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  1. Khaleesi |Daenerys/Emilia| #8: "And I swear to you, that those who would harm you will die screaming."
  2. Game of Thrones - Resources and Links #1
  3. Ice & Fire (Jon ♥ Daenerys) #12: Because "cross paths with Daenerys...that would be one of the goals." -Kit
  4. The Red Keep - the Board Guide | Introduction #2
  5. The Wall {OT} #13: Because we're trying to figure out what fall shows will be worth watching.
  6. Little Lord[Isaac|Bran]#4:"Isaac...ohh..he is sweet wellprepared and young, talented, funny,... need I say more"
  7. Cave Creeper [Art | Rickon] #3: Because our crack theory is for him to end up on the iron throne
  8. The Wolf & The Bull {Arya/Gendry} #2: Because they can still fulfill Robert's wish of a marriage between their families
  9. The King [Joffrey | Jack] #3: Because somehow being unlikeable means we like to talk about him a lot!
  10. Who should sit on the iron throne?
  11. The Lannisters #3: Because we want a family scene dammit!
  12. Lord Snow (Jon Snow|Kit Harington) #6: Because "I want Jon Snow to be on the throne, definitely." - Kit
  13. Board customization
  14. Winterfell [House of Stark] #5: Because there must always be a Stark in Winterfell
  15. NedღCatelyn #2: "Listen fat man. You are not taking my husband anywhere. He belongs to me now."
  16. The Wolf & the Lioness (NedღCersei) #1: Because she thinks he should have taken the realm for himself
  17. The Wall {OT} #12: What would happen if we didn't have a title? Do we end up like Ned?
  18. 1x02 "The Kingsroad" Episode Discussion
  19. Post Count #4: We may be on hiatus, but we're keeping at it!
  20. Cosmic Love {Dany&Drogo} #17: "I love Emilia, she’s someone that I love and adore to this day." ~Jason Momoa
  21. Wench and Kingslayer(Brienne♥Jaime) #2: Because he only rescues maidens.
  22. Ice & Fire (Jon ♥ Daenerys) #11: Because these parallels better lead somewhere!!!
  23. The Queen [Cersei/Lena] #3: "I love her, I think she’s misunderstood." - Lena
  24. Khaleesi |Daenerys/Emilia| #7:“We’re women, we’re strong, we’re sexy. Own it!” - Emilia
  25. Bran&Arya #2: Because we hope they'll be reunited soon!
  26. The Queen & Her Knight (Ser Jorah/Daenerys)#2 : because he helps to just make her stronger and stronger - Emilia Clarke
  27. Tyrion Lannister {Peter Dinklage} #4: Because that Emmy belongs to him, no matter what happens!
  28. Little Bird (Sansa |Sophie) #4: B/c Sansa is the most shippable person on the show! Well, not with Joffrey though...
  29. LorasღRenly {Finn&Gethin} #3: Because they rehearsed in Gethin's bedroom and they enjoyed it ;)
  30. Arya Stark {Maisie Williams} #6: "I'm good at killing fat boys. I like killing fat boys." ♥
  31. GoT News Thread #2: Faster than Ravens!
  32. The Wall {OT} #11:When you are in the game of thrones OT thread, you have a title or you die. There is no middle ground.
  33. The Northern King (Robb|Richard) #6: Because we all want a naked Richard popping out of our closets!!
  34. Game of Thrones ABC's #3: Dragons, Exciting, Fire
  35. {JaimeღCersei} #2: Nikolaj's perfect ending: 20 years later… Jaime & Cersei living happily together in a small cottage.
  36. Jaime | Nikolaj #3: He jumped off the cliffs at Casterly Rock, a hundred-foot drop into the water when he was... seven.
  37. Jon&Arya Appreciation #3: Because Kit's favourite scene is his scene with Arya!
  38. The Wall {OT} #10: Hiatus is nothing if there is Comic-Con everyday!
  39. Castle Black|Night's Watch #2: I pledge my life & honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.
  40. Cosmic Love {Dany&Drogo} #16: Because the brighter the star the faster it burns
  41. Khal Drogo {Jason Momoa} #4: Because now we know Drogo would beat Conan in a fight
  42. Ice & Fire (Jon ♥ Daenerys) #10: Because who says you need scenes to get to 10 threads?
  43. Lord Snow (Jon Snow|Kit Harington) #5: Because "There are five pups. One for each of the Stark children."
  44. GoT Word Association #3
  45. Khaleesi |Daenerys/Emilia| #6: "He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon." - Daenerys
  46. The Northern King (Robb|Richard) #5: Because Sirens is helping us get through our Robb withdrawals
  47. Winterfell [House of Stark] #4: Because the direwolf is the sigil of their house.
  48. The Wall {OT} #9: Title? What's a title?
  49. Catelyn Stark/Michelle Fairley #2: "You must be as fierce and hard as the north, Catelyn Tully."
  50. Ice & Fire (Jon ♥ Daenerys)#9: No matter where you go, I will find you if it takes a thousand years