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  1. Flock of Dudes (Amanda) #1: Because we can't wait to see Hilary on the big screen again!
  2. Post Count #5: Because a new tv show and album will keep us talking for ages!
  3. Hilary Anti-ABC's #7: Stupid, Tacky, Ugly
  4. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  5. Hilary Survivor Game #4: Let's find our favorite song from 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.'!
  6. The Person Above Me #6: TPAM can't wait to watch Younger!
  7. "Elixir" Novels Appreciation #2: In dreams, and in love, there are no impossibilities.
  8. Hilary 300 Word Story #5
  9. Hilary Follow the Last Letter Game #4
  10. Hilary ABCs #7: Star, Talented, Underneath This Smile
  11. Hilary & Alanna Masterson #1: They are besties and Hil even calls Alanna her "boo"!
  12. Younger (Kelsey) #1: Because we can't wait to meet Kelsey this March!
  13. Hilary Word Association #7: Grin - Smile - Happy
  14. Hilary & Mike #4: "We're getting through it together." - Hilary
  15. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  16. Hilary's Live Performances #2: Because we can't wait to see her new performances this year!
  17. Hilary & Haylie (Seesters) #3: "My seester is the smartest woman I know. Want to/need to be just like her." - Hil
  18. Hilary Style Appreciation #4: Because 2014 has just begun and we're loving all of Hilary's style choices!
  19. Hilary's Expressions #3: We love her expressions in any form: videos, gifs, & pictures!
  20. The Person Below Me #4: TPBM is excited for Hilary's music comeback this year?
  21. Hilary's Smile Appreciation Thread #3: Because Hilary's smile shines like the light from the sun!
  22. The Getaway (OT) #6: Because we have great expectations for 2014!
  23. Lizzie McGuire (Lizzie) #3: "Being in 8th grade rocks!"
  24. Hilary Fan Art #1: Hil's Face... Made Desktop Sized!
  25. Hilary Duff Board Guide, Intros, Rules & Birthdays #2: Come and join the Hilary love fest!
  26. Hilary Anti-ABC's #6: Pushover, Quitter, Rude
  27. Besides Hilary, who are you listening to? #5
  28. Low Post Count Warning - Please Read
  29. Hilary Appreciation #3: Because to Hilary we're not just her fans - we're her friends!
  30. Hilary Word Association #6: Stranger - Dignity - Album
  31. Hilary ABCs #6: Perfect, Queen, Rockstar
  32. Raise Your Voice (Terri) #2: Because Terri didn't let anything stop her from chasing her dreams!
  33. Hilary & Luca #3: Because Hilary helps Luca be the best dressed toddler in town!
  34. Hilary Duff Animations #3: Because Hilary gives us a lot of gif-able moments!
  35. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  36. Hilary's Hair Appreciation Thread #3: Because we envy her naturally lucious locks!
  37. Picture Thread #4: Because there's an overload of images but we don't care, keep 'em coming!
  38. Hilary News & Appearances #3: Because we're excited for the new movie and music that's on the way!
  39. Hilary's This or That #3 - Hil collaborating with Demi or Selena?
  40. Greta (According to Greta) #2: Because 'Greta' is just a thinly disguised anagram for 'great'!
  41. Lorraine Baker (Cheaper by the Dozen/2) #2: Because she's one of 12 kids but she stands out in the bunch!
  42. Hilary Hate it or Love It? #3: Hilary in the recording studio?
  43. Post Count #4: Because our excitement for Hilary's new music keeps our post counts up!
  44. Hil's Social Media [Instagram,Twitter,FB] #3: Because reaching 1Mil on Instagram deserves its own thread title!
  45. Hilary Anti- ABC's #5: Monster, Nobody, Ostrich
  46. The Person Above Me #5: TPAM wants to raid Hil's closet!
  47. Hilary & Mike #3: Because they just celebrated their three year anniversary!
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  50. Hilary Word Association #5: Person - Unknown - Stanger