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  1. The Farm [OT] #21: Most boards have an OT thread. We have B's thread!
  2. The Grimes {Rick|Lori|Carl|Judith} #3: "He wants to stay here with Carl and the Lil Asskicker-keep them safe" - Daryl
  3. Officer Friendly [Rick|Andrew] #9: He's family, I get that. I went through hell to find mine. I know exactly how you feel.
  4. Survival of the Fittist
  5. The Farm [OT] #20: I sit on the Iron Throne. Everyone else can be my minions.
  6. Jukebox [Emily Kinney | Beth Greene] #2: There's a new sheriff in town.
  7. Queen Bitch [Carol Peletier | Melissa Suzanne McBride] #2: Because we won't rest till Melissa gets that Emmy
  8. The Walking Dead TPAM #1: TPAM can't wait for the show to return
  9. The Walking Dead TPBM #1: TPBM watched the season finale live?
  10. Songbird ღ Hunter [Beth & Daryl / Emily & Norman] #3: "I'll be gone someday" - Beth "She's just gone" - Daryl
  11. Post Counts #8: 1 post plus 2 posts equals a whole bunch of posts.... all about how amazing I am.
  12. The Walking Dead word association #5: train tracks - terminus - cannibals?
  13. Lightbrigade[Alanna Masterson | Tara Chambler] #1: I have never met a cast and a crew more inviting than the people on ‘The Walking Dead.’
  14. Fast Food [Rosita Espinosa | Christian Serratos] #1: It makes me want to throw an 18 pack of toilet paper at them and say I WAS TRYING TO BE NICE. -CS
  15. Walker Bait {Steven Yeun | Glenn Rhee} #4: "He’s a man of action and he’s a man of heart." -Steven
  16. Havoc Reigns
  17. Leedus|Rickyl #5: "He's my best buddy on set. We sort of have a love affair, the two of us." -Norman
  18. The Farm [OT] #19: We have reached the moment we all never dream of: the hiatus
  19. Daryl Dixon ღ Beth Greene [Norman & Emily]#2: "Daryl and his girlfriend, Beth.." - CM Punk
  20. "A" [4x16] Episode Discussion - Season Finale
  21. Sergeant Abraham Ford [Michael Cudlitz] #1: Abraham is someone who comes with a lot of emotional baggage. And he’s on a mission.
  22. Us [4x15] Episode Discussion
  23. Lizzie & Mika | Brighton & Kyla #1: Because we're going to have to miss them.
  24. The Grove [4x14] Episode Discussion
  25. Daryl Dixon [Norman Reedus] #7: The signs are all there. You just gotta know how to read them
  26. What we've learnt from TWD #1: Because now we can survive a zombie apocalypse.
  27. Katana Queen {Michonne|Danai Gurira} #4: Walkers run when they see her coming.
  28. Daryl Dixon ღ Beth Greene [Norman & Emily]#1: "She’s a candle in the darkness" - Norman Reedus
  29. The Farm #18: "Long may she reign!!" ~Candice & Em
  30. Alone [4x13] Episode Discussion
  31. Officer Friendly [Rick|Andrew] #8: Just waiting on the suits to let Andy drop his pants.
  32. Post Counts #7: Posting queens, young and free, where's my damn tambourine!
  33. Still [4x12] Episode Discussion
  34. Claimed [4x11] Episode Discussion.
  35. Jukebox [Emily Kinney | Beth Greene] #1: I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be afraid.
  36. News | Ratings #6: Your favorite demo belongs to the dead now.
  37. Season Four General Discussion
  38. Season Three General Discussion
  39. The farmer's daughter [Maggie Greene | Lauren Cohan] #3: Sometimes you just have to chop a zombie like a melon.
  40. Glenn Rhee ღ Maggie Greene [Lauren & Steven]#3: There are entire websites dedicated to proof that Steven and I are in a real relationship -Lauren
  41. The Farm #17: First rule about post count club, is we don't talk about post count club.
  42. Inmates [4x10] Episode Discussion.
  43. The Cast #4: The cast that slays zombies together stays together
  44. After [4x09] Episode Discussion.
  45. Post Counts #6: Posting machines, 1k is nothing to us.
  46. Talking Dead #2 (Speculations): “I don’t want people to get sick of my stupid face,” Chris Hardwick
  47. Carl Grimes | Chandler Riggs #2 ~ Because we can't wait to see him grow up into his father
  48. The Walking Dead ABCs #4: Beth - Songs - jukebox.
  49. Shane Walsh/Jon Bernthal Thread #2: In the cold light of day, you are pretty much dead already.
  50. The Farm [OT] #16: I like chicken... a lot.