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  1. Wrong Answer Game #2: Q) What color is Emma's iconic leather jacket? A) Blue
  2. Jennifer Morrison Word Association #10: project - travel - busy
  3. Jennifer & OUAT Cast #3: "I always say it's like doing Harry Potter for grown ups." ~Jen
  4. Winona Kirk {Star Trek} #2: Crossing our fingers that Jen is in the next movie!
  5. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #10: "I can't let fate dictate my actions anymore."
  6. Jennifer Three Word Post #6: We love Emma!
  7. {Swan-Jones Family} #3: They all live together in the same house!
  8. Jennifer Hair Appreciation #8: A new haircut for Jen and a new thread for us!
  9. Jennifer Morrison Hangman #7: Keep the guesses coming!
  10. Jennifer & Hugh friendship #3: Because she thinks Hugh is incredible to work with
  11. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #8: sunsets & swans #101smiles
  12. Jennifer Morrison Post Count #16: A new posting challenge has us posting like crazy!
  13. ★ 100,000 Posts Preparation Thread ★
  14. She Speaks (Quotes) #2: Jennifer is always so eloquent!
  15. Emma Swan S&S #24: "Love can save even the darkest souls."
  16. Jennifer & Ava #2: "My dog Ava is my first and favorite pet."
  17. Jennifer Morrison Pictures #9: The camera can't even capture all of her beauty!
  18. Stephanie {The End of Longing} #1: Jennifer's Off Broadway show with Matthew Perry!
  19. Jennifer Fanart #5: Jen loves fanart just as much as her fans!
  20. The Nerdy Nook (OT) #19: Be the hero of your own story.
  21. Jennifer Morrison vs. Eliza Taylor Posting Challenge #1: Starting April 1, 2017!
  22. Emma Swan S&S #23: We want to know all about that ring in the 6B promo!
  23. OUAT {Season Six} Discussion #2: "I think I'm on my way to believing I can make my own destiny." ~Emma
  24. Jennifer & Colin Friendship Appreciation #4: Because Colin is Jen's TV soulmate
  25. OUAT {Season Two) Discussion #2: "Love is weakness." ~Cora "No, it's strength!" ~Emma
  26. Kindred Spirits {Captain Swan ღ Hook & Emma} #18: "Move in with me."
  27. Please Welcome Tati_SwanJones as your new Moderator.
  28. Emma Swan S&S #22: We can't wait for Emma to get home from the Wishverse!
  29. Charming Family {OUAT} #2: "Do you forgive me?" ~Emma "Of course we forgive you, we're you're parents." ~Snow
  30. Jennifer Morrison Countdown Thread #3: 2017 has got us counting down to so many events!
  31. Jennifer Survivors #8: EMMA'S JACKETS - ROUND NINE
  32. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #7: #101smiles is back!!!
  33. Jennifer Morrison - Moderator Opening Announcement
  34. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #9: "The only one who saves me is me."
  35. Jennifer Smile Appreciation Thread #7: "We're really intense on the set and Jennifer lightens up the mood. When she laughs, we all laugh." ~Omar Epps
  36. Besides Jennifer, what are you watching? #4
  37. OUAT {Season One} Discussion #3: "Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic."
  38. Emma Swan S&S #21: "Ultimately, the last happy ending will be for Emma."
  39. Jennifer Fashion Thread #6: She's our style icon and we can't wait to see what she wears in 2017!
  40. Jennifer Morrison Post Count #15: Posting towards a big 100K Milestone!
  41. OUAT {Season One} Discussion #2: "Just because you believe something doesn't make it true."
  42. 2016 Fan Art Holiday Competition Voting: Jennifer Morrison
  43. Emma Swan S&S #20: "The vision... it's still getting to you." ~Hook "Yeah. It's time for me to get to it." ~Emma
  44. Jennifer & House Cast #3: "that show changed my life tremendously, and I have incredible gratitude for it"
  45. Jennifer Morrison ABCs #16: Music, Nice, Original
  46. Magic
  47. Kindred Spirits {Captain Swan ღ Hook & Emma} #17: "Your heart's desire, Swan. I promise, that's all I want you to have."
  48. HuntedSwan {EmmaღGraham} #2: "I need to feel something."
  49. ★ 3 YEAR Celebration ★ Jennifer Morrison Board
  50. Jennifer Morrison Family Appreciation #1: "As for who I love, my family is by far the most important part of my life."