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  1. Ser Jorah Mormont/Iain Glenn #2: A warrior who stands tall above the rest
  2. Game of Thrones 75k Celebration!!!
  3. King♥Queen in the North (Robb♥Talisa) #2: I am hers and she is mine, from this day, until the end of my days.
  4. Water Dancer (Arya | Maisie) #10: Quick as a snake. Calm as still water. Fear cuts deeper than swords.
  5. Other characters in Game of Thrones #1: Because they need a thread too!
  6. Khaleesi |Daenerys/Emilia| #14: Because Emilia wanted to be Raphael from TMNT!
  7. A Dance With Dragons
  8. [Bran & Osha] #2: "What did you see in your dream?" "I dreamt that the sea came to Winterfell."
  9. The Honorable [Ned Stark/Sean Bean] #4: Because he will forever be in our hearts.
  10. Little Lord[Isaac|Bran]#6: "If we can't protect our own bannermen, why should they protect us?"
  11. King | Queen [Robb/Dany] #2: Because they would make beautiful diredragons together.
  12. Lord Snow (Jon Snow|Kit Harington) #9: Because we are going to wash his hair and there's nothing he can do about it!
  13. Winterfell [House of Stark] #7: Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart.
  14. One Soul, Two Bodies {JaimeღCersei} #10: "I need my other half. You are me. I am you. I need you with me."
  15. GoT This or That #3: Season 1 or Season 2?
  16. She-Wolf♥Bull{A&G} #5: She watched the play of muscles in his chest and listened to the steel music he made. He's strong
  17. Jon&Arya Appreciation #4: "she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now."
  18. Ser Jorah and Daenerys #4: "No one can survive in this world without help. No one."
  19. Cosmic Love {Khal♥Khaleesi} #19: "It was like coming home." - Emilia about Dany/Drogo in 2x10
  20. Game of Thrones ABC's #6 : Robb - Starks - Theon
  21. Littlefinger (Petyr Baelish/Aidan Gillen) #3: Because he saw Varys even more recently than Varys saw him.
  22. GoT Cast #2: "I think we have in general a spectacular cast; our casting directors did an amazing job." -GRRM
  23. Game of Thrones 75k Preparation thread
  24. Kissed by Fire {Jon ♥ Ygritte} #2 : "All men must die, Jon Snow. But first we'll live."
  25. The Northern King (Robb|Richard) #9: The Young Wolf is on the move.
  26. Wench & Kingslayer {Brienne♥Jaime} #12: "she was strong, and gentler than he would have thought. 'Gentler than Cersei.'"
  27. Castle Black|Night's Watch #3: Every mile is two in winter. ~ George Herbert
  28. Khaleesi |Daenerys/Emilia| #13: "Dracarys!!!"
  29. Ice & Fire (Jon ♥ Daenerys) #18: "The series needs that you know, it needs those Daenerys/Jon parts." ~Kit Harington
  30. King in Highgarden ღ Knight of Flowers {RL|GF} #5: "What of love?" "When the sun has set, no candle can replace it."
  31. The Queen [Cersei/Lena]#6:"Last night’s episode (Blackwater), however, really belonged to Cersei." - NYMag
  32. Kingslayer [Jaime | Nikolaj] #6: Because sometimes doing the honorable thing means doing the wrong thing.
  33. {Viserys Targaryen | Harry Lloyd} #2: "Harry is one of the best people I know, and one of the most talented." - Emilia
  34. Storm's End [House♛Baratheon] #1: Ours is the fury
  35. House Tyrell of Highgarden #1: Growing Strong.
  36. Tyrion Lannister {PeterDinkage} #6: "Always remember should someone pay you to betray me, I'll pay more, I like living."
  37. The Ultimate Iron Throne Winner [Art|Rickon] #4: Full time job - cave creeper. Part time job - walnut cracker. ♥
  38. The Wall {OT} #17: No title because we are too busy hiding from the White Walkers!
  39. Game of Thrones ABC's #5: Jaime - Kings - Lorath
  40. Arya Stark {Maisie Williams} #9: "She just goes to so many places and Maisie has captured her brilliantly." - Richard
  41. One Soul, Two Bodies {JaimeღCersei} #9: "But these two... what they have, it was just too powerful to ignore" - Nikolaj
  42. Khaleesi |Daenerys/Emilia| #12: Because "The Iron Throne is mine I will take it."
  43. Wench & Kingslayer {Brienne♥Jaime}#11: Because... oh, just read the books!
  44. The Red Keep - the Board Guide | Introduction #3
  45. Ice & Fire (Jon ♥ Daenerys) #17: "I would love for Jon Snow and Dany to end up on the Iron Throne together." - Sophie
  46. Little Bird (Sansa | Sophie) #6: "I love Sansa. I think she's a brilliant character." - Sophie
  47. King | Queen [Robb/Dany] #1: In chess, The king is most important piece. The queen is most powerful piece in the game
  48. The Northern King (Robb|Richard) #8: He might be the King in the North, but he is also our King of the Sex Stares.
  49. The Queen [Cersei/Lena]#5:"The brilliance of Lena Headey and her wonderful performance as Cersei."- GRRM
  50. Lord Snow (Jon Snow|Kit Harington) #8: Because he's prettier than all your daughters!