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  1. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  2. New Paranormal Romance
  3. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater #2: The cycle has finished, but a spinoff is in the works. *Gasp*
  4. Cassandra Clare {TMI, TDA, TID etc} #25: Not only do we have Shadowhunters season 2 coming, but Lord of Shadows.
  5. Stephenie Meyer {Twilight/The Host} #13: Because she finally has a new book coming out, and we're excited.
  6. Contemporary Fiction #1: With romance, mystery, family issues and betrayals. This genre we all can identity with in some ways.
  7. 300 word story #8: It's the story that never ends, yes it'll go on and on my friend..
  8. Jennifer L. Armentrout {J.Lynn} #4: Fire in You is upcoming, the final book in her NA series.
  9. What was the last book you read? #35
  10. Word Association #10
  11. Sci-fi & Fantasy #7: These genres have expanded so much there is so many stories to explore.
  12. Richelle Mead {VA, Bloodlines, Georgina Kincaid + More}#26: A new VA edition is upcoming with bonus stories. Sign me up!
  13. Christina Lauren {Beautiful Bastard,Wild Seasons +} #1: Two women under one name producing some delicious, sexy romance and compelling stories.
  14. Books & Writing ABCs #15: Aspiring-Bold-Character
  15. Shades of Magic Series by V. E. Schwab
  16. Book Adaptations {News, Trailers, casting, release dates} #1: What's been adapted, what we want and can't wait to be adapted into a TV/Movie.
  17. The Royals by Erin Watt #1: From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself.
  18. Becca Fitzpatrick #3: Black Ice and Dangerous Lies are two thrilling stand alones one must have.
  19. Sarah J. Maas {Throne of Glass, ACOTAR} #2: Sarah writes beautifully, yet with SO many pages ;):
  20. GoodReads #3: Changes are amongst the rage these days, right?
  21. Thriller Books #1: Stories with a exciting, thriller-adventure. Bring it on.
  22. The 100 Book Series #1 | Kass Morgan
  23. The Hunt Trilogy #1 | Andrew F ukuda
  24. Standalone Books #1: Which standalone books have you read lately?
  25. Starbound Trilogy #2: The series is over, but "These Broken Stars" just may be coming to TV! Watch this space.
  26. Guess The Scene #1: Just one line. See if you can guess where it is from.
  27. What are you currently reading? #37: We're clearly always reading something, lets be honest.
  28. Reader's Room {OFF TOPIC} #19: "“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ― C.S. Lewis
  29. Hangman #5: Not everyone know the specific book from which the quote is from, doesnt make it less fun.
  30. The Selection {Kiera Cass} #6: With The Crown now released; we say goodbye to The Selection series for a final time.
  31. 2016 Reading Book Challenge #2: What's your goal?
  32. Space opera and RPG books(discussion).
  33. The Illuminae Files {Amie Kaufman/Jay Kristoff} #1: A story through emails, schematics, military files, IMs, medical reports, interviews + more.
  34. What page are you on? #3
  35. Word Association #9: There are many things that refer ti each other, just a matter of picking.
  36. 300 word story #7: Not all stories make sense, certainly not ours.
  37. Leigh Bardugo {The Grisha/Six of Crows} #1: She story-tells so beautifully especially in such a fun and unique setting.
  38. Reader's Room {OFF TOPIC} #18: There's no such thing as books!
  39. Colleen Hoover #3: Because we're always excited when she comes up with a new book. It Ends With Us is on its way.
  40. Fever World {Karen Marie Moning} #29: Shazzam!
  41. The Shannara Chronicles | Terry Brooks #1: Welcome to the world of elves, magic and kingdoms.
  42. What are you going to read next? #15
  43. Cassandra Clare {TMI, TDA, TID etc} #24: Lady Midnight debuts this March and Shadowhunters is airing on Freeform; joy everywhere!
  44. What Was The Last Book You Read? #34
  45. Books and Writing ABCs #14: Let the good things roll..
  46. The Reader's Room(OffTopic) #17: Award Season is beginning. Who will win, who will lost. Who will look the prettiest.
  47. The Library | Board Guide & Introduction |
  48. What was the last library book(s) you borrowed? #1
  49. 2015 Holiday Fan Art Competition: Round 3 Winner!
  50. This or That #3: One or the other; it's time to choose.