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  1. News and Appearances #10: Because every little tidbit helps.
  2. Nerd Herd [OT] #11: Because we are Bloody crazy Yall.
  3. MoreWeiners [C♥S] #97: He loves her and that's the beginning of everything.
  4. Chuck/Casey/Sarah Thread #3: Because in this team silence isn't golden, it's deadly.
  5. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #13: Because even the outtakes of them are off the chart.
  6. MoreWeiners [CS] #96: Bringing you the finest in romance, kisses and weiners since 24/9/07.
  7. MoreWeiners [CS] #95: We don't need 3D glasses to see how awesome Chuck & Sarah are.
  8. MoreWeiners [CS] #94: If you could see that I'm the one who understands you.
  9. Moderator Opening Announcement - Chuck - Deadline Extension
  10. MoreWeiners [CS] #93: Because Sarah will never let anyone hurt him.
  11. Nerd Herd [OT] #10: Because we all need a place to go to feel... sane.
  12. Sarah Lancaster/Ellie Bartowski Thread #2: Because everyone would like a female Bartowski to cure them of their illness.
  13. MoreWeiners [CS] #92: Because their New Year's resolution will hopefully lead them to each other.
  14. MoreWeiners [CS] #91: Because he finally sees the side of her that no one does or ever will.
  15. Yvonne/Sarah #17: Because she's capable of giving us multiple concussions.
  16. Happy Holidays to everyone!!
  17. MoreWeiners [CS] #90: Because his mother's bracelet was meant for more than a girlfriend...it was meant for her.
  18. MoreWeiners [CS] #89: Because when the hiatus is over, we better get some serious C/S action.
  19. Chuck Board Holiday Art Competition poll
  20. Interviews, Gag Reel and cast news
  21. MoreWeiners [CS] #88: Because he chose her as his loved one.
  22. News and Appearances #9: Because they made the Times Top 5 list.
  23. MoreWeiners [CS] #87: Because "prepare to be heart warmed."
  24. MoreWeiners [CS] #86: Because when they come back, we better get some eye secks.
  25. MoreWeiners [CS] #85: Because Chuck thinks she's the only thing that Papa Burton did right.
  26. MoreWeiners [CS] #84: Because she thinks he is a wonderful, caring, intelligent guy.
  27. MoreWeiners [CS] #83: Because she's the only reason he needs to stay.
  28. Which Chuck character are you?
  29. MoreWeiners [CS] #82: You're my everything, yes it's true, it's hard to be close to you.
  30. Nerd Herd [OT] #9: Because this thread might as well be renamed the Devils appreciation thread.
  31. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. Santa Claus" (2x11)
  32. MoreWeiners [CS] #81: Because he's her articulate schnook.
  33. MoreWeiners [CS] #80: Because Papa Burton made a 10 million dollar bet that Chuck loves Sarah and he was right.
  34. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #12: Because Zach thinks Yvonne should work in a carwash.
  35. MoreWieners [CS] #79: Because he wanted to amp up the PDA.
  36. Yvonne/Sarah #16: Because we can't wait to see her in The Canyon and with Eion!
  37. MoreWeiners [CS] #78: And maybe by sunrise we'll both come to our senses.
  38. Nerd Herders [OT] #8: Because in this thread it's all about Chuck...the Duck.
  39. MoreWeiners [CS] #77: In the confusion and the aftermath, you are my signal fire.
  40. Nerd Herders [OT] #7: Because Elias will blow them away.
  41. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Delorean" (2x10)
  42. MoreWeiners [CS] #76: Because with their last kiss they stole each other's breath.
  43. Nerd Herders [OT] #6: Because by the end of the season everyone will be worshiping the Devils.
  44. MoreWieners [CS] #75:Because we know there's something going on when they look at each other's lips.
  45. MoreWieners [CS] #74: Because even Casey knows that Sarah has feelings for Chuck.
  46. Yvonne/Sarah #15: Because she’s a funny, funny girl. An amazing actor.
  47. MoreWieners [CS] #73: Because she is his future.
  48. MoreWeiners [CS] #72: Because it's always going to be there between them.
  49. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Sensei" (2x09)
  50. MoreWieners [CS] #71: Because he's glad he has her.