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  1. Nathan Fillion new video about the end of Castle
  2. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #33 Because we can't wait to see him on Modern Family
  3. Ryan & Esposito {Friendship Appreciation} #13 Because we're going to miss getting new adventures for the boys
  4. Family Justice {Jim/Katie} #3 - Because we wish we had more Father-Daughter moments.
  5. Castle Series Re-Watch 9/18/16 Season One-1x05 'A Chill Goes Through her Veins.'
  6. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #74 - Because they have the little Castle babies Madison predicted back in season 2
  7. Castle Series Re-Watch 9/10/16 Season One 1x04 'Hell Hath no Fury'
  8. Castle Series Re-Watch 8/28/16 Season One-1x03 'Hedge Fund Homeboys'
  9. Susan Sullivan/Martha Rodgers #5; 'Because she's one of a kind!'
  10. Castle Series Re-Watch 8/20/16 Season 1-1x02 'Nanny Mcdead'
  11. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #52 - She just made it to Broadway and we know she's going to do great!
  12. Castle Series Re-Watch 08/14/16 Season 1-1x01 'Flowers For your Grave' Ep Discussion Thread
  13. Friends of the 12th {Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito} #9 Because no matter what they'll always have each others backs.
  14. Break Room [OT] #53 Because we've love having a place to come and chat about whatever!
  15. Seamus Dever/Kevin Ryan #15 Because we'll we're going to miss having more Ryan time!
  16. Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic #32 - Because Nathan says Stana Katic is good at a "soft-landing" kiss
  17. Castle Series Rewatch-Come post what days and times work for you!
  18. Toks Olagundoye/ Hayley Shipton appreciation #3 - Even though we only had one season with Hayley, we're going to miss her witty comments
  19. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #73 - Because we won't stop loving these two dorks
  20. We Are Family #13 Because with three littles ones now their family is complete.
  21. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #32 - Because we can't wait to see what Nathan will be up to, now that Castle is over
  22. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #51 - Because we're going to miss Beckett, but we love that she's a mommy now.
  23. Castle Episode Discussion-8x22 'Crossfire'
  24. Thank you Castle
  25. Whiteboard News #13 Because we can't believe its gonna be over but grateful for what we've gotten.
  26. Castle Episode Discussion-8x21 'Hell to Pay'
  27. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate Stana Katic Spain!!!
  28. Castle Episode Discussion-8x20 'Much Ado About Murder
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  33. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #72: "I Already Have Everything I Could Ever Wish For"
  34. Castle Episode Discussion 8x17 - "Death Wish"
  35. Post Count Thread #16 - Even though we tend to forget our counts, we're still proud of them.
  36. Beckett & Alexis Thread #12 Because we're dying for some new scenes and waiting to see what's in store for them
  37. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #50 - Because she's the Acadamy All Star!
  38. Break Room [Off Topic] #52 - We just can't stop chatting.
  39. Castle Episode Discussion-8x16 'Heartbreaker'
  40. Ryan & Esposito {Friendship Appreciation} #12 Because it was fun to watch the boys team up and mess with Lanie.
  41. Castle Episode Discussion 8x15 - "Fidelis Ad Mortem"
  42. Molly Quinn/Alexis Castle #4 - Because she's an English teacher to foreign students now.
  43. Castle episode Discussion- 8x14 The G.D.S
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  45. Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle #31 Because we would love to see Rick in more Sweaters cause yum.
  46. Friends of the 12th {Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito}#8 Because we'll take Chinese in the conference scenes with them any day.
  47. Castle Episode Discussion 8x12 - "The Blame Game"
  48. Armed & Dangerous [Mr. ♥ Mrs. Castle] #71 - Because we loved their secret dates as Svetlana and Dr. Livingstone.
  49. Stana Katic/Kate Beckett #49 Because she continues to amaze with each ep can't wait to what is to come!
  50. Castle Episode Discussion- 8x11 Dead Red