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  1. Candice Post Count #12: Our post will rise by posting challenge!
  2. Candice Anti-ABC's #16: Rude, Stupid, The worst
  3. Candice's Eyes #5: Roses are red, violets are blue and so are Candice's eyes.
  4. Cupcake [Candice Animations] #9: Because her moves are worth to be giffed.
  5. Candice This or That #5: Caroline as a human or vampire?
  6. Candice Word Association #18: Caroline - Candice - Actress
  7. Candice ABC's #17: Daring, Elegant, Flawless
  8. Cheer Practice (OT): #29: I don't remember what I'm supposed to put here...
  9. Adventurers {K∞C} #22: “There are darknesses in life & there are lights, & you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.” - Dracula (book)
  10. The Person Above Me #12: TPAM is participating in the posting challenge!
  11. Cheer Practice [OT] #28: It's my ship and I'll cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you.
  12. Havoc Reigns!
  13. Candice Accola vs. Bethany Joy Posting Challenge #1: Sign Ups
  14. Vampire Barbie {Caroline Forbes} #13:"By season two, when she turned she just flourished into such a strong young woman.” - Candice
  15. Bitchy Blondes [Caroline&Rebekah/Candice&Claire] #4 ~ Because Vampire Barbie and Barbie Klaus would make a kick ass team.
  16. Candice/Caroline Hangman #14 ~ [Bella's turn]
  17. Beauty & The Beast {Caroline & Tyler} #35: Some love stories don't end happily, but it's still a love story.
  18. Sleeping Beauties {C/E/B} #5: We may not be blood related, but we are family.
  19. Cheer Practice [OT] #27: Which romcoms will you be watching this lovely February?
  20. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate, Candice Accola Source!
  21. Candice Three Year Celebration ~ Caroline may like things that are especially scandalous, but we just love ourselves a good party!
  22. Candice Word Association #17: TVD - Caroline - Best
  23. 2013 Fan Art Holiday Competition: Round 3 Winner
  24. Adventurers {K∞C} #21: "It doesn’t make sense and yet it makes perfect sense.'' - CA
  25. The Person Below Me #5: Is excited for the second half of season 5!
  26. Sassy Snowflakes | Klaus&Stefan&Caroline #2: Because we're down for Klefaroline midnight tag...without the biting.
  27. Three Year Preparation: Send in your contributions and we'll celebrate!
  28. Cheer Practice [OT] #26: What are your goals for 2014?
  29. Candice Follow the Last Letter Game #12: Caroline - Excellent - Trustworthy
  30. Candice Anti-ABC's #15: She's not evil, fake or gross.
  31. Candice ABC's #16: Actress, Beautiful, Candy Cola
  32. 2013 Fan Art Holiday Competition Voting: Candice Accola
  33. Bunny Hunters {Stefan & Caroline} #13: ''You have me.'' - Stefan
  34. Besides Candice, who are you listening to? #4
  35. Cheer Practice [OT] #25: Because Sara is cold and she's waiting for her BF to come warm her up!
  36. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2013
  37. Candice Fanart #2: Because Candice's face is enough to make an art beautiful.
  38. Candice Love It or Hate It #4: New Candice photos? Love! Getting nothing new about Candice? Hate!
  39. The Person Above Me #11: TPAM loves Caroline's scenes this season!
  40. Bunny Hunters {Stefan & Caroline} #12: Elena: "You did all of that for Stefan?" Caroline: "Of course I did!"
  41. Candy Cola {Candice Appreciation} #8 ~ She is always so sweet, just like a cupcake!
  42. Candice Word Association #16: Funny - Candice - Sass
  43. Candice 300-Word-Story #9: Candice and Nina joined...
  44. Caroline & Jesse #1: Because looks like Caroline has a new friend at college.
  45. Cheer Practice [OT] #24: Nothing can stop us. We always find something to talk about.
  46. Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Diaries [Season 5 Episode Discussion] NEXT: 5x13 "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
  47. Candice's Smile #6 ~ Because her laugh is contagious!
  48. Cheer Practice [OT] #23: Because Summer is over and the new TV season begins!
  49. Candice News, Appearances & Media #8: Midori & Wen Haircare - we hope she gets to be the face of many more campaigns!
  50. Mother&Daughter [Caroline&Liz] #5: Because they've gotten so close over the season, and we wanna see more of that!