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  9. Kate's Gig In London
  10. Kate's Anti-ABC's #4: You obviously don't know Kate!
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  13. Mia/Chase #2: Because he is the exception, his love is infectious.
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  20. Tour Bus [OT] #17: We suck at titles, but we needed a new thread to keep talking!
  21. Kate 300 Word Story #6: They never make sense, but as long as Kate is in them they're perfect stories!
  22. Kate Word Association #14: Because so many words make us think of Kate, she's so often on our minds.
  23. TPBM #9: TPBM listens to Kate every day, all the time.
  24. Tour Bus [OT] #16: Because we can never run out of things to say so we'll say them here
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  34. Tour Bus [OT] #14: It's like a whole other world in here somedays!
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  42. "A Fine Mess" Discussion #3: Because her C.D's out and we own both versions!
  43. Kate ABCs #9: Angelic, Beautiful, Charasmatic... Everyword in the alaphabet has a description for Kate!
  44. Tour Bus [OT] #13: We'll talk about anything in here...well, almost anything.
  45. Kate Pictures #4: Because our favorite part of the touring season is all of the wonderful pictures it brings!
  46. What Kate Song Are You Listening To #7: You could 'Say Anything' and we'd love to hear it!
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  48. TPBM #8: TPBM is anticipating the release of A Fine Mess
  49. Kate 300 Word Story #5: Because the plots in this thread never get boring!
  50. Kate Word Association #11: A Fine Mess - Kate - Singer - Actress - Kate...we always come back to Kate eventually!