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  1. Standard Avatars 2018
  2. She Speaks (Quotes) #3: We're always so inspired by what Jen has to say!
  3. Detective Mason {SuperFly}: "it was written as a male character, but they had me turn it into a female" ~@jenmorrisonlive
  4. Jennifer Morrison News & Appearances #8: 2018 is going to be such an exciting year!
  5. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #13: Jen uses her social networks to support great causes and that makes us #proudfans
  6. OUAT {Season Four) Discussion #2: Love is a part of all happiness and you have to be open to that...
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  9. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #14: ♫ I'm no longer searching. Turns out all along, the answer was inside me with a song! ♫
  10. HUSBAND & WIFE ♥ {Hook♥Emma} #25: "You need me alive." ~Hook "Why?" ~Emma BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO MARRY HIM!
  11. Sun Dogs #4: "At its essence, Sun Dogs is a story about compassion... Morrison lets the story's sincerity shine." ~THR review
  12. Jennifer Three Word Post #8: Exciting year ahead!
  13. 2017 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Jennifer Morrison
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  15. Emma Swan S&S #31: Its Emma's bug.
  16. Jennifer Fashion Thread #8: Using fashion to raise awareness! #dressember
  17. Jennifer's Eyes Thread #7: The darker hair color makes her eyes pop!
  18. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #12: "30 days of dresses here we come!! #dressember"
  19. Jennifer & Colin Friendship Appreciation #8: "Before I met @colinodonoghue1 I barely drank coffee - #coffeeeffect #friendship" ... "It's true"
  20. Jennifer Morrison Movie/TV Roles #3: "Deep down there is a little part of me that wants to do a period piece." ~Jen
  21. ★ 4 YEAR Celebration ★ Jennifer Morrison Board
  22. The Nerdy Nook (OT) #24: Here's hoping we don't end up on the naughty list this year!
  23. Jennifer & Josh {Emma ღ Charming} #5: "When I walk her down the aisle the only thing she should be thinking about is the wonderful years ahead."
  24. Jennifer Morrison Word Association #13: movie - film - festival
  25. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  26. Jennifer & OUAT Cast #4: “We’ve worked so closely with each other over the last six years that you really do become a family."
  27. Swan-Jones Family #1: Emma, Hook, Henry and ... well, Jen and Colin agreed that Hope Jones is a great name!
  28. Captain Cobra Swan {Emma & Henry & Hook} #5: "I love you, kid" "Best of luck, my boy." ~Emma and Killian's goodbyes to Henry.
  29. Fabled S&S #1: Short films for women. Directed by Jennifer Morrison
  30. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2017
  31. HUSBAND & WIFE ♥ {Hook♥Emma} #24: just because ... you come from true love doesn’t mean ... you’ll ever find it. But thanks to you now I have
  32. Katherine Stern {Alex & the List} #2: Best Actress Burbank Film Festival 2017: Jennifer Morrison in The List!
  33. Jennifer Morrison Post Count #20: No more OUAT? No problem! Jen gives us plenty to post about!
  34. Emma Swan | The Savior {OUAT} #13: "I am hope! I am light! And light cannot destroy darkness, it can only create more light!"
  35. Swan Believer {Emma Swan & Henry Mills} #5: You came into my life and you helped me build a family and that let me do things I never thought I could.
  36. Jennifer & Ava #3: "This little fluff ball makes me so happy." ~Jen
  37. OUAT {Season Seven) Discussion #1: A new book opens ...
  38. Jennifer Animations #9: This talented fandom is always producing gorgeous gifs of all her appearances!
  39. Jennifer Social Networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) #11: I'm Trying to visit twitter more. X ~Jen
  40. Emma Swan S&S #30: ONCE. One more time #emmaswan
  41. Jennifer & Colin Friendship Appreciation #7: "I think everybody should give a big hand, to i guess my second wifey, my on camera wife....."
  42. Callie Mercer {Back Roads} S&S #2: Harley develops an obsession with the "sexy, melancholic mother of two down the road"
  43. Jennifer Morrison Countdown Thread #5: Counting down the days until we get to see Jen again!
  44. HUSBAND & WIFE ♥ {Hook♥Emma} #23: "They say that a captain's heart belongs to his ship. And with this ring, it now belongs to you."
  45. Jennifer Last Letter Game #15: director - radiant - theater
  46. Jennifer Morrison News & Appearances #7: LA? NYC? She is spotted at events everywhere!
  47. Jennifer Morrison Pictures #11: Sometimes we get a red carpet appearance, sometimes we get pics of Jen boxing! She always looks amazing!
  48. Jennifer Fanart #6: "I am always so blown away by #fanart I wish I could draw and paint the way you all can!"
  49. Jennifer Morrison Anti ABCs #16: Jealous, Kinky, Last
  50. Jennifer Morrison ABCs #20: Yellow bug, Zoey, Actress