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  1. Sarah McGee [NCIS] #3: "I think I killed someone, Tim."
  2. Happy 28th Birthday, Troian!
  3. @SleepintheGardn {Troian on Social Media} #3: "According to the Internet I am dead AND engaged! awesome!"
  4. Troian Word Association #6: TV - Pretty Little Liars - Mystery
  5. Troian ABC's #9: Young - Zest - Amanda
  6. "Grave New World" (4x13): Episode Discussion {Halloween Special}
  7. Troian & Shay #3: "@shaym loves the camera, but not as much as it loves her"
  8. Spencer & Alison #3: "Show off those Hastings legs"
  9. Amanda [Consent] #2: "Amanda is sort of the problem child."
  10. Siempre Tu {Spencer ♥ Alex} #2: "Is there any chance you'd wanna hang out some time? Like not here." "Yeah."
  11. TPAM #5: TPAM is looking forward to seeing Exiles
  12. Team Sparia [Spencer|Aria] #3: "You're really tiny, and I love you."
  13. {Inappropriate} Spencer & Ian #2: "Thank you for your concern."
  14. Spencer & Peter #3: "I'm proud of you, Spence."
  15. {otp} Spencer♥Coffee #6: "Going through withdrawals over here!"
  16. Spencer & Alison Scene Survivor {Winner Announced!}
  17. Lake House [Off Topic] #8: Who has time for a title?
  18. Short Films #1: Because we can't wait to see Exiles and Immediately Afterlife
  19. True Love {Spencer ♥ Toby} #8: "Don't you leave, cause' I know all I need is on the other side of the door"
  20. {Hackers} Spencer & Caleb #3: "How are you doing?" "We're trying to stay positive."
  21. Troian & Keegan #5: "I guess they want you to have a baby?" "I guess I'll talk to Troian about it."
  22. Lauren Weil [Lauren] #2: "When we love something, we should fight for it as it should be, not just the way it is."
  23. ∴ Celebrating One Year of Troian! ∴
  24. {the cards: JOKER + QUEEN} Spencer ♠ Mona #3: "I think that Spencer and Mona are intellectual matches." - Troian
  25. Troian Animations #3: Because the only thing better than pictures is pictures that move.
  26. "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" (4x12): Episode Discussion
  27. Troian 300 Word Story #5: Many years ago...
  28. "Bring the Hoe Down" (4x11): Episode Discussion
  29. Troian's Voice #2: because she can sing 'happy birthday' to us any time.
  30. "The Mirror Has Three Faces" (4x10): Episode Discussion
  31. ღ Spencer Hastings #4: "I wasn't Spencer Hastings for almost a whole day and nobody else showed up to take the job"
  32. Hastings Sisters {Spencer & Melissa} #3: "I have been protecting you since it started! Since before it started!"
  33. Troian & Sasha Pieterse #2: We'd love to see them together more.
  34. {Enemies} Spencer ◊ Jenna #2: "It's okay, Spencer. You can say blind. It's not a dirty word."
  35. "Into the Deep" (4x09): Episode Discussion
  36. One Year Celebration Prep
  37. Troian Anti-ABC's #8: Vain, Warn, X - ray
  38. Snarky Besties (Spencer & Hanna) #3: "You almost killed Hanna. She's my friend, I thought she was your friend too."
  39. Troian Icons & Art #2:Because Troian's face is to pretty not to make icons.
  40. Spencer & Veronica #3: "Mom, it's okay." "No, it's not. It's not okay that I didn't believe you."
  41. {Troian&Lucy} #2: "Maybe you and @lucyhale need to finally commit to one another"
  42. "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" (4x08): Episode Discussion
  43. {Troi-holics} Post Count #4: We're addicted and we won't ever stop talking about her!
  44. Troian Pictures #3: Because we're getting used to getting so many pictures
  45. "Crash and Burn, Girl!" (4x07): Episode Discussion
  46. (Spencer|Jason) #3: "Spencer, you don't want to do that, it'll just hurt."
  47. Spencer & Noel #2: "Did you have a good time the other night?" "Yeah, all my dreams came true."
  48. Spencer's Fashion #2: "Spencer’s Pretty little liars style would be best described as retro preppy"
  49. Troian Bellisario [ Rules | Intro | Guide | Birthdays ] #2
  50. "Under the Gun" (4x06): Episode Discussion