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  1. (Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #30 ~ Because the distance means so little when the one you love means so much.
  2. Lyndsy&Ashton Appreciation #1: Because Lyndsy misses his face and ugly hats!
  3. (Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #29 ~ Because Michael is looking, but not touching. But only for now!
  4. Shane&Maggie #03 - Because Arm-linking & Head-touching is as legit as it gets
  5. (Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #28:B/c they fight cause they can't have sex.And they smile,cause they can't makeout
  6. Nikita - Spoilers
  7. Nikita Anti-ABCs #2 ~ Fake - Gross - Horrible
  8. (Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #27 - Because we agree, Michael knows they're soulmates. And so should the world
  9. Michael & Alex [The Outsiders] #21 - "I'm not gonna let anything happen to you" ~ Michael
  10. (Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #26: Because he has her and always will.
  11. Robbie & Alex #1 - Because when she heard Division executed Robbie, it hurt her.
  12. (Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #25: B/c they know each others precise toothpaste due to extreme proximity factors.
  13. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #24: They have a co-dependent relationship. They will always be there for each other.
  14. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #23: Because for Nikita, Michael is tall with a smoky voice and very sexy.
  15. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders) #20 - Because there is obvious chemistry between Michael and Alex - Zap2it
  16. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #22: Because she will never lose him. They are a part of each other.
  17. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders) #19 - Because Shane loves the idea of a Malex storyline!
  18. Nikita 30K Preparation Thread
  19. Nikita News Thread #2 ~ Because we can't get enough of this show!
  20. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #21: Because in Nikita, Michael has something to live for.
  21. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#18 B/C he will always be honest with her.
  22. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #20: Because sometimes the hardest save to make, is of the one you love most.
  23. Owen/Devon Sawa Appreciation #1 ~ Because he has a plan.
  24. Thom & Alex #5 ~ Because we want more than "Just a kiss" one day.
  25. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #19: Because as Shane puts it, Mikita is where the true love story is.
  26. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita #18: Because yes, we do love Michael, but not even we can love him as much as Nikita does
  27. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#17 B/C She cause the troubles just to be near him
  28. Nikita 1x09 ~ "One Way" Episode Discussion (11/11/10)
  29. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita Appreciation #17: Because we're prepared for an unlikely partnership.
  30. (Team Badass) Michael & Nikita Appreciation #16: B/c Mikita makes "swapping" the greatest, sexiest spy move of all time.
  31. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#16 B/C she is his second chance to live a life
  32. Michael & Nikita Appreciation #15: Because they're a movement by themselves. But they're a force when they're together.
  33. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#15 B/C she is the remedy for his wounded soul
  34. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#14 B/C Their tension is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.
  35. Michael & Nikita Appreciation #14: Because the smiles(!) say it all.
  36. Thom & Alex #4 ~ Because that kiss left them breathless...and us too!
  37. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#13 B/C She's The Only One Who Let's Him Be A Man!
  38. Michael & Nikita Appreciation #13: Because we can't comprehend anything now after the 1x9 Promo. Much less a title.
  39. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#12 No one does Eyesex better than they do
  40. Michael & Nikita Appreciation #12: Because this will be "failed attempt to shoot each other #672837."
  41. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#11 B/C Because he always keeps his eyes on her
  42. Nikia 1x08 ~ "Phoenix" Episode Discussion (Airing 11/04/10 on CW)
  43. Alex/Lyndsy Fonseca #2: Because we're relieved that she knows a way out of Division
  44. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2010
  45. Michael & Nikita Appreciation #11: Because no matter what side they're on, they will always choose each other.
  46. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#10 B/C Shane said "there’s potential." For them
  47. Michael & Nikita Appreciation #10: Because they are each other's only weakness
  48. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#9 B/C he would put his life in jeopardy to save hers
  49. Alex & Michael (The Outsiders)#8 B/C not even them can deny their chemistry
  50. Thom & Alex #3 ~ Because "sometimes, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be. Who we should be."