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  1. Misha Collins - One Picture a Day #10: Because we admire his refusal to accept the constraints of ‘normal’.
  2. Misha's Arms Appreciation Thread #11: Because those bulging arms of his, are all we need in this world.
  3. Misha's Birthday Prep OP! (August 20th!) -Special Titles included
  4. Misha Body Appreciation (ϟTeaseϟ) #20: Because he's beefed up, and we love it a little too much.
  5. Misha Hands Appreciation Thread #11: Because his fingers are very nice.
  6. Misha Facial Expressions #20: Because no one can make expressions like him.
  7. Misha Animations #19: Because meanwhile Misha...
  8. Misha's Clothing Appreciation (Ṣḥạṛṗ Ḍṛḙṣṣḙḍ Ṃạṇ) #17: Because we love his skin tight jeans.
  9. Misha Conventions Thread #11: Because you never know what he's going to do at a convention.
  10. (Sunshine) Castiel Appreciation #19: Because we hope our Cas finds his way back to us.
  11. Misha "Facial Profile" Thread #11: Because he truly has an angelic profile.
  12. Misha Hair/Stubble Appreciation Thread #20: Because we miss his Cas hair.
  13. Misha's Anti ABC's #5: Jerk, Killer, Lost
  14. (☼GQ Men☼) J2M Adoration Thread: #8 Because they will be friends for life.
  15. Misha & Jensen (Captain & Cabin Boy) Slash Thread #10: "Because I like it when people include Misha."-Jensen
  16. Misha's Eyes Appreciation (✷Hypnotizing✷) #16: Because he has such soft, poetic eyes.
  17. Misha's Smile/Laugh Appreciation Thread #18: Because Misha is heaven for a camera with that smile.
  18. The Misha Post Count Thread #30: (2029 | 67.63)
  19. Misha in a "Leather Jacket" Appreciation Thread #4: Because he makes leather look so hot.
  20. Misha's Sunglasses Appreciation Thread #4: Because He always looks amazing in any shades he wears.
  21. (♏їℵї✺ℵ﹩) Insane Misha Fans #19: Because he's a beautiful writer.
  22. Misha's Dimples Appreciation #11: Because we love when he cracks himself up.
  23. Misha's Tongue Appreciation Thread #8: Because we wonder what tricks he can do with it
  24. Misha Letter Ending Game #6
  25. Misha Collins Board Is Celebrating 4 Years at FF!!
  26. Misha's ABC's #9: Youthful, Zealous, Angel
  27. Misha❤Jensen #13: "Misha lifted the weight of our backs when he came on to the show."-Jensen
  28. The Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki Sister Boards Thread #11
  29. MM-Misha Miscellaneous Thread #6
  30. Misha Collins Board 4 year anniversary prep!
  31. Misha/Cas [Attitude/Sass] Appreciation Thread #1: Because he's sassy, simple as that.
  32. Misha Social Media Thread (Tweets, Instagram, Snapchats, FB, Tumblr) #9: Because he's addicted to snapchat.
  33. Misha & Friends #10: Because we want to see more of Darius and Misha's friendship.
  34. 12x22 & 12x23 - Supernatural Season Finale! (Cas 100th Episode!!!!)
  35. Misha Collins Board Is Celebrating 200,000 Posts!!!
  36. Misha's Tummy Appreciation Thread #5: Because it's rare, but when we do finally get tummy pics it's a celebration!
  37. Unicorn|Caretaker [Cas & Meg] #5: Because Cas was always Meg's unicorn.
  38. Misha icons #6: Because we always have new material to make new Misha icons.
  39. Casifer Appreciation Thread #2: "He who hesitates, disintegrates."
  40. 100 Episodes of Castiel Celebration!!! (Join the party!)
  41. 12x19 - "The Future."
  42. Other than SPN, what are you watching? #15
  43. (♕Our Boo♕) Misha Pictures Thread #22: Because when he's feeling down, we want to wrap our arms around him.
  44. Human Castiel Appreciation Thread #3: "But here, at least I have a shot of getting things right."
  45. Supernatural S4-S8 Episode Discussion Thread #5:
  46. Misha's (Black & White) Photo Thread #5: Because we just love Misha in b/w pics so much!
  47. Misha's (Neck/Adam's Apple) Appreciation Thread #11: Because His neck is so irresistible.
  48. The Person Above Me #5: TBAM loves how charitable Misha is.
  49. Misha's Word Association #10: Misha - Philanthropist
  50. Fallen Angel & Hunter (Castiel❤Dean) #14: Because after all these years, Dean is so intuned to Cas.