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  1. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1169: ''The most beautiful thing about Olicity is that it was never planned. It was a complete accident.''
  2. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1168: 'Every time they share a scene, Arrow suddenly makes sense.''
  3. [6x10] "Divided" - Episode Discussion (Airs 1/17/18)
  4. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1167: "I’m so happy you’re here."
  5. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1166: “I never thought I'd find comfort in a voice''
  6. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1165: “On our show, it was Oliver and Felicity, and it was going to be them no matter what.” StephenAmell
  7. Husband&Wife {OღF} #1164: "They say you only fall in love once but that can't be true. Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again."
  8. Arrow Last Letter Game #6: Green, Nasty, Yellow
  9. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1163: "Fall in love with someone who helps and guides you, who supports you."
  10. Arrow Hangman #25
  11. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1162: "Somewhere along the way home started meaning you."
  12. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1161: "His conviction speaks volumes about what she means to him."
  13. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1160: "Oliver and Felicity have always had the strongest, deepest, and most powerful bond on Arrow"
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  15. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1159: "2018 will be a bright year of new starts for Olicity filled with love, happiness, & Joy."
  16. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1158: "Love is the most important thing we have."
  17. Arrow Post Count #7: New year, new goals, new posts!
  18. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1157: "I’d wait for you."
  19. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1156: "All I want for Christmas is you. Nothing new, just you."
  20. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1155: "I wouldn’t have it any other way." "You really do love me."
  21. 2017 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Arrow
  22. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1154: "Oliver and Felicity. They are the head of the ship that really steer us along''
  23. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1153: "We've come so far my dear, look how we've grown. I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old.''
  24. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1152: "I believe in you...and I believe that no matter what life throws at us we can conquer it.''
  25. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1151: "Felicity and Oliver are meant to be together!” -Laura Hoffman
  26. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1150: "As per usual, the chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards is amazing."
  27. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1149: "My greatest fear in life is losing you."
  28. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1148: ''SA and EBR pretty much guaranteed, with their electric chemistry, that Olicity was going to be endgame.''
  29. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1147 ''I was never the girl who dreamed about her wedding, but I have to say this was the perfect evening''
  30. [6x09 - Midseason Finale] "Irreconcilable differences" - Episode Discussion (Airs 12/7/17)
  31. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1146 "I'm blessed as a man to have seen you in white. But I've never seen anything quite like you tonight."
  32. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1145 "Felicity, I love you and I want to marry you."
  33. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1144 "I love you. I will always always love you."
  34. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1143 "I now pronounce you husband and wife. "
  35. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1142 "You’re the very best part of me. I’m a better human being just because I’ve loved you. "
  36. Husband&Wife {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1141 "Nothing else matters except I love you. I don't need anything else. I just want to be with you" ~Oliver
  37. The Guardians of Star City {Queen & Diggle} #4: John you had faith in me, now you gotta have the same kind of faith in yourself.
  38. Green Arrow & Overwatch {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1140 "I love her so much" ~Oliver
  39. Green Arrow & Overwatch {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1139 "I didn't know you guys were back together." "Sure are."
  40. [6x08 - Part 2] "Crisis on Earth X" - Episode discussion (Airs Monday Nov 27th @9pm EST) [Live Watch]
  41. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2017
  42. {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1138 “I spend a lot of my free time with Stephen, too, so, getting to work with your friend is the dream."
  43. [6x07] "Thanksgiving" - Episode discussion (Airs 11/23/17) *Thanksgiving day in US*
  44. Board Recustomization
  45. Green Arrow & Overwatch {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1137 "I am the mayor’s girlfriend now."
  46. Green Arrow & Overwatch {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1136 "She's brilliant, how did you get her?" "I ask myself that everyday."
  47. {OღF} #1135 ''SA and EBR seem to be so comfortable with each other, that every look, every touch seem to be completely natural''.
  48. Green Arrow & Overwatch {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1134 "You’re seeing Oliver Queen again." "Yeah, these new prescription glasses are doing wonders..."
  49. [6x06] "Promises Kept" - Episode Discussion (Airs 11/16/17)
  50. Green Arrow & Overwatch {Oliver ღ Felicity} #1133 “I know this…you can do it. I believe in you.”