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  1. Red Raymond l Jeff Hephner #1: Everyone's Fav Football Coach!
  2. The Hotties {D♥S} #8: Because family dinners, angry squad members, they faced it all.
  3. OT4 {D|M|L|S} #2 - Because everyone cares about each other in their own way in this group.
  4. Jail Birds [Dan&Lewis] #2: Because now we need Dan to tease about Lewis' hair.. oh wait...
  5. 25,000 posts preparation!!
  6. Hellcats Word Association #3: Hellcats - Awesome - Our Cast
  7. Hellcats ABC's #3: Uniform, Vest, Winning
  8. This or That #1: Marti or Savannah?
  9. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #8: They can move the hips, rock the beat and steal the show away with their dancing.
  10. Dan Patch | Matt Barr #3 : Because player or boyfriend, he looks hot being it.
  11. Cheer Town [Off Topic] #4: Because even our real lives are interesting. Setting things on fire etc.
  12. Professor Julian Parish | Gale Harold #2: Because he makes legal verbiage sexy!
  13. Hellcats Episode Discussion 1x05 The Prisoner's Song (10/06/10)
  14. Julian&Marti #2 She didn't mind kissing his ass at 6am.
  15. The Hotties {Dan♥Savannah}#7: Because he changed from player of the week to boyfriend
  16. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #7: Because Lewis told Marti the truth and now she is glad she can trust him.
  17. Roomies {S&M|A²} #3 Because they stick up for each other
  18. Lewis/Robbie #3: A straightforward guy with a good heart, what's not to love?
  19. Dan♥Marti #3: Because Childhood friends & drama? Hmm... you thinking what we're thinking?
  20. Episode Discussion 1x04 Nobody loves me but my mother (09/29/10)
  21. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #6: "She comes in and she has her own flavor - I think it's the flavor that Flynn enjoys." - RJ
  22. The Hotties {D♥S} #6: You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream.
  23. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #5: Because Lewis owes Marti but it's okay cause "that's what flyers are for."
  24. Moderator Opening Announcement
  25. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #4: Lewis + Marti + streetdance = OMG! HOTNESS!
  26. Cheer Captain {S♦A} #3 because she's awesome. Hell to the yeah!
  27. Savannah & Lewis #1: "Could you get that girl a hurricane please. Keep 'em coming."
  28. LewisღAlice #2:They may not be together, but that doesn't mean he wants to see bad things happen to her.
  29. Julian&Marti #1 - Because when she needed help, she turned to him.
  30. OT4 {D|M|L|S} - Because it's connections within the whole group.
  31. Jail Birds [Dan&Lewis] #1: Because they have each others backs!
  32. Eye Sex Paradise [S ♥ M] #2: "I love that there is this offbeat, quirky relationship between the two of them." -Aly
  33. Hellcats Anti-ABCs #2: Dumb, Evil, Fugly
  34. The Hotties {D♥S} #5: "Baby, you look FINE tonight."
  35. Hellcats 1x03 - "Beale St. After Dark" Episode Discussion (09/22/2010)
  36. Base♥Flyer {L|M} #3: Because Lewis asked Marti for a dance which she gladly accepted.
  37. Hellcats Word Association #2: Athletes - Sports - Compete
  38. Hellcats en español #1
  39. Mother & Daughter [W|M] #1 : They support each other no matter what!
  40. Red♥Vanessa: Now he remembers how he knows her. ;)
  41. The Hotties {Dan♥Savannah} #4: Because their first scene together will be awesome!
  42. Eye Sex Paradise [Savannah ♥ Marti] #1: The chemistry is crazy and you make me feel amazing.
  43. Hellcats 1x02 - "I say a little prayer" Episode Discussion (09/15/2010)
  44. Professor Julian Parish | Gale Harold #1: B/C we all want him as our professor ♥
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  46. Hellcats ABC's #2: Robbie, Savannah, Tisdale
  47. Hellcats {Introduction|Thread Guide|Birthdays|Mod Away}
  48. Alice & Savannah #2 : Because Alice secretly loves that Savannah writes healing words on her arm.
  49. Dan♥Marti #2: Because jealous Marti would be made of awsome.
  50. Hellcats music episode 1