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  1. Can Chuck be saved by the fans?
  2. An inside joke on Chuck?
  3. An inside joke on [I]Chuck[/I]?
  4. MoreWeiners [CS]#99.30: Oh love, you're the simple truth & you're the biggest mystery
  5. MoreWeiners [C♥S]#99.29: Because we're proud of them for practicing safe sex!
  6. Episode Discussion #2: "Chuck vs. the Colonel" (2x21) - April 20th Best Episode Ever!
  7. Chuck Icons #4: Because these 4 little walls are waiting to unleash the passion too!
  8. MoreWeiners [C♥S]#99.28: Because apparently Scooter was wrong.
  9. Yvonne/Sarah #33: Because she's bringing sexy back.
  10. Help Save Chuck! #2
  11. Chuck/Zachary #10: Who needs a title when we have a guy this amazing?
  12. MoreWieners{CS} #99.27: Because we haven't shut up about 3, 2 second promos!
  13. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Colonel" (2x21) - April 20th
  14. MoreWieners{CS} #99.26 : And if you feel like I feel baby, come on, oh come on, ooh let's get it on.
  15. Chuck ABC's #8: Because the alphabet ain't enough to express how much we love this show.
  16. MoreWieners [C♥S] #99.25: Charles in charge of her days and her nights.
  17. MoreWieners [C♥S] #99.24: Don't want to live my life without you.
  18. News and Appearances #14: Hey NBC, "Oh, and this... Save Chuck!"
  19. Yvonne/Sarah #32: Where is this beautiful girl, who's gonna complete my world?
  20. Chuck Season 1 Music Soundtrack FULL DOWNLOAD
  21. MoreWieners [C♥S] #99.23: Eyes say what words may never express.
  22. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the First Kill" (2x20) - April 13th
  23. Reveal Your Identity (Intros/Birthdays) #3: Be a Part of the Nerd Herd. Apply Here!
  24. Chuck/Zachary #9: Because we love his feet
  25. Yvonne/Sarah #31: Because No matter where she goes or what she does, we'll always support her!
  26. Chuck Music Thread #1: Because we love the Music!
  27. Nerd Herd [OT] #15: Because only we would manage to make the off topic thread...on topic.
  28. ~~Help Save Chuck!~~
  29. MoreWieners [C♥S] #99.22: Kiss me like when I first saw you, figured out couldn’t be without you. I want you, you, you.
  30. Chuck Soundtrack
  31. Yvonne/Sarah #30: Because she is the definition of UNIQUE.
  32. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Dream Job" (2x19) - April 6
  33. Live interview with CHUCK Visual Effects Supervisor
  34. MoreWieners [C♥S] #99.21: We are compelled to do what we have been forbidden.
  35. Is there an inside joke on this show?
  36. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Broken Heart" (2x18) - March 30th, 2009
  37. MoreWieners [CS] #99.20: Because they need to watch more Discovery Channel.
  38. Yvonne/Sarah #29: Because she has the lips of an angel.
  39. MoreWieners [CS] #99.19: If I can't have you then I don't want anyone.
  40. Chuck ABC's #7: Because we're crazy about this show. We've always been.
  41. Episode Discussion: "Chuck vs. the Predator" (2x17) - March 23th, 2009
  42. Chuck/Zachary #8: Curly hair, short, helmet. We love him anyway.
  43. MoreWieners [CS] #99.18: Sarah's hand + Chuck's neck = *thud*
  44. News and Appearances #13: All we want to hear or read are those magic words!
  45. Yvonne/Sarah #28: Because we've created our own Yvonne vocabulary.
  46. Anna's hat in "Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon"
  47. [Y]vonne & [Z]ach #16: Because Zach knows how lucky he is to work with Yvonne everyday.
  48. MoreWieners [CS] #99.17: Because SHE wore HIS t-shirt.
  49. MoreWieners [CS] #99.16: Because he's not going to let anything rob him from a life with her.
  50. Yvonne/Sarah #27: Because... well isn't it obvious?