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  1. Board Recustomization
  2. LEMONADE {Lemon&Wade} #8:
  3. The Gumbo Gang {Zoe&Wade&Lavon} #5:
  4. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} 14: "I have to get to the woman who drives me crazy."
  5. BFFs {Zoe&Lavon} #10:
  6. Frenemies {Zoe&Lemon} #7: "Opening up to you goes against everything I stand for"
  7. Cowboy {Wade Kinsella|Wilson Bethel} #28: "I got one chance to prove to you and everybody else they bet wrong."
  8. BFFs {Zoe&Lavon} #9: Lavon: "You didn't have to do all this." Zoe: "I know, but I wanted to."
  9. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #380: 4 seasons. 76 episodes. 36 kisses. 1 love story ♥
  10. LEMONADE {Lemon&Wade} #7: Because Lemon knew what Wade was going to say before he even said it!
  11. Apple Keychain {Zoe&Annabeth} #3: We wish they had more girls nights.
  12. LEMONADE {Lemon&Wade} #6:"Suddenly you're involved and we're breaking and entering and murdering people!"
  13. The Gumbo Gang {Zoe&Wade&Lavon} #4: "The idea of leaving Lavon's, you know?" "The kitchen, the pastries." "The Lavon."
  14. The Doctors {Zoe&Brick} #5: "The next and only time that you will examine me is at my autopsy." "Great, finally something to look forward to!"
  15. Donkey Kong & Mighty Mouse {Wade&George} #5: I didn't want to get my brains smashed in next to your stupid moron brains!
  16. HOD General Discussion Thread #3: Because there are no other small towns like this one!
  17. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #379: Celebrating Their Second Anniversary!
  18. The Doc{Zoe Hart|Rachel Bilson} #21: "But you know whose fault that it? Yes, technically mine."
  19. Apple Keychain {Zoe&Annabeth} #2:
  20. The Doctors {Zoe&Brick} #4:
  21. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} 13:
  22. Donkey Kong & Mighty Mouse {Wade&George} #4: "Wade, you're my wingman here and I am not even certified in this type of plane."
  23. The Doctors {Zoe&Brick} #3:
  24. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #378: I'm in love with the shape of you: we push and pull like a magnet do.
  25. Hart of Dixie Post Count #23: We're posting on.
  26. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} 12:
  27. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #377: "She was amazing up there." "You showed her how to be."
  28. Classy Lady {Lemon Breeland|Jaime King} #8: "What self-respecting woman in the 21st century wears scrunchies?!"
  29. Cowboy {Wade Kinsella|Wilson Bethel} #27: Because he even looks good in a table cloth!
  30. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate "Zoe & Wade"!!
  31. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #376: Zoe has curly hair now with the right manufacturer.
  32. The Mayor {Lavon|Cress} #5: "I'm Lavon Hayes and I'm itch-free....where it counts."
  33. G-Tuck {George Tucker|Scott Porter} #13:"If you are a doctor, why are you trying to kill me?"
  34. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #375: "The truth is, Wade is a great guy" - Zoe, 3x09
  35. Memory Matron {Annabeth Nass|Kaitlyn Black} #3: "I think I'll eat and not talk to anyone because I'll be eating."
  36. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} #11
  37. Role Players {Wade&Lavon} #3: "You didn't lose me. I mean, how could you lose me? I'm six and a half feet tall."
  38. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #374: "I’m better with you, you’re better with me. I still miss all our nights. Even fights were all better with you."
  39. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #373: "You taught me to look past everything I had ever learned."
  40. The Doc{Zoe Hart|Rachel Bilson} #20: Back in the saddle
  41. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} #10: 'This is life. You and me, right here, right now.'
  42. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #372: I'm captivated by you, baby, like a firework show
  43. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #371: B/c Zoe did change her picture and was happier with Wade than she ever could have imagined!
  44. Low Post Count Warning – Please Read
  45. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} #9: Because bickering is foreplay for them!
  46. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #370: You make my heart shake, bend and break; but I can't turn away & it's driving me wild.
  47. The Rammer Jammer (OT) #340:
  48. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #369: 'I’m amazing when you’re beside me, I am so much more'
  49. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #368: His smile did work on her after all.
  50. HoD Introductions | Board Guide #7:The show may be over but this board is not.