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  1. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon" (2x16) - March 9th, 2009
  2. MoreWieners [CS] #99.15: You broke down every part of me that ever thought I'd never need you, baby.
  3. Chuck en Español: Que imagenes tan bellas nos cruzan por la mente.
  4. Nerd Herd [OT] #14: the conversations in this thread make us look awesomer!
  5. Yvonne/Sarah #26: B/C we wouldnt let her have her purse back either!!
  6. MoreWieners [CS] #99.14: Because no matter how you look at it, Sarah picked Chuck.
  7. MoreWieners [CS] #99.13: Because we'll get to 100... someday.
  8. Yvonne/Sarah #25: Because she makes us want to watch the same promo again and again.
  9. Chuck Fanart #3: Because Nerdism is an art. And we are artists every day.
  10. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Beefcake" (2x15) - March 2nd, 2009
  11. MoreWieners [CS] #99.12: Because the truth lies in the moment.
  12. News and Appearances #12: Because this show deserves more exposure.
  13. MoreWieners [CS] #99.11: "Close your eyes."
  14. Chuck/Zachary #7: Because he already has our hearts, he should get his own board too.
  15. Nerd Herd [OT] #13: Because this thread is too awesome for a title.
  16. MoreWieners [CS] #99.10: Because Sarah loved making breakfast for Chuck.
  17. Yvonne/Sarah #24: Because you are strengthened by Yvonne's presence, grateful that such a thing exists.
  18. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #15: Because she has seen Zach's but not Josh's.
  19. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. The Best Friend" (2x14) - February 23rd, 2009
  20. Lucky Sweaters [Awesome/Ellie] #2: Because they make adorable look easy.
  21. Yvonne/Sarah #23: Because she throws rotten vegetables at spiders.
  22. MoreWieners [CS] #99.9: Because their Valentine's Day date was loaded with sexual tension.
  23. Ryan McPartlin/Captain Awesome #2: Because Awesome shirtless in every episode is a must.
  24. MoreWieners [CS] #99.8: Let's take a walk outside. See the world through each other's eyes.
  25. Season Two Filming pics and Episode stills #2
  26. Yvonne/Sarah #22: Because it was dark times before she brought us into the golden age.
  27. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. The Suburbs" (2x13) - February 16th, 2009
  28. MoreWieners [CS] #99.7: If holding her means I have to bleed, then I am the martyr. Love is to blame.
  29. Chuck/Zachary #6: Because he may not be quite as nerdy as Chuck is, but he's got a nerd heart.
  30. Nerd Herd [OT] #12: Chuck the Duck may not have his own show, but he does have a bowl full of grits.
  31. MoreWeiners [C♥S] #99.6: Couldn’t we be happily ever after, we can be strong together for so long.
  32. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #14: Because it's their fault that we ship real people.
  33. MoreWeiners [CS] #99.5: Because we all wished that dream went the way it was supposed to go.
  34. News and Appearances #11: Nerd us with Chuck news!
  35. Yvonne/Sarah #21: Because after that black lingerie, we all became bumbling idiots.
  36. MoreWeiners [C♥S] #99.4: - We know they’ll end up together; there is a journey every relationship takes to get there.
  37. Chuck Season 1 DVD @ Target for $15.99
  38. Yvonne/Sarah #20: Because she could kill you with her looks, her smile, her eyes... or her gun.
  39. Chuck Icons #3: Just another thing for us to drool over!
  40. MoreWeiners [C♥S] #99.3: All we know for sure is all that we are fighting for.
  41. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. The Third Dimension" (2x12) - February 2nd, 2009
  42. Partners {Casey/Sarah} #2: Because Sarah called Casey her partner.
  43. saddest chuck moment
  44. MoreWeiners [C♥S] #99.2: B/C the superbowl should get C/S to home base, what sport is this again?
  45. Yvonne/Sarah #19: Because without her, the show would be drier than the Sahara desert.
  46. MoreWeiners [C♥S] #99.1: You're the only thing that I wouldn't change in this place.
  47. Please Welcome sohoblue123 As Your New Moderator
  48. MoreWeiners {Chuck ♥ Sarah} #99: We're terrified because we're headed straight for it, might get it.
  49. Yvonne/Sarah #18: Because her beauty captures our attention but her personality captures our hearts.
  50. MoreWeiners {Chuck ♥ Sarah} #98: Because it's about time Sarah was crawling all over Chuck.