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  1. "Beneath Her Heart" (5x03): Episode Discussion
  2. "Clutch of Greed" (5x02): Episode Discussion
  3. Actual Puppy [Delphine Cormier ✧ Évelyne Brochu] #24: "OB has changed my life because it's shown me the power of fiction."
  4. The Police Station [OT] #27: [insert witty title here]
  5. Orphan Black Word Association #15: Final - Trip
  6. LGBTQ Thread #12: Final Trip Rule No. 11: Love conquers all. ♥♥♥♥♥
  7. QUEEN [Tatiana Maslany] #8: "Her leadership is strangely beautiful and perfect, because it's so much about serving everybody else and not herself"
  8. "The Few Who Dare" (5x01): Season Premiere - Episode Discussion
  9. Soulmates {Cosima ღ Delphine} #33: "I couldn't have done it without her."
  10. News Thread #10: The Final Trip
  11. Proclone [Rachel Duncan] #3: "You can't leave me again!"
  12. The Police Station [OT] #26: I'm all out of puns so this will have to make do
  13. LGBTQ Thread #11: Because "we should kiss the girls we wanna kiss".
  14. Soulmates {Cosima ღ Delphine} #32: Because Cophine is endgame!
  15. The Angry Angel {Helena} #5: "You make me cry, sestra"
  16. Orphan Black ABCs #10 - Irate - John - Kira
  17. TPAM #3: TPAM needs a happy ending for Cophine ❤
  18. The Police Station [OT] #25: Ju is the last person who should be in charge of clever titles.
  19. Orphan Black Word Association #14: Cosima - Delphine
  20. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  21. Soulmates {Cosima ღ Delphine} #31: "You know how they are. It's awful, but it's great! The love is real, and the struggle is, too" - EBro ❤
  22. Actual Puppy [Delphine Cormier ✧ Évelyne Brochu] #23: "It's Delphine. God, she looks good." - Felix
  23. LGBTQ Thread #10: 10 threads of awesome. Bring on the gay for 2k17.
  24. The Geek Monkey [Cosima Niehaus] #12:"That's oddly romantic. Totally encouraging."
  25. FanFiction Thread #4: Because the lack of fanfic is making the hiatus feel even longer!
  26. One of a Kind [Krystal Goderitch] #2: "WHY do weird things keep happening to me?!"
  27. The Police Station [OT] #24: The holidays are right around the corner ...
  28. Welcome to the Trip [Intro | Rules | Threads | Birthdays] #3
  29. Soulmates {Cosima ღ Delphine} #30: Because they always find their way back. ❤
  30. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  31. News Thread #9: The countdown to the final season begins...
  32. LGBTQ Thread #9: Fall/Winter 2016 is looking gay af.
  33. I don't know how to find the "official" Allison appreciation thread
  34. The Police Station [OT] #23: 'cause all we do is look forward to the weekend
  35. Orphan Black Word Association #13: Thursday - Show
  36. Actual Puppy [Delphine Cormier ✧ Évelyne Brochu] #22: "I'm right here."
  37. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  38. This or That #3: OB ending or OB not ending?
  39. Soulmates {Cosima ღ Delphine} #29: "I finished our homework." ❤
  40. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  41. Hello
  42. "From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths" (4x10): Episode Discussion
  43. Soulmates {Cosima ღ Delphine} #28: ❤❤ REUNITED AT LAST ❤❤ "I think I'm dying." "No. No, you're not. I won't let you."
  44. LGBTQ Thread #8: Your existence is revolutionary. Just existing is genuinely, genuinely a rebellion and an act of strength and bravery.
  45. "The Mitigation of Competition" (4x09): Episode Discussion
  46. Actual Puppy [Delphine Cormier ✧ Évelyne Brochu] #21: SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  47. "The Redesign of Natural Objects" (4x08): Episode Discussion
  48. The Geek Monkey [Cosima Niehaus] #11:"You can't perfect the human genome! You can't know what perfect is!"
  49. "The Antisocialism of Sex" (4x07): Episode Discussion
  50. Soccer Mom [Alison Hendrix] #6: "I'm warning you, I'm armed."