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  2. We are Family { Castle, Alexis, Martha, Beckett} #10 Because the Writers spoiled us in S7 and now we're craving more!
  3. Stana Katic/ Kate Beckett #44: "But this room has been my life. My home. And I will not let you sit there and lie to me in my own home."
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  6. Ryan and Esposito {Friendship Appreciation} #9 Ryan: I’m your partner. That means I’m with you ’till the wheels fall off.
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  8. Friends o/t 12th (Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito) #5 - Because we're going to miss Captain Gatesgf
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  11. Summer Rewatch Ep Schedule
  12. Father & Daughter {Rick & Alexis}#8 How come we never had a nanny? Your mother & I decided if someone was going to screw you up we wanted it to be me.
  13. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #64 Because for Caskett Sex-sated stretching. The best stretching of all
  14. Break Room [Off Topic] Thread #47 Because we're on Thread 47 now and that makes us giggle and fan girl a bit.
  15. Season 7 Summer Re-watch Discussion Thread Ep 7x01 Driven. 6/07/15
  16. Nathan Fillion/ Rick Castle #27: Because we love Nathan's scruff and Castle's goofiness
  17. Guess the Episode Thread #2
  18. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #28; Because without them Castle and Beckett wouldn't be the same
  19. Stana Katic/ Kate Beckett #43: Because we can't wait to see what season 8 has in store for Beckett.
  20. Please welcome **Anja** as your new moderator!
  21. Beckett & Alexis thread #10 : Because we want Beckett to be a guest lecturer in one of Alexis' classes.
  22. Post Count Thread #14 Because we can't wait to hit the board's next milestone of 150k!
  23. We are Family {Castle,Alexis,Martha, Beckett} #9 - B/c we're hoping the next season brings us more family scenes!
  24. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #63: "This is because of You. Because of Us. ALWAYS."- Rick Castle
  25. Castle-4.23 "Always: Episode Discussion Thread #7 (Aired 05/7/2012)
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  28. Questions for fans/viewers & those that stopped watching the show
  29. Friends o/t 12th (Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito) #4: "Well I Know One Thing That Will Never Change- What We All Have."
  30. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #42: Mrs. Castle, KBecks, Badass Beckett, - Up Next, Mommy Beckett?!
  31. Castle Episode Discussion Thread- 7.23- "Hollander's Woods" (Season Finale)
  32. Break Room [Off Topic] #46: Stanley Cup Playoffs, Tv Shows Ending, Jobs, so much to chat about!
  33. Filming Pictures, Episode Stills & Sneak Peaks #20: Because S7 is at it's end so let the speculation and hope for a Season 8 Begin!
  34. Seamus Dever/Kevin Ryan Appreciation Thread #11 B/c we love his brother-sister relationship with Beckett and would love to have more scenes with them
  35. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.22 "Dead From New York."
  36. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #62: Because they don't need words as evidenced by -"Castle, I..." | "I know, me too."
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  38. The Nikki Heat Novels by Richard Castle #9: "In space they cannot hear you scream, but can they hear you say 'I Do'?"- RH acknowledgements
  39. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #27: "She's a very intelligent woman, she's a challenge. And she's Castle's missing piece."
  40. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.21- "In Plane Sight"
  41. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #26 Because we think his forearms are very sexy nom nom.
  42. Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  43. Stepping Down
  44. Castle Episode Discussion Thread -7.20 "Sleeper."
  45. Father & Daughter {Rick & Alexis}#7 Because we kinda loved that Castle used Alexis as a shield against the Zombies.
  46. Ryan & Esposito {Friendship Appreciation}#8 Because we love that the boys think they could beat C/B in a competition
  47. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #41: "I'd rather take criminals down then send them up."
  48. Beckett & Alexis Thread #9 Because We love that they're official now Step-mom and Daughter ღ
  49. Castle-4.23 "Always: Episode Discussion Thread #6 (Aired 05/7/2012)
  50. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #61: "The Only Audience I Care About Is You"