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  1. Ladies Room Chatters (SB) #3: Because they could take the chatter to the kitchen.
  2. Psycho & Christian Housewife {Annie/Shirley} #3: Because they have High Grades in School and our Hearts!
  3. [The Greendale 7] #7: It's something unpredictable but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life.
  4. The OT3: [AAT] #6: They are three best friends that anyone could have!
  5. Low Post Count Warning - Please Read
  6. {Art Class} Icons/Fan Art #2: We need more pretties!
  7. Senor Chang/Ken Jeong #5: The Changover 5.
  8. Registration/Hot Seat #6: Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology?
  9. Abed Nadir || Danny Pudi: Because we always saw his value.
  10. Community 300 Word story thread #2: Once upon a time in Greendale...
  11. Team Awesome [Troy||Abed] #8: Because they are still best friends in the dark timeline.
  12. Cuddlers {Troy ♥ Britta}#9: Because in the 5th Time Line they have a baby!
  13. Jeff Winger || Joel McHale #7: Because even with one arm he still looks good.
  14. Episode Discussion [4x13] Advanced Introduction to Finality
  15. TPAM #3: Loves this thread so much.
  16. Standard Avatars 2013
  17. Episode Discussion [4x12] Heroic Origins
  18. Episode Discussion [4x11] Basic Human Anatomy
  19. [Neighbors] Jeff/Dean #2: Because whats Jeff's is the Dean's as well.
  20. Episode Discussion [4x10] Intro to Knots
  21. Annie Edison || Alison Brie #10: Flawless: Being entirely without flaw or imperfection. Ex. Alison Brie!
  22. Episode Discussion [4x09] Intro to Felt Surrogacy
  23. Scotch & Appletini {Annie ♥ Jeff} #25: because he would do anything for her like ordering Appletinis!
  24. Britta & Pierce #1: Because Pierce defended and helped Britta
  25. Study Room #8: Sharing is Caring!
  26. Episode Discussion [4x08]:Herstory of Dance
  27. The Gossip Girls {Big Cheddar and Tinkletown } #3: Because their history dates back to childhood.
  28. Episode Discussion [4x07] Economics of Marine Biology
  29. Dean Pelton/Jim Rash #4: Because he Deaned it again!
  30. Community This or That #3: Six Seasons and a Movie or Four Seasons and a Porno?
  31. Episode Discussion [4x06]:Advanced Documentary Filmmaking
  32. Episode Discussion [4x05]:Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations
  33. Episode Discussion [4x04] Alternative History of German Invasion
  34. Episode Discussion [4x03]:Conventions of Space and Time
  35. Community Last Letter Thread #2: So much to say about our show start with the last letter.
  36. Britta Perry | Gillian Jacobs #8: Because she has one rule: No rules!
  37. Episode Discussion [4x02]: Paranormal Parentage
  38. Milady♥Milord {JA} #24: Because New Jeff or Old Jeff she likes him anyways.
  39. Greendale Parents {Jeff/Britta} #8: Because the group started with them & we hope it ends with them.
  40. Dos Amigos {Pierce&Jeff} #2: Because they are reluctantly there for each other.
  41. Community Quotes #3: The show so you funny we can't even remember all the funny quotes!
  42. Episode Discussion [4x01]: History 101 (2/7/13)
  43. Streets Ahead {News, Pics & Info} #5: HARMON IS BACK!!!!!! Donald GONE!!!! John Oliver BACK!!!
  44. The Dropouts [The Guest Stars] #2: We just wish they didn't have to leave us so quickly.
  45. Cuddlers {Troy ♥ Britta} #8: Because nothing says I love you like a lock of your hair.
  46. Community ABCs #6: Intelligent Community Posters know their ABCs!
  47. Team Awesome [Troy||Abed] #7: Troy and Abed back in FEBRUARYYYYYYYYYYY.
  48. Happy Holidays and see you in about 3 months to celebrate Christmas again after October 19th on February!
  49. Pumpkin/Honeybunny {Troy/Annie} #6: Because they are partners in crime.
  50. Shirley Bennett ♥ Yvette Nicole Brown #5: Because her smile lights up a room.