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  1. Jared♥Melanie (The Host) #1: "Melanie will always be mine. And I will always be hers."
  2. Rose & Lissa #1: Because they've been inseparable ever since kindergarten.
  3. March Book of the Month: Delirium by Lauren Oliver
  4. Adam♥Cassie [The Secret Circle] #1: Because they have always been connected whether they were together or not.
  5. Who is your favourite author?
  6. Cassie&Nick - The Secret Circle #1 b/c they were good for eachother
  7. Erich Segal Books: Love means never having to say you're sorry - Love Story
  8. The Host by Stephenie Meyer #1: Unique. Interesting. Romantic. A must read.
  9. Book Couples
  10. March Book Club Nominations
  11. James "Jem" Carstairs (Infernal Devices) #1: This sensitive soul deserves a cure for his sickness
  12. 2011 Book Challenge #2
  13. Tessa Gray [Infernal Devices] #1: She is just an old fashioned girl discovering who she really is
  14. Will Herondale [Infernal Devices] #1: Because he is a puzzle just waiting to be solved.
  15. Will♥Tessa [Infernal Devices] #1: Because they have an electric connection that cannot be denied.
  16. Ian♥Wanda (The Host) #1: "I, the soul named Wanderer, love you, human Ian and that will never change."
  17. Tagging Guidelines (You need 100 posts to be able to tag)
  18. Georgina Kincaid Series |Richelle Mead|#5: Because we just want some teasers
  19. Damen♥Ever [The Immortals] #1: Their love... is everlasting. Through centuries, lifetimes.. forever.
  20. The Secret Circle by L.J Smith #1: About a girl who discovers who she is meant to be, whilst fighting against her heart
  21. Disappointing Reads #2: Well that was... lame
  22. Ashar'an Rising - new YA fantasy.
  23. The Hunger Games Trilogy #7: "There are much worse games to play."
  24. What are you reading? #23
  25. Books Post Count thread #1
  26. How to make my book website appealing?
  27. Pretty Little Liars #2: These 'perfect' girls are 'wanted' for their 'wicked' secrets!
  28. Elixir by Hilary Duff #1: In dreams, and in love, there are no impossibilities.
  29. *|FEVER SERIES|* #20: There were worse ways to be tortured than with a vision of Jericho Barrons naked.
  30. February Book of the Month: Across the Universe by Beth Revis
  31. Dani O'Malley [Fever Series] #1: She is one kickass teenager who can run at the speed of light!
  32. Gemma ♥ Kartik {Gemma Doyle Trilogy}: He still waits for her in her dreams
  33. Katniss Everdeen [The Hunger Games]: This 'girl on fire' will fight for what is right.
  34. February Book Club Nominations
  35. Mac & Alina Lane [Fever Series] #1: When Alina died, her heart crushed. She died inside.
  36. Mac&Dani [Fever series] #1: They'll be killing Unseelie and kicking ass!
  37. Rhage & Mary [The Black Dagger Brotherhood] #1: B/c she tamed his beast
  38. |dreamers| Adrian ❃ Rose{Vampire Academy} #1: " I know you. I walked with you. Once upon a dream."
  39. Christian Ozera {Vampire Academy} #1: We just love it when he plays with fire.
  40. Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir {Vampire Academy}#1: Because she's our Queen!
  41. Christian ♥ Lissa {Vampire Academy} #1: They filled up the empty hole inside one another.
  42. Magnus♥Alec [TMI Series] #1: Because when they kissed it didn't matter who saw.
  43. Vampire Academy #17: Because Rose's story was just the beginning.. see the continuation in Aug 23rd 2011.
  44. Peeta♥Katniss {The Hunger Games} #1 - Because they are the star-crossed tributes from District 12!
  45. Jace♥Clary {TMI series} #1 - Because even with all the challenges in front of them, they still are strong!
  46. Dimitri ♥ Rose {Vampire Academy} #1: Through the ups and downs, they made it through stronger than ever.
  47. The Trio {Harry/Ron/Hermione} {Harry Potter} #1 ~ Because they have the strongest friendship!
  48. Harry ღ Hermione {Harry Potter} ROMANTIC #1 ~ Because Harry and Hermione shared something special!
  49. Harry & Hermione {Harry Potter} FRIENDSHIP #1 ~ Because they were always there for each other!
  50. Ron ღ Hermione {Harry Potter} #1 ~ Because they were always meant to be!