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  1. Kat ABCs #16: Talented - Universal - Victorious
  2. Homicidal|Judgey [D♥B] #19: Because Damon tried his best to bring Bonnie back and succeeded and she watched him doing so
  3. Kat Picture Thread #9: Because even Kat outtakes are great pics!
  4. HeartBreakers [Bon♡Caro] #9: "Oh my god! Oh my god! And we can be roommates." - Caroline
  5. Witches Corner [OT] #29: New movies plus the holiday season is a great combination!
  6. Kat Smile Appreciation #6: Because we need more pictures of Kat smiling to celebrate our 500th thread
  7. Kitty Kat&Ninz|Kat&Nina #11: Because Nina revealed Kat's secret crush and now Nina needs protection from her
  8. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2013
  9. Witches Corner [OT] #28: can these next three weeks just come quick please...
  10. Family [Bonnie&Grams] #5: Bc we are still waiting for their first scene this season now that they are on the same side
  11. Kat's 300 Word Story #10: Because 300 words aren't enough to rewrite Bonnie's story in season 5
  12. Kat Graham Appreciation #8: "Be patient and never wait on anybody to hand you anything"
  13. Kat Body Appreciation #1: Because it amazes us every day how beautiful Kat is
  14. Kat Word Association #16: Honey 2 ~ Actress ~ TVD
  15. TPAM #17: Likes the Holiday Season?
  16. The Humanitarians (Kat & Ian) #12:Reporter: "Kat just told us you influenced her and her personal life." Ian: "Aww."
  17. Kat Post Count #18: Because anything Kat does is worth posting about
  18. Bennett/Hopkins-Family {Abby&Bonnie&Rudy} #2: Because we want a family reunion on the side of the living world
  19. Witches Corner [OT] #27: Because everbody should visit a hot springs resort once in a while
  20. Bonnie Bennett Spoilers&Speculations #32
  21. ♛ Prom Queen ♛ | Bonnie Bennett #10: "You have no idea what I can handle."
  22. Prom King & Queen [M/B] #7: "You don't need magic, Bonnie..."
  23. Future brides [Kat/Candice] #9: Because Candice wants to be the Drogo to Kat´s Khaleesi
  24. Witches Corner [OT] #26: Because some of us forget what happened in The Lion King
  25. Homicidal|Judgey [D♥B] #18:Damon cares about Bonnie in his own way.
  26. Kat/Bonnie Animations #6: Because we want to see every goofy face that Kat is making gif-ed
  27. Kat's Eyes Appreciation #4: Because we are not only mesmerized by her eyes but also her eyebrows
  28. Polish Gangsters {Kat/Paul} #8: "My BFF" - Kat
  29. Kat on twitter #8: "Another day another plane. The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club."
  30. SecretϟRendezvous [Bonnie & Katherine] #7:Because we wonder if Katherine will be the first one to find out about Bonnie
  31. Secret Keepers [Stefan|Bonnie] #9:Because we are sure there is a S4 S/B scene somewhere on the floor of the cutters room
  32. Happy 24th Birthday Kat - Because even on her birthday she wants to make other people happy!
  33. On-Screen Couple [Kat&Steven] #6: Because Steven loves it when Kat touches his naked chest
  34. Kitty Kat&Ninz|Kat&Nina #10: "I'm going in a new direction+ hiring @katgraham as my new stylist." - Nina
  35. Witches Corner [OT] #25: Lucy is still unstable after watching PLL's mid - season finale
  36. Season One Rewatch #2: 1x09 History Repeating - September 22nd (5pm EST)
  37. Kat Anti-ABCs #14: Dull ~ Edward ~ Foul
  38. The Humanitarians (Kat & Ian) #11: Because they were glued together at Comic Con
  39. OT3 [Bonnie|Elena|Caro] #8:"I leave town for the summer and everything goes to hell for the both of you." - Bonnie
  40. Kat & Friends #6:Now That's a WOMAN!! #KatGraham I admit my #TVD crush! -Daniel Newman
  41. Witches Corner [OT] #24: Because Kathrin has some big gaps in knowledge about X-Factor and Maurice has to erase them
  42. Kat Letter Ending Game #12: Graham ~ Magic spell ~ Love
  43. Kat Post Count #17: Posting on our way to 125k!
  44. Kat ABCs #15: Queen ~ Real ~ Singer
  45. Kat German Thread #10: Sommerpause bei TVD, Verschnaufspause für uns
  46. Besties [Bonnie&Elena] #8: "She's my best friend. She's just looking out for me." - Elena
  47. HeartBreakers [Bon♡Caro] #8:"Yeah but that one is my best friend" - Caroline
  48. Scene Stealers [Kat&Michael] #6:Because we can´t wait for Trevino to be back on set and take pictures with Kat.
  49. Witches Corner [OT] #23: Because we still have to figure out who is the killer on Twisted.
  50. Kat Word Association #15: Music ~ Dance ~ Honey 2