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  1. Magnus Opus | 2x10 | Episode Discussion
  2. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #39: Because he kept his "promise" he returned to her, and didn't waste anytime in doing it.
  3. The Witch [Katrina Crane | Katia Winter] #8: "But [Katrina] is also a highly skilled operative. A fact I tend to overlook." - Ichabod.
  4. ♥Bravest Love♥ {IchabodღKatrina} #15: "You're here." "Where I belong."
  5. Sleepy Hollow 3-Strikes Rule - Please Read and Respond
  6. Mama | 2x09 | Episode Discussion
  7. Sleepy Hollow Three Words Post #1
  8. TPBM #1: Is excited for new episode?
  9. Sleepy Hollow Last Letter #1
  10. ♥Bravest Love♥ {IchabodღKatrina} #14: "Katrina is the love of my life." - Ichabod.
  11. Heartless | 2x08 | Episode Discussion
  12. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #38: "Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison established a chemistry rarely found on a n y television series."
  13. ♥Bravest Love♥ {IchabodღKatrina} #13: "Holding her just now is a joy I've not felt in an age." - Ichabod
  14. Deliverance | 2x07 | Episode Discussion
  15. And The Abyss Gazes Back | 2x06 | Episode Discussion
  16. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #37: "I do think that they adore each other" ~ Len Wiseman
  17. Please welcome ~MelBelle~ as your new moderator!
  18. ♥Bravest Love♥ {IchabodღKatrina} #12: "I think Ichabod and Katrina are an amazing couple and they should fight for their love." - Lyndie
  19. Leftenant [AM|NB] #8 : "she plays it so real you can’t even tell if she is acting"
  20. Sleepy Hollow Ratings Thread #3: Sleepy Hollow is a great Sci-fi hit for FOX
  21. The Witch [Katrina Crane | Katia Winter] #7: "A witch, a spy, a strong independent woman & willing to sacrifice her own life for the greater good."
  22. The Weeping Lady | 2x05 | Episode Discussion
  23. Potential for longevity
  24. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #36: "There’s an attraction that both of them have to just completely ignore and keep blinders on" ~ MG
  25. Go Where I Send Thee | 2x04 | Episode Discussion
  26. SH Media[News/Promos]#6: Action, adventure, and Naked Ben Franklin welcome us back to TV's most enjoyably ridiculous thrill ride.
  27. ♥Bravest Love♥ {Ichabod ღ Katrina} #11: "He's longing for her, and she's longing for him." - Katia Winter
  28. Moderator Opening Announcement
  29. Abbie Mills & Nick Hawley #1: "When it comes down to it, he's someone we can count on."
  30. Actors and Directors You'd like to See on Sleepy Hollow
  31. Matt Barr / Nick Hawley: Treasure Hunter For Hire
  32. Root of All Evil | 2x03 | Episode Discussion
  33. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #35: “So in that respect, it’s a very sexy relationship[...]they’re partners and they respect each other.” ~ TM
  34. The Kindred | 2x02| Episode Discussion
  35. ♥Bravest Love♥ {IღK} #10: "There is underlying, undying love between them." - Tom Mison
  36. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #34: “No matter what I say you're coming back aren't you?” And he did.
  37. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #33: "What we want to do is get back to the focus & center and strength of the show, which is them together." ~ Olin
  38. Village of Sleepy Hollow (Board Guide, Rules, Intros, Birthdays) #2: Return to Sleepy Hollow!
  39. This Is War | 2x01| Episode Discussion
  40. Sleepy Hollow 300 Word Story #3: The War Goes On
  41. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #32: "The relationship mirrors our own because we spend a lot of time together. There's a shorthand & an intimacy." ~ NB
  42. WinterWood {Katia/Lyndie|Katrina/Jenny} #1: yo wifey! I need you to come home immediately. There's a cockroach in the kitchen.
  43. Sleepy Hollow Hangman #3
  44. Ichabod Crane | Tom Mison #5 : "You'll see more of me flicking my hair about. What more do you want?"
  45. Leftenant [AM|NB] #7: "[Abbie] requires a poetic combination of utter intensity and real vulnerability... Nicole just radiates that on every level.”
  46. The Witch [Katrina Crane | Katia Winter] #6: "There's a lot of good scenes for me this year. I've done a lot of stunts, which was fun. Soo much fun."
  47. ♥Bravest Love♥ {IღK} #9: “That instant, immediate spark between them, that there was a connection well beyond the physical." - Mark Goffman
  48. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #31: "That’s probably why people like it because that’s very - It’s like we are an old married couple." ~ TM
  49. Hoping for at least one Ichabbie kiss, but purely for scientific purposes - Tom Mison
  50. Fates۵Entwined [Crane&Abbie] #30: “Sometimes I have to throw her a saucy look...Hashtag Ichabbie.”~Tom Mison