreciation #7: She even makes a ponytail look glamorous!
  29. Jennifer Morrison Word Association #9: true - love - tackle
  30. OUAT {Season Four) Discussion #1: "No one, not Rumplestiltskin or some author, gets to decide who I am."
  31. Charmings-Jones Family #1: Charming/Snow/Emma/Hook (and Henry)
  32. Zoey Pierson {HIMYM} #2: Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things.
  33. Kindred Spirits {Captain Swan ღ Hook & Emma} #15: "It's different now because obviously we know it's True Love."
  34. Jennifer Survivors #7: 2016 Outfits - ROUND THREE
  35. Jennifer & Colin Friendship Appreciation #2: '[Colin] is lovely. i am grateful to have him and his whole family in my life."
  36. Emma Swan Spoilers & Speculation #15: SDCC is like Christmas for spoiler addicts!
  37. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #5: Hoping for more #101smiles from Jen!
  38. The Nerdy Nook (OT) #18: When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars.
  39. Jennifer Animations #7: Beautiful gifs found in here!
  40. OUAT {Season Three) Discussion #1: "I'm not an amateur. I'm the Savior."
  41. Emma Swan Spoilers & Speculation #14: Back in Storybrooke for Season 6!
  42. Jennifer & Josh {Emma ღ Charming} #3: "Life is made up of moments. Good ones, bad ones - but they're all worth living."
  43. Frozen Swan {Emma & Elsa} #1: "It's on us, too. You have to love yourself, Emma, the good and the bad." ~ Elsa
  44. Wooden Swan {Emma & August} #1: "I seem to remember someone telling me I just needed to believe in myself."
  45. OUAT {Season Five} Discussion #3: Only a heart filled with True Love can pass.
  46. Swan Queen {Emma & Regina} #3: “I feel like they have a really true friendship." ~JMo
  47. Emma Swan {OUAT} #7: "You want people to see you differently? Make them."
  48. Emma Swan & OUAT Characters #1: "So everyone here is a fairy tale character. They just don't know it."
  49. Kindred Spirits {Captain Swan ღ Hook & Emma} #14: When the Gods ship your OTP.
  50. Sun Dogs S&S #1: Jen's Feature Film Directorial Debut!