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  1. MoreWieners [CS] #70: Because if you try to kill Sarah, Chuck will break up with you.
  2. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #11: Because they went boat hopping together.
  3. MoreWieners [CS] #69: Because "there is no other girl."
  4. MoreWieners [CS] #68: Because they're better as a team!
  5. MoreWieners [CS] #67: She would know that our love is the best love if it were up to me.
  6. Yvonne/Sarah #14: Because Mighty loves Thaly as much as Yvonne. Wow.
  7. MoreWieners #66: I tried to live alone, but lonely is so lonely alone. So human as I am, I had to give up my defenses.
  8. MoreWieners [CS] #65: Our minds pressed and guarded while our flesh disregarded the lack of space for the lighthearted.
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  10. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Gravitron" (2x08)
  11. Chuck ABC's #6: Because we only have good things to say about this show!
  12. MoreWieners [CS] #64: Cause I love you more than I could ever promise, and you take me the way I am.
  13. Chuck's Flashes
  14. Polish Thread #1 - b/c Buymoria...here we come!
  15. MoreWieners [CS] #63: Because she's his friend who protects him...from *anything.*
  16. '08 FF Holiday Art Competition - (Chuck) Official Thread
  17. MoreWieners [CS] #62: Because when it comes to their showers, you make sure to drop the soap as much as possible.
  18. News and Appearances #8: Because our cast went to Vegas together!
  19. MoreWeiners [CS] #61: Because Jill is fuming over Chuck's relationship with Sarah...and we don't blame her.
  20. MoreWeiners [CS] #60: Because no matter who he's with, she's always in his fantasies.
  21. Please Welcome Ana As Your New Moderator
  22. Chuck vs. the Fat Lady (2x07): Episode Discussion
  23. Chuck/Zachary Thread #5: Because he's like wine - strong, robust and fuuuhhinnnne!
  24. MoreWieners [CS] #59: Because Buy More Chuck was more than enough for her.
  25. Yvonne/Sarah #13: Let her shoot, Josh! She'll slam dunk that sucka!
  26. MoreWieners [CS] #58: There's still a little bit of you laced with my doubt.
  27. Episode Discussion: "Chuck Versus the Ex" (2x06)
  28. MoreWieners [CS] #57: Because this love is difficult, but it's real!
  29. MoreWieners [CS] #56: What is love? Baby, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.
  30. Another one bites the dust...
  31. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #10: Because they "have a lot of fun on and off camera with that kind of chemistry."
  32. Fictional finances: Chuck Bartowski of NBC’s “Chuck”
  33. MoreWieners [CS] #55: Because a pining Sarah equals angsty goodness.
  34. MoreWieners [CS] #54:"We push and pull, and I fall down sometimes, I'm not letting go, you hold the other line."
  35. MoreWieners [CS] #53: Because "caged passion" is right!
  36. MoreWieners [CS] #52: Because he wished for her.
  37. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer" (2x05)
  38. MoreWieners [CS] #51: Because he's got her back.
  39. Yvonne/Sarah #12: Jenny Burton, Katie O'Connell, Rebecca Franko... for us she will always be Sarah Walker!
  40. MoreWieners [CS] #50: "Because as much as you don't think so, I know who you are."
  41. MoreWeiners [CS] #49: Because sometimes the nerd gets the girl.
  42. News and Appearances #7: Because thanks to Nicole Richie, this show is getting the promotion it deserves.
  43. Yvonne/Sarah #11: Because "she is, unironically speaking...awesome."
  44. MoreWeiners [CS] #48: I don't wanna be lonely, baby, please help me. I wanna love you all over.
  45. Chuck vs. the Cougars (2x04): Episode Discussion
  46. MoreWieners [CS] #47: Because barring any national security emergency he has a shot.
  47. Steppin down
  48. MoreWieners [CS] #46: Because she's the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.
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  50. Chuck vs. The Break-up (2.03): Episode Discussion