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  1. Please Welcome fractured moonlight & free to fly As Your New Moderators!
  2. Finn ღ Rae #4: "We’ve even developed a secret mode of communication."
  3. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #4: "They call him the young wolf, they say he can't be killed."
  4. It's a Wonderful Rae Part 1 (1x05) - Episode Discussion
  5. Archie/Dan Cohen #2: "I can't eat when it feels like someone's taken a piss on my soul."
  6. 10,000 posts at My Mad Fat Diary ~ We're an epic slice of posters and we massively know it!
  7. My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary [Book] #1
  8. The Person Above Me #2: Because we all watch MMFD?
  9. Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything (1x04) - Episode Discussion
  10. Moderator Opening Announcement
  11. Rae Earl/Sharon Rooney #2: "I am a body dysmorphic without the dysmorphic. I am a bulimic without the sick. I am fat."
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen (1x03) - Episode Discussion
  13. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #3: "I had a threesome last night but two people couldn't make it."
  14. Word Association #1: My Mad Fat Diary - Show - Watch
  15. 10K Preparation!
  16. Anti-ABC's #2: Dud, Evil, Forced
  17. Finn ღ Rae #3: "I don’t believe you." "I don’t… I don’t care if you don’t believe me."
  18. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #2: Danny, Everyone watch, Finn
  19. Post Count #2 - We are post whores, if we don't post we die.
  20. Touched (1x02) - Episode Discussion
  21. My Mad Fat Diary Season 2 General Discussion #1 [this thread contains spoilers and speculation]
  22. Finn Nelson/ Nico Mirallegro #2: "He’s such an epic slice, but he massively knows it.”
  23. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #2: Work can't kill you, but why take a chance?
  24. Pictures #1: We want all the pics we can get.
  25. Fan Forum Music Video Awards 2013
  26. PL MMFD #1: Muzyka, muzyka i jeszcze raz muzyka!
  27. Finn ღ Rae #2: "I like talking to you, and I don't like talking to anybody."
  28. Rae&Mom #1: "Rae, you are this family."
  29. Big Wide World (1x01) - Episode Discussion - Live Rewatch: Wednesday, May 8th at 9PM GMT
  30. Animations #1: We love watching these over and over.
  31. What MMFD Song Are You Listening To?
  32. 300 Word Story #1
  33. Doodles Appreciation #1: This show wouldn't be as funny as it is, if it wasn't for Rae's awesome doodles!
  34. My Mad Fat Diary Twitter: Hashtag Welovethem!
  35. My Mad Fat Diary News Thread: We're so eagerly awaiting series 2!
  36. My Mad Fat Diary This or That #1
  37. MMFD Icons & Fan Art Thread #1 : We just can't get enough of MMFD pretties!!
  38. Rae/Izzy #1: "I'm not going if Rae's not going."
  39. Music #1: Because the music is an important part of the show too.
  40. Rae & Chloe #1: "Some birds are high-flying birds and others are not, but that doesn't mean they can't fly together."
  41. Kester/Ian #1: "You’d be surprised what lengths people will go to not to face what’s real and painful inside them."
  42. Chop|Jordan Murphy #1: "Chop rating slice…"
  43. Rae/Tix #1: “There’s nothing I don’t like about you.”
  44. Chloe | Jodie Comer #01: "And there’s another thing Chloe’s better at than me... Holding it together."
  45. Chop/Rae #1: "Chop?" "Yes, m'dear?"
  46. Kester/Rae #1: "I like that you're a mess. That's what makes you real. Like us."
  47. The Gang #1: "I couldn’t believe it. There were cool people in Lincolnshire."
  48. The Cast #1: This is an amazing cast!
  49. Post Count #1: Our post count is going to be fierce!
  50. Anti-ABC's #1: Atrocious, Boring, Cancelled