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  1. Strangers [5x02] Episode Discussion
  2. The Walking Dead TPAM #3: TPAM loves this record breaking show.
  3. Officer Friendly [Rick|Andrew] #11: "You stand alongside Rick, you’re family. You stand in opposition to him, you’re a problem.”
  4. Warrior Princess [Emily Kinney | Beth Greene] #4 "There you have it. Beth Greene, “brutal” warrior. Apocalyptic badass?? I think so!!"
  5. Inevitable {Daryl Dixon ღ Beth Greene} #8: I want you to know I did save you. Not when it counted, of course. But after that. Every night after that
  6. The Walking Dead 50,000 post celebration.
  7. No Sanctuary [5x01] Episode Discussion
  8. First Lady [Lori Grimes | Sarah Wayne Callies] #3: We'd follow her into the storm.
  9. The Farm [OT] #30: Food is nice, but boobs are life.
  10. Season 5 General Discussion #1: They're screwing with the wrong people
  11. Farmer's Daughter [Lauren Cohan | Maggie Greene] #5: "I'm a tea pusher"
  12. The Farm [OT] #29: Because Food is Life
  13. Daryl Dixon [Norman Reedus] #9: “He’s probably a little scared which makes him a little more feral.” - Norman Reedus
  14. Little-Turtle-love-Notes|DarylღBeth|#7: "Nicotero, Reminds Reedus that he doesn’t know where things will go with kinney, but the writers do" - TVF
  15. Dolphin Smooth [Alanna Masterson | Tara Chambler] #2: Yeah, I like girls
  16. Post count #12: Remember that time when we beat #39.
  17. Jukebox [Emily Kinney | Beth Greene] #3 "She’s taking a different kind of strength in S5 & she’s going to have to use everything she’s got" -EK
  18. The Farm [OT] #28: All hail Jade, Queen of the fruit loop dinguses!
  19. The Walking Dead Word Association #6: Carl - watch - missing
  20. The Farm [OT] #27: The weekends here. Em's got a hot date, B has a busy Saturday *wink wink* and Jade's on a LOTR marathon.
  21. Carl Grimes | Chandler Riggs #3 ~ Swinging feet on a roof, with 112. oz of pudding, like a boss.
  22. The Farm [OT] #26: Forever bitter.
  23. TWD I Spy #1: What can you dead spy within the photo?
  24. Apocalypse Love |DarylღBeth|#6: "One taught the other how to fight, and one taught the other how to feel…" - NR
  25. Walking Dead: Hangman game: Gue-s t-e mi-s-ng let-ers
  26. 11 Condoms [Glenn Rhee ღ Maggie Greene | Lauren & Steven] #5: "I care more about her than I care about me"
  27. The Walking Dead Icons & Arts #2: Creativity is never 'dead'
  28. Post Count #11: introducing our new secret weapon in the fight against posts... JADE!
  29. The Farm [OT] #25: ❆ We're as random as people in hell wanting Slurpees ❆
  30. { Sheriff's Office } The Walking Dead Board Guide & Introductions #3.[Please post all new threads]
  31. Officer Friendly [Rick|Andrew] #10: "When I first read the pilot I had no idea that I was going to go grey, turn 40, and become an action hero"
  32. Walker Bait {Steven Yeun | Glenn Rhee} #5: Glenn is the guy who knows who he is & where he belongs.
  33. The Walking Dead TPAM #2: TPAM is excited for the S5 trailer to be released!
  34. Cherokee Roses [Daryl ♥ Carol] #4: "He will do anything to keep her alive and keep her safe, so it’s a very close bond with those two.” - NR
  35. News | Ratings #7: Because we have the most locked down show ever!
  36. Tyreese | Chad Coleman #2: TWD's own gentle Thor.
  37. The Farm [OT] #24: Orange Orphan Walking Thrones.
  38. Post counts #10: Creeping up on 50k like a walker.
  39. Apocalypse Love |DarylღBeth|#5: "True love doesn’t mean inseparable, it means being separated and nothing changes…"
  40. The Walking Dead ABCs #5: Runaway, Steven, Terminus
  41. 50k Preparation Thread
  42. The Cast #5: 5 years in and we're still holding hope for bts twitter pics from any of them.
  43. The Farm [OT] #23: There had to be a new thread, with no new titles
  44. Daryl Dixon [Norman Reedus] #8: The arms are back! Woohoo!
  45. Post counts #9: Foiled by #39 again.
  46. Welcome to the Walking dead season 1-3 rewatch [ Sick, Walk with me]
  47. The Farm [OT] #22: What care I for the butter of peanuts.
  48. Apocalypse Love |DarylღBeth|#4: "In this whole episode, Daryl and Beth are the happiest we’ve seen them." -Denise Huth, co-EP
  49. The Farmer's Daughter [Maggie Greene | Lauren Cohan] #4: ' It's Time for Maggie to Become a Warrior Again' - Lauren Cohan
  50. 11 Condoms [Glenn Rhee ღ Maggie Greene | Lauren & Steven]#4: "She's my wife"