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  1. Castle-4.23 "Always: Episode Discussion Thread #6 (Aired 05/7/2012)
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  4. We are Family {Castle,Alexis,Martha, Beckett} #8 B/c we love how Beckett has become a Castle so easily. Awesome Daughter in law & Supportive Step mom
  5. Friends o/t 12th (Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito)#3 "That was the most irresponsible stunt you've ever pulled, Mr. Castle. Thank you."
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  7. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.19- "Habeas Corpse."
  8. Break Room [Off Topic] #45: "Being an adult sucks." | "I'll drink to that" (Rizzoli & Isles)- but sometimes being an adult isn't all bad, is it?
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  10. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #26 “Stana & I spend almost every day together nice to know that you can count on the person you’re working with."
  11. Nathan Fillion / Rick Castle #25: Because he sees the story.
  12. Seamus Dever/Kevin Ryan Appreciation Thread #10 Because we're finally getting another Ryan ep this season and could not be more excited!
  13. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.17 "Hong Kong Hustle."
  14. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #60: "Thanks for coming to get me." | "Always"
  15. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #40: "I feel like I'm still covered in spider webs. I cannot wait to take a hot shower"
  16. Castle "oops" that made it into episode
  17. Standard Avatars 2015
  18. Beckett & Alexis Thread #8: "Bye Kate."| "Oh, bye bud." | "Goodbye kiss, when did that happen?"
  19. Father & Daughter {Rick & Alexis}#6 B/c He's the king of dad jokes 'What broke? A stupid Glass. Remind me to get smarter glasses.'
  20. Family Justice {Jim/Katie} #2: "I just want you to be sure whatever decision you make, it's because it's what you want."
  21. Season 8???
  22. Friends o/t 12th (Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito) #2: "You do your job, whatever the cost."- Captain Gates
  23. Beckett & Esposito Appreciation Thread #4: "You're the one who has to go home to that guy"- Espo to Beckett
  24. Filming Pictures, Episode Stills & Sneak Peaks #19: Two words- "Spoiler Alert!"- Rick Castle
  25. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.16- "The Wrong Stuff"
  26. Ryan & Esposito {Friendship Appreciation} #7 Because we love that Ryan wants Espo to be his Co-Coach for Little League
  27. We are Family {Castle,Alexis,Martha, Beckett} #7: "You and Beckett...", "How do you know that?", "Mother's know these things."
  28. Castle-4.23 "Always: Episode Discussion Thread #5 (Aired 05/7/2012)
  29. Please Welcome our New Affiliate - Nathan Fillion Online!
  30. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #59: "Castle, do you realize how lucky you are?" | "Extremely lucky, after all I'm married to you."
  31. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.15- "Reckoning"
  32. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #39: Because "naps are good", she "highly advocates naps"
  33. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #24 Because we'd like to see him in more t-shirts and form fitting suits so we can see that fine bod of his.
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  35. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #25 "There is an inexplicable chemistry between us"-Nathan
  36. Break Room [Off Topic] #44: Jobs, apartments, sports, tv- there's always stuff to talk about!
  37. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.13- "I, Witness"
  38. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #58: "The case was closed and hanging on my arm was the dame of my dreams"
  39. Seamus Dever/Kevin Ryan Appreciation Thread #9 Because This has been the season of Ryan/Castle Jr. and we're loving every minute of it.
  40. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.12- "Private Eye, Caramba!"
  41. Beckett & Alexis Thread #7: "Big Castle is the one who likes to get in the way. I'm sure little Castle will be a pleasure"
  42. Friends o/t 12th (Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito) #1: "Harmless, this is Castle we're talking about"
  43. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #38: Because it's 2015 and she's the People's Choice Again!
  44. The Whiteboard (news) #10: PCAs, Celebrations, Second half of the season- our crew is keeping busy!
  45. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.11- "P.I."
  46. Filming Pictures, Episode Stills & Sneak Peaks #18: Spoiler junkie or non-spoiler junkie. Which side will you choose?!
  47. Family Justice {Jim/Katie} #1: She wears his watch as a reminder for the life that she saved
  48. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #57: "As partners go, we are here to stay"
  49. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #23 Because he's hilarious and we think that's super sexy
  50. Kate & Lanie/Stana & Tamala Friendship appreciation Thread #5 Because they support each other through everything