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  1. Fifth album (Discussion) #1: We can't wait to hear new music!
  2. The Perfect Man (Holly) #1: "There is such a thing as the perfect man."
  3. Fairytale Romance (Sam&Austin/Hilary&Chad) #1: "Sorry I waited for the rain" ♥ "It's okay"
  4. Hilary Duff Animations #1: Whether they're from her music videos, interviews, or movies - we love to stop and stare.
  5. "Elixir" Novels Appreciation #1: because our girl is a writer!
  6. Yonica Babyyeah (War, Inc.) #1: because not only does Hilary sing, she does it with an awesome accent!
  7. Shasta O'Neil (Stay Cool) #1: "if you say no now, you may never ever ever get the chance to say yes."
  8. Hilary & Leah #1: Because Leah was a bridesmaid at Hilary's wedding!
  9. Beauty & the Briefcase #1: "Not in front of the Cosmo!"
  10. Lizzie ♥ Gordo {Lizzie McGuire} #1: Because "there’s nobody prettier than you or more fun to be with." - Gordo
  11. Hilary News & Appearances #1: We always want to know what she's up to!
  12. Lizzie McGuire (Lizzie) #1: "You rock. Don't ever change."
  13. Hilary 300 Word Story #1: Hilary and Haylie decided to...
  14. Raise Your Voice (Terri) #1: "This place is the scariest, hardest, best thing that has ever happened to me."
  15. Material Girls #1: "We are living in a material world and I am a material girl"
  16. Santa Claus Lane (Album) Appreciation #1: ♫♪ Walking this Christmas down Santa Claus lane ♫♪
  17. A Cinderella Story #1: "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game"
  18. Greta (According to Greta) #1: Because we love her sarcasm and rebellious side!
  19. Hilary Duff Board Guide, Intros, Rules & Birthdays #1: Get to know your fellow Hilary lovers!
  20. Hilary & Haylie #1: Can you hear them? They talk about us, telling lies, well that's no surprise
  22. Hilary & Mike #1: Because they are the cutest couple, and a baby makes three!
  23. Icons #1: 100x100 beautiful boxes of Hilary Duff. Need I say more?
  24. Hilary Hate it or Love It? #1: Hilary making a new album?
  25. Cadet Kelly (Kelly) #1: Because she is Clumsy and Clueless but one heck of a cadet.
  26. Casper Meets Wendy (Wendy) #1: Wendy, friends doesnt even come close to describing how I feel.
  27. Actress & Director {Olivia & Vanessa | Hilary & Jessica} #1: Roomies, Kisses, & Oscars, Oh My!
  28. Dignity (Album) Appreciation : #1: ♫♪ Love me, love me.. Feed the flame ♫♪
  29. Hilary Duff (Album) Appreciation #1 : ♫♪ In a moment, everything can change ♫♪
  30. Metamorphosis (Album) Appreciation #1: ♫♪ Let's go back, back to the beginning ♫♪
  31. Hilary TPBM #1 (The Person Below Me): TPBM has been a fan since Lizzie McGuire?
  32. Hilary TPAM #1 (The Person Above Me): TPAM is happy we finally got a board?
  33. Hilary Word Association #1: Hilary - Actress - Singer
  34. Hilary ABCs #1: Actress, Beautiful, Cute...
  35. Olivia Burke {Gossip Girl} #1: "You really don't get it. I told you that I wanted to have a normal college experience!"
  36. Hilary's Smile Appreciation Thread #1: I've been hiding out for miles underneath this smile ♬
  37. Post Count #1: Because we're ready to climb our way to #1!
  38. Twitter\Facebook Thread #1: Because we all want to follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook!
  39. Hilary Anti-ABCs #1: Because she's not annoying, beefy or crappy.
  40. Picture Thread #1: Because there's no such thing as a 'bad photo' when it comes to Hilary!
  41. Hilary's Hair Appreciation Thread #1: B\C Hilary goes through many different hair colors & styles & we love them all!
  42. Besides Hilary, who are you listening to? #1
  43. What Hilary Song Are You Listening To? #1
  44. Hilary appreciation #1: She was our idol growing up
  45. Hilary Style Appreciation #1: Because she has a great sense of fashion.
  46. Hilary This or That #1: Blonde or Brunnete?
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