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  1. BTC(OT)#467: b/c manwhore edward is better then vampire edward
  2. Peter♥Claire{Paire}#689:B/C Peter would visit Claire in her dorm room, and share invisible kisses with each other
  3. Adam&Eve [ZQ/KB] #242: Hello Paps, where are the new pics? Kristen hangs out with Zach ALL THE TIME!!
  4. Bonnie&Clyde (S♥E) #496: Today is a special day. Sylar, Elle, Chuck & Sarah have a foursome to celebrate Jen's bday!
  5. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#688:B/C You are the the only person that I want to kiss for the rest of my life; I want no one else
  6. HALO(Hayden♥Milo)#314: B/C The only Hayden nudity scenes that we want to see is the hot and steamy ones with Milo
  7. BTC(OT)#466: B/C its National Best Friends Day & the Lizard is coming to get u wheeeeeeeeee
  8. The Grays [Sylar ღ Claire] #275: Because their kisses would be long and steamy.
  9. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#687:B/C Peter buys the expensive kind of chocolate for Claire and she repays him under the sheets
  10. Adam/Elle #8: B/C Adam would have found a way to make Elle spend eternity with him
  11. BTC(OT)#465: B/C Its Ben's bday!!!! But he hasn't been here so...anyway epic event planned next thread *gone*
  12. Wedding Vows {Heidi/Nathan} #1: B/C She is the woman that he married, that he had two sons with. The woman he loved
  13. Arthur&Angela #1: Because they are married
  14. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#686: B/C Peter and Claire already share DNA, so they might as well exchange some
  15. Bonnie&Clyde (S♥E) #495: b/c elle will find away back into sylar's bed
  16. The Grays [Sylar ღ Claire] #274: You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions, the one I'll always love.
  17. Best Friends Forever {Zach/Dania} #6:B/C Dania likes to be on top of Zach with smiles and laughter on their faces
  18. BTC(OT)#464: B/C R.I.P Farrah, Michael Jackson & Ed McMahon will always be remembered in our hearts
  19. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#685: B/C It's Paire, what other reason do you need
  20. Adam&Eve [ZQ/KB] #241:b/c it's almost the 2 year anniversary of the sicko pics
  21. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#684: B/C Claire's favorite ride is the Petercoaster, up and down, all around.
  22. HALO(Hayden♥Milo)#313: B/C Milo is looking mighty scrumptious on set Hayden you better hurry before we want a taste
  23. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#683: B/C Peter went to Hot Topic and bought the Edward Body Shimmer so he can sparkle for Claire
  24. BTC(OT)#463: Rejoice Fangirls Evan's got YM! It won't be long before he squees and wears body shimmer for us! ╮(╯▽╰)*
  25. Bonnie&Clyde (S♥E) #494: B/C Kristen and Zach were the only ones asked if Little Noah was Syelle's love child.
  26. The Grays [Sylar ღ Claire] #273: Because Sylar's eyes are on fire everytime he sees Claire.
  27. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#682: I will never forget you, your image is burned into my eyes, into my very soul
  28. BTC(OT)#462: B/C FF is the gateway drug to procrastination and self-obsessiveness
  29. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#681: it is your memory, that heals the pain that no one else could erase
  30. The Grays [Sylar ღ Claire] #272: "When he gets his hands on her, he only wants one thing..." ~ Heroes Magazine.
  31. Adam&Eve [ZQ/KB] #240: Zach will go to Kristen's bday party again filled w/ scrabble, running charades & hot tub
  32. BTC(OT)#461: B/C Lauren is Minerva and Laurie is Pikachu
  33. Peter♥Claire {Paire}#680: In a world where not even running is allowed I only wanted to protect you
  34. Peter♥Claire(Paire)#679: The only thing I want to protect is the promise I made to you ~ ♥
  35. The Hoodies {Zach/Hayden} #16: B/c Zach feels a great connection to Hayden. His words, not ours.
  36. Hayden P./Claire B. #28: Ding dong the wig is dead.
  37. The Grays [Sylar ღ Claire] #271: B/c they're both looking hot, but they would look hotter if they were together.
  38. HALO(Hayden♥Milo)#312: B/C Now that they both have glasses, hopefully they can see more clearly that they're meant to ♥
  39. BTC(OT)#460: b/c Evan ain't no womanizer, he just married one
  40. Best Friends Forever {Zach/Dania} #5: B/C Dania and Zach never left each other side at the Heroes World Tour
  41. Peter♥Claire(Paire)#678: B/C Paire may be our addiction but we never want to go rehab
  42. Milo/Peter #140: B/C the new onset heroes pics make have Milo's body looking hotter then eva!!
  43. Peter♥Claire(Paire)#677: B/C The day they bumped into each other in that hallway sealed their spot as soulmates
  44. Bonnie&Clyde (S♥E) #493: Syelle loves to do it in the backseat
  45. BTC(OT)#459: B/C We all miss FYG, Tia Vs Lauren is official, Evan is watching DW and guess who is Lauren new crush EEK
  46. Peter♥Claire(Paire)#676: B/C In seven days Peter & Claire will take over the world be very afraid or relish in that fact
  47. Lab Romance {M♥M} #30: B/C Mohinder will give Maya night class lessons in genetics
  48. The Grays [Sylar ღ Claire] #270: Got to get to you, got to see this through.
  49. Adam&Eve [ZQ/KB] #239: b/c ZK's next appearence will be at the teen choice awards!
  50. Peter♥Claire(Paire)#675: B/C No Matter what happens it will always lead back to Paire