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  1. 80's Kids l Shane & Maggie #11: Because they finish each other's sentences!
  2. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #109 ~ "I think because its so rooted on love… I think they’re are gonna make it.
  3. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #108 ~ Because bring on another season of Team Badass! *Happy Dances*
  4. Thom/Ashton 'Dangerous' Holmes Appreciation Thread #3 ~ Because he's our Mr. Orange and Fred Astaire.
  5. Nikita ABC's #4 ~ Michael - Nikita - Owen
  6. [The Victims]Michael&Alex #30: Because he risked his own life to save her
  7. Music Video Awards 2011
  8. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #107: He is her knight in shining armor
  9. Nikita 1x22 ~ "Pandora" Episode Discussion (12/05/11) SEASON FINALE
  10. Unexpected Partners (Nikita&Owen) #2 ~ "Don't worry. I'll take care of her." ♥
  11. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #106: B/c he was the agent who fell in love with the recruit.
  12. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #105: B/c "I have someone to live for." Any other argument is irrelevant.
  13. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #104: B/c their love is so deep that they share eskimo kisses
  14. Nikita 1x21 ~ "Betrayals" Episode Discussion (05/05/11)
  15. Who are your 3 favorite non top bill characters?
  16. Michael/Shane West Appreciation #6 ~B/c Maggie says that he is the "best, best bestest" and we agree "Yes, Yes"!
  17. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #103: B/c Division or no Division Mikita will always hold together as one
  18. 80's Kids l Shane & Maggie #10: Because according to her, he is the "best, best, bestest.....ever".
  19. Nikita Reviews&Ratings #2 ~ B/c if we were in charge at the CW, this would be the 1st show we'd pick up for a 2nd season
  20. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #102: "It has been a long time since something as good as you has happened to me."
  21. Nikita 1x20 ~ "Glass Houses" Episode Discussion (28/14/11)
  22. Badass Soulmates [MichaelღNikita] #101: Because Mikita were ALWAYS destined to be together... FOREVER.
  23. Owen & Alex #1 - Because they're both recovering addicts now.
  24. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #100: B/c the moments. the chemistry. the LOVE. How do you spell Soulmates? M-I-K-I-T-A.
  25. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #99: "Just like old times." - Nikita "Not old times. New times." - Michael
  26. Nikita Family [Alex/Michael/Nikita] #1: Maybe they'll be taking trips soon and Alex will ask, "are we there yet?" - CC
  27. Nikita Word Association #4 ~ Thursdays - Nikita - Awesome
  28. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #98: B/c She knows he is built where it counts *wink wink*
  29. Nikita 1x19 ~ "Girls Best Friend" Episode Discussion (21/14/11)
  30. 80's Kids l Shane & Maggie #9: Because they share a morning veggie drink.
  31. Nikita/Maggie Q Appreciation Thread #5: Because she's 'more than breathed fresh life into the franchise.'
  32. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #97: B/c Mikita needs to invest in an "Do NOT Disturb" sign
  33. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #96: B/c If she was in trouble he wouldn't ever give up
  34. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #95: B/c he is the strongest person she knows.
  35. Nikita 1x18 ~ "Into The Dark" Episode Discussion (04/14/11)
  36. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #94:B/c I have no armor left. U stripped it from me.Whatever's left of me,whatever I am.Im yours.
  37. [The Victims] Michael & Alex #29: Because they both want to take down Division for their families.
  38. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #93: B/c "things will be different" - Uh... UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY.
  39. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #92: B/c throwing his girl on beds was always Michael's thing. But now so is banging on walls.
  40. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #91: B/c it's not that their not right for each other. It's that their not right for anyone else.
  41. Nikita 1x17 ~ "Covenants" Episode Discussion (04/07/11)
  42. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #90: B/c even Shane agrees...Mikita (and Shaggie) need a queen size bed for more SEX.
  43. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #89: B/c 6 DAYS to WALL-BANGING SEX ,THOSE NOT PRESENT will have to answer to TEAM BAD-ASS!!!
  44. Alex/Lyndsy Fonseca #4 ~ Because "one minute she's unstable, the next minute she's Charles Bronson."
  45. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #88: B/c watching 5 years of UST explode on our screens will Legit kills us.
  46. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #87:B/c stadiums full of haters?ruthless emperors?doesn't matter. Mikita will always ROCK YOU.
  47. Nikita Off Topic #4 ~ Because it's sad that cartoons aren't what they used to be!
  48. Badass Soulmates [MღN] #86: B/c they catch grenades only for each other. Everyone else can catch their own grenades.
  49. 50K Posts Celebration
  50. Badass Soulmates l M & N #85: Come and join the thread. we have MIKITA SEX ALL OVER THE PLACE.