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  1. Mandy/Ashley #14: "I think Ashden is awful. I think Spashley is incredible"
  2. Valery/Madison #5: Because we'd kill to get dance lessons from her!
  3. Austen/Sean #6: Because he's the best guy in the world!
  4. Glen/Kyla #5: Because Glen has a thing for brunettes!
  5. Mr. C Appreciation #5: B/C who needs a pool when you have Mr C behind a grill?
  6. SON Picture thread #10: Because we deserve more pictures of our pretty cast together!
  7. SON Fan Art #3: Because pretty arts might make us a feel a bit better.
  8. Kyla/Eileen #8: Because we're ready to see Kyla redeem herself!
  9. Gaby/Spencer #14: Because Gaby deserves the best
  10. Hotseat #4: Forget running out of questions, we're running out of volunteers!
  11. Sean/Kyla #3: Because we still have a little bit of hope left!
  12. Ego [SUCKS] [OT]#11: Because we can't seem to stop talking about girl on girl.
  13. Juliet & Juliet #27 [SA]: B/C we want to see the show end with a Spashley kiss!
  14. SON News Thread: We already got the worse news ever. It can only go up from here!
  15. SON Fans Check this out!
  16. SON en Español #2: Porque nosotras también amamos los brownies.
  17. Lovers [MG] #20: Because they'll miss Spashley just as much as we will.
  18. SON Fanfiction #5: Because we've been blessed with a lot of amazing fics!
  19. Save Spashley
  20. Mandy/Ashley #13: Because she always has something witty to say!
  21. Juliet & Juliet #26 [SA]: Because we need to see them take that trip to Cabo soon!
  22. Glen & Chelsea #1: Because it is the friendship that keeps on giving....
  23. Glen/Aiden #2: Because they aren't afraid to tell each other how it is
  24. Ego [SUCKS] [OT] #10: Where we talk about every other show but SON!
  25. Gaby/Spencer #13: Because she's adorable in any language!
  26. SON Music Videos #4: Because they're all we've got until 3B!
  27. SON Picture Thread #9: More candid pics of the cast = a great appetitzer for 3B!
  28. Icons #6: Because we're looking forward to 3B and all its potential iconable moments!
  29. Land of Lincoln
  30. Kyla/Eileen #7: Because she is the cutest ditz there is.
  31. Lovers [MG] #19: Because Mandy loves it when Gaby talks dirty!
  32. Chris/Glen #3: Because he's the best big brother a girl could ask for!
  33. Juliet & Juliet #25 [SA] Because only they can be sexy and adorable at the same time
  34. Hotseat #3: Because we wanna get to know everyone better!
  35. Ego [SUCKS] [OT] #9 - Warning: May Cause Motion Sickness
  36. Mandy/Ashley #12 - Because she can do adorable and sexy better than anyone
  37. SON en Español: Por que no es de donde vienes, sino a donde vas
  38. Valery/Madison #4: Because we hope to see more big things happen for her in 3B!
  39. SON Fanfiction #4: Because fanfic is keeping us sane through the hiatus!
  40. Glen/Kyla #4: Because we refuse to lose our hope!
  41. Gaby/Spence #12: Because she should have The Head Tilt trademarked!
  42. Special Friends [M/S] #3: Because their lunch dates shouldn't just be a yearly thing.
  43. Juliet & Juliet #24 [SA]: Because Spencer was the first girl to ever mean anything.
  44. SON Picture Thread #8: Because we're dying for new pictures! Any new pictures!
  45. Austen/Sean #5: Because we're all so excited for him to come back!
  46. Lovers [MG] #18: Because these two always give us something to squee about!
  47. Ego [SUCKS] [OT] #8 - Because normalcy is within us.
  48. Mandy/Ashley #11: Because playing good girls is a bit of a stretch!
  49. SON Word Association #8.
  50. Mr. C Appreciation #4: Because he's the best girlfriend's dad anyone could have!