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  2. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #66: "We Are Bound By Our Choices, But We Are More Than Our Mistakes."
  3. Jon Huertas/ Javier Esposito #10: "You've Got To Stop Blaming Your Childhood. At Some Point When You Choose Wrong Over Right That's On You."
  4. Beckett & Alexis #16: "Cause The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Make You Feel Unwelcome In Your Own Home"
  5. Ruben Santiago-Hudson/Captain Roy Montgomery #5- "I'm Old School. I Like Dirtbag."
  6. Seamus Dever/Kevin Ryan #23- "You're Supposed To Be Our Buffer. Buff!"
  7. Tamala Jones/Lanie Parish #8- "Love Yourself The Way That You Are, Because No One Is Perfect. Just Be You."
  8. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #83- "The Moment I Met You My Life Became Extraordinary"
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  17. Beckett & Esposito Appreciation Thread #8- Because Stana Referred to Jon As Her "Big Bruva"
  18. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #42- "Do Something Today You've Been Afraid To Do. A Decision Based On Fear Is The Wrong Decision."
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  26. Susan Sullivan/Martha Rodgers #9- "If You Spend Your Time Judging Folks You Have No Time To Love Them"
  27. Ryan/Espo {Friendship Appreciation} #17- "So We're Going To Be Stuck Together For A While. If That's Cool With You." |"Yeah, If That's Cool With You."
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  30. Kate & Lanie Stana/Tamala #10- "So What, You Think I Should Tell Him How I Feel?| Yes! You Hunt Murderers For A Living. You Can Do This."
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  38. We Are Family #18: "Well, what do you expect? Her to live here forever?"|" Well, her, yes. You …"
  39. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #82 - "You are the joy in my heart and the last person I wanna see every night when I close my eyes."
  40. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #64 - "The bar on unbelievable is pretty high right now"
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  42. Do you have a favourite castle?
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  46. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #41 - "I Enjoy What I Do For A Living. I See The Blessings; I’m Not Blind"
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  48. Ruben Santiago-Hudson/Captain Roy Montgomery #4 - "This Is My House, Kate. The Mayor Doesn't Call the Shots, I Do."
  49. Castle FanFic #6 - We Love to Read
  50. Beckett & Alexis #15: "Detective Beckett Already Said It's Cool If I Volunteer Down At The Station."