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  1. Kris 3-Word Post #3: An impressive voice
  2. Kris' Word Association #4: guitar - perform - Kris
  3. Kris Animations #3: Because he has animations that keep drawing your gaze.
  4. The Bench (Off Topic) #10: Because titles just aren't easy today!
  5. Kris Anti-ABC's #5
  6. Moderator Opening Announcement
  7. It's that time..
  8. Besides Kris, who else are you listening to? #4
  9. Kris & Cale #4: People let me tell you about my best friend. He's a warm hearted person, who will love me til the end.
  10. TPAM #4: TPAM wants to hear some new Kris music!
  11. Kris ABC's #5
  12. Kris' Eyes Appreciation #2: Because we're pretty sure he came from bunnies!
  13. Standard Avatars: Kris Allen
  14. Moderator Opening Announcement
  15. Low Post Count Warning Announcement
  16. Kris Hangman #4: The lyrics
  17. Kris's Word Association #3:We - Love - Kris
  18. ZorroPup Appreciation #1: Because he already has a Twitter page
  19. Kris♥Katy (Hubby&Wifey) #5: Because they are already starting a little family with ZorroPup
  20. Kris Last Letter Game #3: Talented - Devoted - Dreamy
  21. Kris & Chris Daughtry (The Ris's) #3:Because we want them to tour together
  22. Kris Pictures #4: Because we are missing the pretties and always want new ones
  23. ♫Besides Kris, who else are you listening to? #3
  24. Kris News & Media Appreciation #4: Because we are waiting patiently everyday for something new from our fave singer
  25. KA Anti-ABC's #4
  26. The Bench (Off Topic) #9:We are all a little busy these days but make the time to post
  27. Kris & His Parents #2: Because "@krisallen you make a momma proud!" ~Kimberly Allen
  28. KA ABC's #4
  29. Kris 300 Word Story #2:Kris went to the local mall to...
  30. Kris Pre-Idol Album [Brand New Shoes] Discussion Thread #2: Because he wrote these songs from his heart.
  31. KA Post Count #5: Because Kris would totally be proud of our post count.
  32. Kris/His Band #2: They are all a perfect fit together & the chemistry is undeniable.
  33. Kris' Dance Moves Appreciation #2: Because he is our own little version of Happy Feet.
  34. Kris Album Discussion #4: We "Can't Stay Away" from this CD. We could listen to it for a "Lifetime."
  35. Kris/Keith Urban #2: "He has a great voice and a good heart, and I like him immensely.” ~Keith
  36. Kris/David Cook Appreciation #3: They are giving us fans want they want, more of them
  37. Kris on Twitter #4: "Seriously dippin dots? You're not fooling anyone. Shouldn't you be ice cream of the present by now"
  38. Kris/Adam {Kradam} #3: Because they still text!
  39. Kris Butt Appreciation Thread #2: Because when he bends over, we get to see all the goodies.
  40. Low Post Count Warning
  41. Help Me Meet Kris!!
  42. Kris Allen Celebrating 25,000 Posts :)
  43. Kris Allen Video Appreciation #3: Because we're anxiously awaiting 'The Truth' video!
  44. Kris Hangman #3: G u - s s / - / l - t t - r!
  45. Kris and Pat Monahan Appreciation #1:Because Kris wanted to use The Truth on his debut album and Pat let him
  46. The Bench {Off Topic} #8: Just enjoying our summer while it lasts..
  47. Kris Anti-ABC's #3: Alien ~ Bully ~ Cop
  48. Kris♥Katy #4 Because she is his inspiration in everything he does
  49. Kris ABC #3:Awesome~Brilliant~Caring
  50. Kris Fashion #2: Because he has become a fashion icon for plaid shirts.