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  7. Molly Quinn/Alexis Castle #4 - Because she's an English teacher to foreign students now.
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  10. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #31 Because we would love to see Rick in more Sweaters cause yum.
  11. Friends of the 12th {Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito}#8 Because we'll take Chinese in the conference scenes with them any day.
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  13. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #71 - Because we loved their secret dates as Svetlana and Dr. Livingstone.
  14. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #49 Because she continues to amaze with each ep can't wait to what is to come!
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  16. Castle Episode Discussion 8x10- Witness for the Prosecution
  17. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #31 Because we're proud we could get our amazing leads another winning year for People's Choice
  18. Father & Daughter {Rick & Alexis}#10 Because we're getting insanely spoiled with more scenes this season and loving it!
  19. Castle Episode Discussion Thread-8x09 - Tone Death
  20. Break Room [Off Topic] #51 - Because even with the show on a break we're still chatting a lot..
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  22. Filming Pictures, Episode Stills & Sneak Peaks #25 - "Firefly reunions and more"
  23. We are Family #12 Because now that Beckett is back we want us some new family moments!
  24. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #70: You do realize I'm gonna have to punish you a little first. Naked punishing? Very naked punishing ღ
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  26. Toks Olagundoye/ Hayley Shipton appreciation #2 Because we're excited to see what Haley will be up to the second half of this season!
  27. Stana Katic/ Kate Beckett #48 - Because we love Santa Stana.
  28. Ryan and Esposito {Friendship Appreciation} #11 Because we love that Ryan took a Bullet for Espo without thinking.
  29. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #30 Because he is so sexy we almost can't handle it.
  30. The Whiteboard (News) #12 Because we know its going to be a little while before we get some news but it'll be worth it when we do.
  31. Castle Episode Discussion Thread-8x08 "Mr and Mrs. Castle."
  32. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #69 Because even though it was a day late we're so happy they got to spend their anniversary together. ღ
  33. Molly Quinn/Alexis Castle #3 Because we love what the writers have done with Alexis this year quite the PI.
  34. Castle Episode Discussion Thread - 8x07 "The Last Seduction"
  35. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #30 Because we're ready to vote our fav leads into another PCA winning year!
  36. Friends of the 12th {Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito} #7 Because we're always ready for more scene with our fav crew from the 12th
  37. Break Room [Off Topic] #50 Because we've officially hit thread 50 and won't be long before we hit 100 with our chatter.
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  39. Post Count Thread #15 - Because we're still doing pretty good
  40. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #47 Because she really isn't helping our Girl-Crushes with that outfit she wore at the EMA's
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  42. Seamus Dever/Kevin Ryan #13 Because we all know Ryan secretly loved being Castle's mole for the 12th.
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  44. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #68 Because we're gonna need us some serious hot kisses after their separation.
  45. Hot Seat Thread #3 – Questions and Answers
  46. Father & Daughter {Rick & Alexis}#9 - Because we love Alexis working at the PI office with her dad now
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  50. Filming Pictures, Episode Stills & Sneak Peaks #24 - Because we all want to know what's going to happen