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  1. The Bluebellians #1
  2. Cowboy {Wade Kinsella|Wilson Bethel} #34: "Get your hands off! I am not a piece of meat!"
  3. G-Tuck {George Tucker|Scott Porter} #17: "I'm like a rat in a maze looking for cheese, but there is no cheese...only pain."
  4. Memory Matron {Annabeth Nass|Kaitlyn Black} #6: "You'll notice that my surprise face looks like "Not surprised at all."
  5. The Rammer Jammer (OT) #342: Now re-watching Greek
  6. Wade & Annabeth Friendship #4: "Believe me, I understand women." "I get the picture."
  7. HoD 300 Word Story #8
  8. Crazy Earl Kinsella #2: "It’s a tragedy, is what it is. It’s like Romeo and Mrs. Romeo."
  9. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1}#391: "...And yet I am the one who seems to have hit the jackpot!"
  10. Frenemies {Zoe&Lemon} #8: "In your head, what would qualify as a scheme?"
  11. Sweethearts {George&AB} #5: He's amazing at this, and I've never seen him this passionate about anything."
  12. Classy Lady {Lemon Breeland|Jaime King} #10: ""I am a southern lady. My methods of warfare are purely psychological."
  13. Girlfriends {Zoe&Lemon&Annabeth} #2: "I figured at a time like this, a girl can use her friends."
  14. The Doctors {Zoe&Brick} #8: "you can shut yourself off from all that if you want to. I mean, it's your choice. But don't call that living."
  15. Donkey Kong & Mighty Mouse {Wade&George} #8: "Despite being on different paths in life, their friendship only grew stronger."
  16. Hart of Dixie Hangman #34: H _ rt o_ D_x_e
  17. Besides HoD What are you watching #29
  18. HOD General Discussion Thread #7
  19. Apple Keychain {Zoe&Annabeth} #4: Thank you for caring, Dr. Hart. I mean it."
  20. Rose Hattenbarger | McKaley Miller #4: "But now I know who I want to be: A strong women who isn't afraid to be a little crazy when it comes to love."
  21. The Rammer Jammer (OT) #341: Now re-watching Greek
  22. News and Media #19
  23. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #390: "Zoe and Wade's fun flirty banter has always been at the core of their relationship."
  24. The Breeland Family {Brick&Lemon&Magnolia} #2: "All I know is that family is a blessing, so the more the merrier"
  25. Role Players {Wade&Lavon} #6: "Hey, Bridget Jones, why don't you quit whining, beer up, come sit down, so I can whip your ass in this game real fast?"
  26. BFFs {Zoe&Lavon} #13
  27. Dr. Breeland {Brick Breeland|Tim Matheson} #3: "She didn't even use emojis!"
  28. Heartbreakers {Lavon♥Annabeth} #4: I knew in just one month, with absolute certainty, that you are the love of my life."
  29. LEMONADE {Lemon&Wade} #10: "I need to hear those three little words." "I am an idiot." "Those are the ones."
  30. Buddies {George&Lavon} #3
  31. First Loves {Lemon ღ George} 16: "If you'll excuse me, I have to go marry the ketchups. Maybe they'll through with it."
  32. Cowboy {Wade Kinsella|Wilson Bethel} #33
  33. The Mayor {Lavon|Cress} #8: "As far as I'm concerned, a life without regret ain't worth living."
  34. HoD Three Word Post #32
  35. G-Tuck {George Tucker|Scott Porter} #16: "Okay, take ten minutes everybody, while I process my disappointment."
  36. Hart of Dixie Re-watch Thread #12: 4X10
  37. Wade & Annabeth Friendship #3: Head-cannon: They've become good friends.
  38. Hug Thread #27
  39. Memory Matron {Annabeth Nass|Kaitlyn Black} #5: "Well, it wouldn't be fair to deny the world my appealing energy."
  40. Besides HoD What are you watching #28
  41. Hart of Dixie Post Count #26
  42. Crazy Earl Kinsella #1
  43. The Doctors {Zoe&Brick} #7: "First let me relish the moment. You've finally come to me for a consult!"
  44. Sparks Fly {ZoeღWade+1} #389: As the two learned not only to grow as people but grow together. It only made the show and their characters stronger"
  45. Hart of Dixie Re-watch Thread #11: 4X07
  46. Donkey Kong & Mighty Mouse {Wade&George} #7
  47. Sweethearts {George&AB} #4: Keeping in touch with the windows down, missing you so when you're not around.
  48. HoD 300 Word Story #7
  49. HOD General Discussion Thread #6
  50. Hart of Dixie Re-watch Thread #10: 4X02