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  1. Lewis Flynn/Robbie Jones #5: Because he has come a long way since his Hot Pockets commercial.
  2. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #16: Finally the truth is out, now we look forward to what comes next for Mar-Lew!
  3. Marti | Alyson #3: Because only someone that cool can have a 80s themed dream.
  4. Hellcats Episode Discussion "Think Twice Before You Go" (12/01/10)
  5. Dan♥Marti #6: "His feelings for Marti still run deep."-Zap2It
  6. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  7. Didn't think this would come so soon...
  8. Moderator Opening Announcement
  9. Dan Patch | Matt Barr #4 : You make me so hot, make me wanna drop.
  10. Hellcats Episode Discussion 1x10 "Pledging My Love" (11/17/10)
  11. Red♥Vanessa #2: "Vanessa and I have history. She means a lot to me."
  12. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate: Aly Michalka Fans
  13. Base♥Flyer {L|M} #15: Every pairing has to go through their angst and obstacles, we just hope they overcome it.
  14. Dan♥Marti #5: Because they're each other's past, present, and future - always!
  15. Who is "Cathy" the Cyclone cheerleader from tonights episode??
  16. The Athletes {Jake♥Alice} #2: Because they both have minds of their own...that they morph into one.
  17. The Hotties {Dan♥Savannah} #10: Ten threads of these two beautiful people.
  18. Hellcats Episode Discussion 1x09 Finish What We Started (11/10/10)
  19. Hi! It's me James_is_my_baby23
  20. Marti & Morgan {Nancy Drew & Harry Potter} #1: Because they're secretly working on the case together.
  21. Who are the real cheerleaders?
  22. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2010
  23. We Wish our JANUARY babies A Happy Birthday!! ;)
  24. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #14: Because they are both not relationship material, that's why it's gonna be awesome!
  25. Hellcats Episode Discussion 1x08 Back of a Car (11/03/10)
  26. Happy Halloween!
  27. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #13: Kissing? ✓ Flirtation✓ "too hot for tv moment?" um ask after Ep. 1x07 on 10/27/2010.
  28. Board Customization
  29. 25,000 Celebration thread; Hell to the Yeah!
  30. Alice | Heather #3: She knows what she wants... and will get it.
  31. The Hotties {D♥S} #9: Google "adorableness" and you'll find DanAndSavannah.com
  32. Last Letter Game #2: Savannah - Hellcats - Super
  33. Hellcats Episode Discussion 1x07 The Match Game (10/27/10)
  34. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #12: Because he felt comfortable enough to confide in her with his family problems.
  35. Dan♥Marti #4: Because "I've missed having you to myself..." -Marti
  36. Cheer Captain {S♦A} #4: Because she is a great captain mixed in with being a loyal person with a big heart.
  37. Lewis Flynn/Robbie Jones #4: Because he's the best coach ever. Just ask Savannah.
  38. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #11: "Marti and Lewis kiss. It's about time!" - MTV
  39. ♦ Dutchies ♦ #3: Wat?! Nieuw draadje?! Alweer?! *high five*
  40. Please Welcome Nerdy Angel And James_is_my_baby23 As Your New Moderators
  41. Eye Sex Paradise [Savannah ♥ Marti] #3: Because Marti chose Savannah over lawyering.
  42. Base♥Flyer {L|M} #10: “I think they’re a really good match, he is really supportive of her and always there to talk.”
  43. Jake&Alice #1: Because they're a perfect match!
  44. Alice♥Jake #1 "That's My Girl!"
  45. Please Welcome Forum Affiliate: Hellcats Fan
  46. You know you're obsessed with Hellcats when ... #1
  47. Dirty Dancers {L♥M} #9: Because "It's good to know I can trust you."
  48. Best Friends {Marti&Dan} #2: Because best friends are there for you when you fall... or are the reason you fall...
  49. Hellcats Episode Discussion 1x06 Ragged Old Flag (10/13/10)
  50. Hellcats icons #2: Because there's so many great scenes to iconize