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  1. Kate This or That #4: What kind of Kate do you prefer?
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  5. Kate/Mia Hangman #11: Wh_n w_ want to gu_ss what Kat_ said.
  6. What Kate Song Are You Listening To? #13
  7. Besides Kate, who else do you listen to? #5
  8. Kate/Mia 300 word story #13: This is where your imagination can be set free!
  9. Kate ABCs #17: Beautiful, Cutie, Dedicated to her fans...Watch us go on and on.
  10. Win a signed Kate Voegele CD
  11. Kate Word Association #24: Talented - Amazing - Brilliant - Kate!
  12. General Tour Thread #1: Because we are so excited that Kate is back on the road!
  13. Kate Pictures #6: We will never get over how gorgeous she is!
  14. "Gravity Happens" Song Survivor - Complete
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  16. Kate Tweets #1: Because we can easily fill entire threads with all of Kate's tweets!
  17. Tour Bus [OT] 30: Talk about things other than Kate? Do it here!
  18. Kate Fashion Appreciation #3: Because no matter what she's wearing she always looks flawless.
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  20. Kate Word Association #23: New - album - Gravity - Happens!
  21. Kate/Mia Hangman #10: We'll never run out of Kate lines and lyrics to decode!
  22. Besides Kate, who else do you listen to? #4
  23. Kate Shoe Survivor - Complete
  24. Kate/Mia 300 word story #12: Word by word we can take Kate on any journey we want!
  25. "Gravity Happens" Discussion #1: Because it's never too early to start getting excited about Kate's 3rd album!
  26. Kate Word Association #22: Because every word reminds us of Kate somehow or another eventually!
  27. Standard Avatars: Kate Voegele
  28. Kate involved in Charity- Japan_calls
  29. Hate Or Love It #3 - It's not hard to see why we love so much about Kate.
  30. Kate Board Post Count #10: No matter when we can always count on each other to post away in times of trouble.
  31. Low Post Count Warning - Please Read
  32. Kate News Thread #8: Keeping up with everything that Kate's doing leading up to her 3rd record!
  33. Kate ABCs #16: Sweet, Talented, Unique...We've got full alphabets for Kate.
  34. What Kate Song Are You Listening To? #12
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  36. Kate/Mia 300 word story #11: Imagining a day in Kate's life, one word at a time...
  37. Kate Voegele Appreciation #5: Because when it comes to Kate we appreciate everything!
  38. TPBM #12: TPBM can't wait for Kate's third album!
  39. Tour Bus [OT] 29: Because this is where you can Say Anything.
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  41. And we the dreamers chase forever, so at least in that we’ll be together…
  42. Kate Word Association #21: It's easy to find words we associate with Kate!
  43. Kate/Mia Hangman #9: Can you figure out what Kate said?
  44. Besides Kate, who else do you listen to? #3
  45. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2010
  46. Kate Word Association #20: Because after reading a word there's always another one that pops into your head.
  47. Kate/Mia 300 word story #10: One day, Kate went to....
  48. Tour Bus [OT] 28: Because this is where to go when you're not talking about Kate.
  49. Kate/Mia Hangman #8: Cause we make it fun to solve these puzzles!
  50. Kate ABCs #15: Energetic, Fun, Girly...we can go on forever with these!