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  1. Congratulations Nia (Niadk)
  2. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  3. Suits Spoilers & Speculations thread #2: Because we are spoilers addicted
  4. {Louis Litt l Rick Hoffman} #3 : Because we just got Litt up!
  5. Rachel Zane/Louis Litt #2:"I believe you suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous wrongness and I will not have it"
  6. Suits countdown thread #1 - Only one month and this HIATUS will be over
  7. Best Friends ~ {Rachel/Meghan & Sarah/Donna} #2: Because we love their friendship off-screen, too
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Ross ~ {Mike Ross & Rachel Zane} #7: Because we look forward to seeing them in a relationship.
  9. Mike Ross/Patrick J. Adams #2: Because he doesn't need to go to Harvard to be the best new lawyer!
  10. Suits Hangman #5
  11. Rivals {Mike & Katrina} #2 - Because hate is the beginning of a love story
  12. Other than Suits, What are you watching? #4: We have a support group for GoT. Join us!
  13. Girl Power (Jessica | Donna | Rachel) #2: praying circle for a scene with all these three together
  14. The Stoners ~ {Mike Ross & Harvey Specter} #3: "I'm not staying without Mike" -Harvey
  15. Suits - The Can Opener {Off topic} #5: b/c we love getting to know each other better
  16. {Harold Jakowski - Max Topplin} #2: "Harold, we miss you already!"
  17. Mike Ross/Donna Paulsen #2: because they are like family and they look after each other
  18. Post Count #3: Rocking our way to the TOP
  19. Suits Rewatch Thread #4: We are addicted to finales!
  20. HBIC {Jessica Pearson l Gina Torres} #3: Because everyone has a cruch on her
  21. Suits Letter Ending Game #2: Jessica - amazing
  22. Suits Rewatch Thread #3: we are happy rewatching the awesomeness
  23. Mr. and Mrs. Ross ~ {Mike Ross & Rachel Zane} #6: Because he thinks she’s amazing.
  24. Mike Ross/Louis Litt #2: Because Louis takes care of Mike
  25. Standard Avatars 2013
  26. Suits Anti - ABC' s #3
  27. Suits - ABC's #3
  28. Suits Aaron Korsh appreciation Thread #2: Because he is the heart and the soul of Suits
  29. Suits Word Association #4
  30. Law Partners {Jessica & Harvey} #3: Jessica: I know they said I couldn't control you. You're gonna learn that I can"
  31. Donna Paulsen/Louis Litt #2: Because they are on the same team
  32. Board Customization
  33. {Rachel Zane/Meghan Markle} #3: Because she wears amazing outfits and we want her wardrobe
  34. Suits Hangman #4
  35. Katrina Bennett/Amanda Shull #2: bc. she'd do whatever it takes to be better at her job
  36. Suits video tribute
  37. Round 2 of the finals!! PLEASE ENTER! {Harvey & Donna} #4: Because she won't stop listening to his private conversations
  38. Mr. and Mrs. Ross ~ {Mike Ross & Rachel Zane} #5: Because he admitted that he loves her
  39. Suits Rewatch Thread #2: There is no hiatus for us! Suits continues here!
  40. The Can Opener {Off Topic} #4: b/c we love to share our plans with each other
  41. Harvey Specter/Gabriel Macht #3: "I must admit, I look dashing" - Harvey
  42. Other than Suits, What are you watching? #3 We watch more shows than we can handle!
  43. The frienemies~{Harvey Specter/Gabriel Macht & Louis Litt/Rick Hoffman} #2: b/c Louis supports Harvey! 100%!
  44. Post Count #2: We will hit 1K again.Yes we will!
  45. Mr. and Mrs. Ross ~ {Mike Ross & Rachel Zane} #4: "I am not ready to lose you. Not today!"
  46. Suits Rewatch Thread #1: We cannot get enough of this show! Why don't you join us?
  47. {Louis Litt l Rick Hoffman} #2 : Because he can be a white knight in shining armor!
  48. Suits episode Discussion: Episode 2X16 "War". Airs February 21st
  49. HBIC {Jessica Pearson l Gina Torres} #2: Because she doesn't respond to threats. She makes them.
  50. Law Partners {Jessica & Harvey} #2: Because we can't wait to see their names together on that wall