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  1. Jen and Justin #15- "He's just so beautiful and handsome to me. Those eyes knock me out every day. He just gets better every year."
  2. Jen Body Thread #14: If I had that body I would be watching it over and over and over again.
  3. Cobras {J/R} #37: Because they make each other better.
  4. Jen And Court #22- Because we love that even after all these years they are still best friends!
  5. Jen ABC #55- Jennifer, Kind, Lovely
  6. Board Recustomization
  7. Jen Last Letter #38- Jennifer, Radiant, Talented
  8. Jen & Lisa Appreciation Thread #9: Rachel: Do want to hear what actually happened or Joey's lewd version? Phoebe: Joey's!
  9. The Cheesecake Stealers: {R/C} # 15: Rachel: Settle what? Chandler: The Jamestown colony of Virginia. You see King George is giving us the land.
  10. Jen Picture Thread #26- Because each one of her pics tells a story
  11. Jen Smile Appreciation #21- "Make a smile your signature accessory."
  12. Jen Style Appreciation #18: She loves a LBD that hugs her figure in just the right way?
  13. Friends Appreciation Thread # 33: Because I managed to survive whatever it is that killed the three of you!
  14. Cobras {J/R} #36: Because Rachel kicked the girl who was hitting Joey
  15. Office Christmas Party Appreciation #2: I've got doughnuts! I've got jelly and sprinkles, but not cronuts because they're a bastard pastry.
  16. Post Count #40: Because we are hitting another milestone!
  17. Jennifer Animation # 10: Forever in motion.
  18. Lobsters [RnR] # 31: Rachel: Ross, I really don’t think… Ross: Lift… and slide.
  19. Besides Jen What are you Watching #4: We are watching the giraffe!
  20. Jen Hair Appreciation #23: She can't escape her frizzy hair?
  21. We're The Millers Appreciation Thread #3: Go buy some new clothes. You look like Eminem from 8 Mile.
  22. Jen ABC #54 - Gorgeous, Hot, Ideal
  23. Jen Last Letter #37- Irresistible, Entertainer, Rachel
  24. Jennifer Off-Topic #68- Because we want the rain to go away!
  25. Jen Picture Thread #25- Because we love when we get new pics!
  26. Jen Body Thread #13- Because even at 48, she's still rockin' the bod!
  27. Cobras {J/R} #35 - Rachel: What? I was just trying to teach you. Joey: Well, lesson learned. Rachel is mean.
  28. Jen News & Info #21- Because we can't wait to see any new projects!
  29. Jen and Justin #14 - Justin Theroux Left the Golden Globes Early to be with his Wife.
  30. Jen and Court #21- Monica: Then why did you move your head? Rachel: Because I knew you were lying.
  31. Jen Smile Appreciation #20: Smile because it is easier than explaining what's wrong
  32. Jen Style Appreciation #17: She feels the need, the need for tweed.
  33. Jen & Lisa Appreciation Thread #8: R: I am about to pop, and Ross is picking up women at "Slu.ts R US". P: Is that a real place? Are they hiring?
  34. The Cheesecake Stealers: {Rachel/Chandler} # 14: And yet you're surprisingly upbeat. R: Well, you would be too if you got new boots with 50% off!
  35. Friends Appreciation Thread # 32: You can't just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do?
  36. Jen Hair Appreciation #22 - I've become very handy with a hair dryer and round brush.
  37. Lobsters [RnR] # 30 - Because he fell in love with his best friend
  38. Jen ABC #53: Delightful, Elegant, Friend
  39. Jennifer Animation # 9 - We are gif'n it into the new year.
  40. Post Count #39: Posting our way into the new year.
  41. Jen Last Letter #37: Hot, ideal, Jen
  42. Besides Jen What Are You Watching #3- Because eventually we will be all caught up with our shows!
  43. Office Christmas Party Appreciation #1
  44. Cobras {J/R} #34: Because We're Sure They'll Be Re-enacting Their New Year's Kiss Soon!
  45. Jen Picture Thread # 24: Because with a new movie coming out we hope we get lots of new pics
  46. Jen Smile Appreciation #19 Because we can`t get enough of her smile
  47. Jen Style Appreciation #16 - Because she simply does casual-chic right
  48. Jennifer Off-Topic #67- Because we're getting ready for the holiday season!
  49. Jen ABC #52
  50. Jen Body Thread #12: Because she knows how to work it