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  1. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #21: So gimme whatcha, gimme whatcha got tonight. Pack of cigarettes. Baby, I'm your light
  2. R O C K S T A R (EK|BG) #16: "I’m not doing this to make a ton of money, but I do want my music out there.”
  3. Officer Friendly [Rick|Andrew] #15 "Certainly Rick looks like a completely changed man." Andrew Lincoln
  4. The Cast #7: How can this cast not be everyone's favorite?
  5. R O C K S T A R (EK|BG) #15: "This is not an act, or played up for media attention, Kinney is a talented singer-songwriter" - CrypticRock
  6. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #20: Emily Kinney wrote a song about Beth and Daryl having sex ... Excuse us while we fangirl about this
  7. ♛ Q u e e n B (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #14: This Is War tour has started! First stop is sold out!
  8. The Farm [OT] #40: No this threads title has nothing to do with Alycia Debnam Carey.... cause everyone's getting married instead.
  9. ♛ Q u e e n B (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #13: This is war. I’m bruised and bloody, but I'll never give up
  10. Post Count #16: Next target is getting into the top 10.
  11. Walker Bait {Steven Yeun | Glenn Rhee} #7: 'He almost gets killed every single season and somehow he makes it through.' -SY
  12. The Walkers of TWD Survivor. [Warning: Contains images] Final Round
  13. Archer [Daryl Dixon | Norman Reedus] #11: "The people I work with are my favourite part, all of them"
  14. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #19: "That was very sweet what you said in the end, you said she'd be with Daryl." - Chris Hardwick
  15. ♛ Queen B (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #12: "I’m the queen of this hive. I’ll show you what it means to be stung."
  16. Cherokee Roses [Daryl ♥ Carol] #8: "As far as Daryl and Carol are concerned, Carol is his girl." - Norman Reedus
  17. The Farm [OT] #39: How many Alycia Debnam Carey threads until I must be stopped.
  18. The Walking Dead TPAM #4: TPAM is A Dedicated Chum
  19. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #18: "He thought he had a lot more time with Beth." - Norman Reedus
  20. [Jessie♥Alex] #1 "I'm always looking for a chance to play somebody who's completely opposite of me, just because I find it more interesting." AB
  21. Rick Grimes | Morgan Jones #1: Still alive from day 1
  22. Morgan Jones [Lennie James] #1: 'But the weak people, the people like me... we have inherited the earth.'
  23. ♛ Queen B (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #11: Brie Larven is coming so Felicity better watch her back
  24. Conquer [5x16 SEASON FINALE] Episode Discussion
  25. Queen Bitch [Carol Peletier | Melissa Suzanne McBride] #3: What would Carol not do for a chocolate bar?
  26. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #17: Norman Reedus says his favorite episode ever is “Still”.
  27. Sexy Songstress (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #10: "Sunday morning listening to mixes for This is War album all the way through beginning to end."
  28. The Farm [OT] #38: All Da Cuties. - ADC.
  29. Try [5x15] Discussion Thread
  30. Post Counts #15: Posting about the show is as addictive as watching.
  31. Mr and Mrs Grimes [Rick ♥ Lori] #5: “I made a deal with myself. I will keep you alive, I will find you a place, I will fix that"
  32. Jessie ♥ Rick #1 "Sparks seem to be flying between Jessie and Rick." IBT
  33. The Farm [OT] #37: Affairs, sandwiches, batteries, Alycia Debnam Carey, Sara and Em forever.
  34. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #16: "I know you lost something back there."
  35. Sexy Songstress (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #9: Beth Greene Never Goes Out of Style
  36. The Farm [OT] #36: How many threads can I turn into a shrine to Alycia Debnam Carey.
  37. Officer Friendly [Rick|Andrew] #14 "I'll play Rick Grimes until they bite me." Andrew Lincoln
  38. Spend [5x14] Discussion Thread
  39. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #15: "You used to be somebody’s, huh? Now you’re just yours."
  40. Sexy Songstress (Emily Kinney | Beth Greene) #8: Congratulations to Emily on her first Saturn award nomination
  41. Alexandria Safe Zone [Residents and the Place] #1: Nice walls you got there, but do we trust you?
  42. Fear The Walking Dead [TWD spinoff] #1: Cobalt, Fear the Walking dead, that show with Alycia Debnam Carey; or whatever it's called.
  43. Standard Avatars 2015
  44. Forget [5x13] Episode Discussion
  45. Apocalypse Married {Dixon ღ Greene} #14: "I was really rooting for the two of them to hook up." - Hilarie Burton
  46. Remember [5x12] Episode Discussion
  47. Talking Dead #3 (Speculations): "This show gets weirder every season and it's totally my fault" ~Chris
  48. Aaron | Eric #1: "This isnt your fault you know?... Because i love you."
  49. The Crazy Ones [Rick & Carol] #1: "Even though you were wrong, you are still right."
  50. Rick ♥ Michonne #4 ~ "I want Michonne and Rick to get together." -Andrew Lincoln