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  1. The Cheesecake Stealers {R/C} #17: Because having divorced parents is one of the many things they share!
  2. Lobsters {Ross ♥ Rachel) #34: Because their love is a forever love.
  3. Jen&Court #24: Because they had a great chemistry on screen.
  4. Jen Style Appreciation Thread #20 : Because she looks good in about pretty much anything.
  5. Jen & Lisa Appreciation #11- Because Phoebe kissed Rachel just to see what the fuss was all about!
  6. Jennifer Off-Topic #70- Because we cant wait for summer vacation!
  7. Jen Body Thread #15- Because her body is very toned!
  8. Besides Jen, What Are You Watching? #6: Because we’re ready for midseason shows!
  9. Standard Avatars 2018
  10. David & Jen Thread #2- Because they have great chemistry!
  11. Jen Last Letter #40- Loving, Generous, Sophiscated
  12. Lobsters [RnR] # 33: Because she’s his everything!
  13. Jen ABC #57: Sweet, Talented, Unique
  14. The Cheesecake Stealers {R/C} #16: Because Rachel loves Chandler´s advices.
  15. Rumor Has It Appreciation #1- “This isn’t The Graduate, this is Deliverance!”
  16. Jen And Court #23: "They still hang out."
  17. Jen & Lisa Appreciation #10- P: If I kept it, it would be like stealing. R: But if you spent it, it would be like shopping.
  18. Rachel Green Appreciation #27: That's right! You do what the hand says.
  19. Post Count #41- Keeping the posting train going!
  20. Jen Picture Thread #27- Because she’s so photogenic!
  21. Cobras {J/R} #38: R: It’s been a while since I’ve been flung. J: I know what I’m getting you for Christmas.
  22. Please Welcome BlackWhiteRose as your new Moderator!
  23. Friends Appreciation Thread #34: Paper…snow…..a ghost!!
  24. Jennifer Animation #11- Jen keeps it moving through the holidays!
  25. Jen ABC #56- Magic, Nice, Perky
  26. Jennifer Last Letter #39- Kind, Darling, Great
  27. Besides Jen, What Are You Watching? #5: So much to watch, so little time!
  28. Jennifer Aniston - Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  29. Jen Style Appreciation #19- “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”
  30. Jen Smile Appreciation #22 - Smiling doesn't necessarily mean you're happy, sometimes it just means you're strong.
  31. Lobsters [RnR] # 32:"You deserve to be with someone who appreciates and gets how funny, sweet, amazing, adorable and sexy you are."
  32. We're The Millers Appreciation Thread #4: You can buy a house and run away from it.
  33. Jennifer Off-Topic #69- Because why can't summer vacation last forever?
  34. Jen Hair Appreciation #24- "My hair was famous before I was."
  35. Jen and Justin #15- "He's just so beautiful and handsome to me. Those eyes knock me out every day. He just gets better every year."
  36. Jen Body Thread #14: If I had that body I would be watching it over and over and over again.
  37. Cobras {J/R} #37: Because they make each other better.
  38. Jen And Court #22- Because we love that even after all these years they are still best friends!
  39. Jen ABC #55- Jennifer, Kind, Lovely
  40. Board Recustomization
  41. Jen Last Letter #38- Jennifer, Radiant, Talented
  42. Jen & Lisa Appreciation Thread #9: Rachel: Do want to hear what actually happened or Joey's lewd version? Phoebe: Joey's!
  43. The Cheesecake Stealers: {R/C} # 15: Rachel: Settle what? Chandler: The Jamestown colony of Virginia. You see King George is giving us the land.
  44. Jen Picture Thread #26- Because each one of her pics tells a story
  45. Jen Smile Appreciation #21- "Make a smile your signature accessory."
  46. Jen Style Appreciation #18: She loves a LBD that hugs her figure in just the right way?
  47. Friends Appreciation Thread # 33: Because I managed to survive whatever it is that killed the three of you!
  48. Cobras {J/R} #36: Because Rachel kicked the girl who was hitting Joey
  49. Office Christmas Party Appreciation #2: I've got doughnuts! I've got jelly and sprinkles, but not cronuts because they're a bastard pastry.
  50. Post Count #40: Because we are hitting another milestone!