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  3. Hilary's Hair Appreciation Thread #2: Because we can't wait to see her as a brunette again!
  4. Raven Lee Halfacre (Bloodworth) #1: "Duff's strongest onscreen work to date is in this Southern gothic family drama"- HP
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  27. Standard Avatars
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  29. Mod Away Announcement Thread #1 - Updated May 28th
  30. Please welcome MandyCandy218 & tsforever as your new moderators!
  31. Hilary Anti- ABC's #2: Dumb, Egg, Filthy
  32. Hilary Follow the Last Letter Game #1
  33. Besides Hilary, who are you listening to? #2
  34. Hilary Word Association #2: Mommy - Baby - Luca
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  36. The Future of this Board - Please Read and Respond
  37. Hilary ABCs #2: Darling, Entertainer, Friendly
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  40. Hilary's Live Performances #1: Because on the stage is where she pours her heart out.
  41. Hilary's Expressions #1: Because how many faces can she make at one event?!
  42. Who would you like to see Hilary work with? #1
  43. Hot Seat #1: Let's get to know each other!
  44. Hangman #1: Can you guess this Hilary quote or song lyric?
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  46. Hilary Guest Star Appreciation #1: because we love seeing Hilary play all sorts of different characters!
  47. Lorraine Baker (Cheaper by the Dozen/2) #1: "For the record, I am so over Nora's hand-me-downs."
  48. What Hilary movie\appearance or Lizzie McGuire episode are you watching?
  49. Besides Hilary movies and Lizzie McGuire, what are you watching? #1
  50. Agent Cody Banks (Natalie) #1: Because she's smart, independent, and totally stole Cody's heart