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  1. Beanie Baby |Nina's Hats Thread| #3: It's beach hat season and before long it'll be winter hat season again!
  2. Post Count #21: Because every day, even on days without news, we have a reason to post!
  3. Tell a Lie #1: Nina is a bad actress.
  4. Style Icon |Nina's Fashion Thread| #25: This year has been so good for Nina, fashion wise!
  5. Nina's Hair & Make-up #21: She nails her look at every event she goes to!
  6. Nina Anti-ABC's #38: Nauseating, Outcast, Plague
  7. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  8. Nina's 300 Words Story #7: Create your own story time!
  9. Nina Three Words Post #6: Face of Reebok
  10. Nina Last Letter Game #15: Fam, Mia Jones, Sensational
  11. All Things Fam {S&S / Social Media} #1: Fam has a Twitter now and we are excited even more than before about the show!
  12. Darling Candids {Nina Pictures} #34: She is so photogenic, cameras are automatically drawn to her!
  13. Nina's ABC's #41: Zany, Ally, Becky
  14. Sisters {Nina/Odessa & Clem/Shannon} #1: We are looking forward to seeing how these two interact as sisters!
  15. Engaged {Nina/Tone & Clem/Jay} #1: We can't wait to see the chemistry that these two have in Fam!
  16. Infectious Laughter {Nina’s Laugh} #3: She's an absolute cutie pie when she laughs!
  17. Momma Mia {Mia Jones} #8: "It's not usually quiet enough in my head."
  18. The Dogbrevs {Nina & Maverick} #2: Nina: Happy #NationalPuppyDay to my number one bitch. I mean puppy.
  19. Sparkling Seducers {Nina's Eyes} #11: Because her eyes are the ideal place to get lost in.
  20. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  21. Nina's Glasses #1: Regular glasses, sunglasses, etc. Nina rocks them all!
  22. Dear Diary {OT} #31: We never run out of things to talk about!
  23. Clementine "Clem" {Fam} #1: Nina in a main role on a comedy show? This is a dream come true for us!
  24. Sexpressions {Nina's Expressions} #6: Because her expressions convey so much and we are all about it!
  25. TPBM #5: TPBM is waiting for more news on Nina's projects this year?
  26. Nina This or That #8: Nina's hair styles or fashion?
  27. Nina Word Association #25: new - year - annual
  28. Nina Anti-ABC's #37: Killer, Loser, Meh
  29. Standard Avatars 2018
  30. Nina Love or Hate #7: Nina vacationing in Australia?
  31. TPAM #13: TPAM hopes this year is a good year for Nina!
  32. Shimmering Whiteness {Nina's Smile} #15: Because her gleaming smile always amazes and inspires us!
  33. Nina's Accessories {Jewelry/Purses/Etc.} #2: Because we are mesmerized by all of her jewelry and purses and all other accessories!
  34. Fierce Pierce {Katherine Pierce} #22: "She is the baddest bitch of all."
  35. Sleeping Beauties {Elena/Caroline/Bonnie} #6: "Are we seriously having a sleepover?!" - Bonnie to Elena and Caroline (6.22)
  36. Nina's ABC's #40: Wonderful, eXciting, Young
  37. Nina Last Letter Game #14: movieS - showS - staR
  38. Dobrevalicious [Nina's Body Appreciation] #16: She has the body of a goddess and we can't get enough of seeing pics of it!
  39. Nina Icons and Arts #10: Because icons and arts forever capture the moments where Nina shines!
  40. Nina Three Words Post #5: A New Year!
  41. Nina Hangman #8: Choose a letter and guess the quote.
  42. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  43. Social Butterfly {Nina's Social Media|Twitter/Instagram/Facebook} #17: Because her tweets are so fascinating and her Instagram pictures are so amazing
  44. College Roomies {E/C • N/C} #11: "Oh Care...take care of everyone while I'm gone okay?" - Elena "I will, I promise." - Caroline
  45. Style Icon |Nina's Fashion Thread| #24: Because Nina will have an amazing 2018 in the fashion world just as she did in 2017!
  46. Nina's Quotes #4: "Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun."
  47. Elizabeth | Dog Days | (S&S) #1: "She will play Good Day Seattle host in the canine-connected ensemble comedy." - deadline
  48. Nina's Hair & Make-up #20: She is rocking those bangs something fierce!
  49. Nina Anti-ABC's #36: Hag, Idiot, Joke
  50. Nina Pictures #33: There is no such thing as too many pictures of Nina!