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  12. hii tell about wat u like in kate
  13. Standard Avatars
  14. Kate Picture Hunt #1: Ready, Set, Hunt.
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  19. Kate ABC's #14: Beautiful, Caring, Dedicated
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  24. One chapter ends, another just begins ... Time to bid farewell!
  25. Kate News Thread #6: Tweets, FB Updates, Video Journals...Kate really loves to keep us in the loop, so catch up here!
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  39. Happy Holidays!
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  45. Kate Word Association #16: In the end, everything is connected to Kate in some shape or form.
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  47. Kate News Thread #5: With a fall tour in Europe and new songs soon to come out the good news never stops!
  48. Kate 300 Word Story #7: Because with our imaginations we can create whatever story we want for Kate.
  49. Kate Voegele Appreciation #3: Because touring season always gives us so much to appreciate about Kate!
  50. TPBM #10: TPBM can't get enough of Kate.