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  1. Dream [Andrew Cain & Sam Morgan] #1: "Do you need anything?" "No, just you."
  2. Jason&Elizabeth (SCL) #27: "I needed to see you again. I really needed to see you to see if this is even possible."
  3. Jason Morgan | Steve Burton #4: Burton is taking everyone to acting school with his current GH stint.
  4. Jason♥Carly (Soulmates) #24: " Just take a deep breath and count to ten."- Jason
  5. Ryan Hawley | Robert Sugden {Emmerdale} #2: The best thing to come out of this storyline is Ryan showing his incredible range as an actor.
  6. General Hospital Discussion: GH is the best it's been in years!
  7. BFF "Brothers" [Jason & Sonny] #1: "You're my best friend... and my brother. You got to tell me that you know me."
  8. Billy Miller | Andrew Cain #4: Because no matter who plays he will slay!
  9. Act Alikes [Bill/Steffy] #1: "She shouldn't have walked out on you. I wouldn't have walked out on you."
  10. Days Of Our Lives Discussion Thread: Classic supercouples intact, new supercouples, probably so?
  11. Y&R Discussion Thread #7: M&T in an legit LGBT storyline? FINALLY! Now fast forward us to new creative changes October 25th!
  12. | Nikolas Cassadine| Tyler Christopher #3: B/c we stuck with Nik through GH character destruction, and will stay with TC if he switches Soaps!
  13. Mariah & Tessa (Y&R) #1: "No one should make you feel like you’re their second choice because you are incredible."
  14. Favorite Couples #2
  15. Jason & Sam {Familyღ} #110: B/c five years of waiting to hear his voice and see his face again.
  16. Jason Morgan | Steve Burton #3: B/c brace yourselves, rumors are true, the 2x Emmy winner will soon return to GH!
  17. Unpopular Opinion Thread #2
  18. The Ex-Cons & Former BFF's [Chloe & Chelsea] #1: B/c the best dysfunctional dynamic on television today!
  19. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  20. Soap Storylines You Hate #2: The Storyline that just Makes you quit the Soap!
  21. Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) Appreciation Thread → Daytime's Leading Vixen
  22. Is there a Erica Kane & Luke and Laura Thread?
  23. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  24. Reign Edwards | Nicole Avant (The Bold & The Beautiful) #1: "What you want does not come before what I think is right"
  25. Soaps - Moderator Opening Announcement
  26. Sonny Corinthos l Maurice Bernard #1: The Original Soap Opera Mob Boss!
  27. Kate Mansi | Abigail DiMera App. B/C she will always be our Abby.
  28. Thomas & Sally (Bold & Beautiful) #1: They are fashion power house couple!
  29. Besides Soaps, what show do you watch on tv? #5
  30. Danny Miller | Aaron Dingle {Emmerdale} #3: Because we're eternally hopeful that he'll get the long-awaited happiness that his kind soul deserves
  31. Soap Opera Word Association #3:
  32. SiennaღWarren Appreciation Thread #1: "I choose to save you because it was you I couldn't live without"
  33. General Hospital Discussion Thread: New faces come and go but old grudges always come back to haunt Port Charles
  34. Andrew & Curtis [GH] #1: They stick together no matter what situation they are in.
  35. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  36. Soap Couples You Dislike #2: Doesn't matter how much the writers try to force them, we just can't stand them.
  37. Characters You Can't Stand #3: Continue the polite character disliking!
  38. Best Acting Moments #1: Any performances you were absolutely blown away by?
  39. Phyllis Summers | Gina Tognoni (Y&R) #1: B/c we look forward to seeing her win an 3rd Emmy with her fantastic highlight reel.
  40. Billy Abbott | Jason Thompson (Y&R) #1: Finally a general accepted replacement to portray the well recieved "screw up".
  41. Hilary Curtis || Mishael Morgan (Y&R) #1: The manipulative one with lots of layers.
  42. Robron {Robert ♥ Aaron} Appreciation Thread #2: "I chose you, I love you"..."And I love you"
  43. Favorite Soap Rivalries #1: Newman vs Abbot, Cassadine vs Spencer, Bradys vs Dimeras?
  44. Courtney Hope | Sally Spectra (B&B) #1: Bringing new life to the Spectra legacy
  45. Darin Brooks | Wyatt Spencer #4: "Maybe we should have got him something from the 'I'm dating your brother' part of the greeting card section"
  46. ChadღAbbyღThomas [DOOL] #4: "I'm making a decision I want my wife back."
  47. Justin Hartley | Adam Newman #3: Because while we are missing JH in the Soaps, we can love on Kevin Pearson.
  48. The Bold & the Beautiful thread #3: If you liked the storylines last year, you'll love it this year.
  49. Favorite Soap Characters #2
  50. Quinn Fuller | Rena Sofer #1: Because she makes even the worst B&B storylines intriguing to watch.