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  1. Halstead Brothers { Jay & Will } #7: "You need to stay strong. Thanks, man"
  2. Sylvie and Antonio Thread #7: "If I wasn't on duty, I would have stayed all day."
  3. Dawson & Dawson #7: "He's in our crisis response team in the bahamas."
  4. Gianna Mackey | Adriyan Rae #1: We're so excited to meet her!
  5. Adam Ruzek & Kim Burgess #10: "You are very funny. I am not strong enough to be messed with right now."
  6. Stella Kidd | Miranda Rae Mayo #07: "Every day is someday."
  7. Officer Kim Burgess | Marina Squerciati #9:"It's crazy how one bad decision can ruin your whole life."
  8. Sergeant Platt | Amy Morton #6: "You sure you're ready to be back so quick?"
  9. Crosslovers | Mouch & Platt #06: Because we want more mentions!
  10. Darren Ritter | Daniel Kyri #1: He's finally a series regular!
  11. Ratings Thread #8: Because we can't wait to get new ratings!
  12. Will & Natalie #8: "Yeah, well you better be right, because these labs look like a sinus infection."
  13. Dr. Daniel Charles | Oliver Platt #7: "The world would be a much better place, a much safer place, if people would just shut up."
  14. Detective Antonio Dawson | Jon Seda #8: "Feeding the cat, really? That's what you're doing here?"
  15. Chosen Family {Hailey & Vanessa | Tracy & Lisseth} #1: "Meet Rojas. She’s a badass. We love her and we’re keeping her. @lissethchavez"
  16. The Women of One Chicago #7: "What just happened?" "You kicked ass, that's what happened."
  17. 61 {Sylvie Brett & Emily Foster} #3: "You and I are gonna go get Brett back. Now."
  18. Always ~ Leslie Shay & Kelly Severide #06: "Shay, you can do your thing. That's rule number one if I'm not mistaken."
  19. Dr. Will Halstead | Nick Gehlfuss #7: "This time it wasn't my fault."
  20. Detective Lindsay | Sophia Bush #11: "So, just because I'm back doesn't mean I'm gonna quit me and you."
  21. Chicago Post Count #12
  22. One Chicago Pictures #10: Because we can wait patiently for new pics!
  23. April Sexton | Yaya DaCosta #7: "Don't look for somebody else to blame."
  24. Troublemakers {Dawson & Kidd} #6: "We will take all the time we can get."
  25. "For a certain few among us, fear brings out something different. Their choice to be heroic." | 200,000 Posts at One Chicago!
  26. Anchors {Halstead & Upton} #6: "She's my partner, so if you know something that's putting her in danger, I need to know, now."
  27. Surgeons {Connor Rhodes & Ava Bekker} #7: "Look at you two, getting it done like Jordan and Pippen."
  28. Chicago PD General Discussion #7: Because we're excited for next season!
  29. Ethan Choi & April Sexton #7: "No. Not if Emily acted like an adult instead of a twelve-year-old."
  30. BFF | Cruz & Otis #06: "What Cruz and Otis had was special and will always be there."
  31. Roomies {Kelly Severide ♥ Stella Kidd} #7: "They just love each other."
  32. The Relatives Room #7: "Another little piece of advice from the old guy: Finances and family, they don't always mix."
  33. Dr. Sarah Reese | Rachel DiPillo #7: "I just broke that little girl's ribs." "Reese, you saved the girl's life."
  34. Jay Halstead|Jesse Lee Soffer #17: "You got a way of saying that where it never sounds like good news"
  35. Chicago Med #8 "The crazy thing is, it's the most gratifying day I've had as a doctor"
  36. Guest Stars #7
  37. One Chicago Fanfiction #3
  38. Hailey Upton | Tracy Spiridakos #6: "It's not gonna last. It never does with the bad boys. The sooner you realize that the better."
  39. Natalie Manning | Torrey DeVitto #7: "You are gambling on a kid's life with a Hail Mary."
  40. Detective Alvin Olinsky|Elias Koteas #8: "Every cop in this world would kill for your job. Why jeopardize that?"
  41. Kelly Severide | Taylor Kinney #8: "It's not my problem? I'm the one who had to get between you and his knife."
  42. Christopher Herrmann | David Eigenberg #06: "Well, there's an extra tax for local celebrities."
  43. Matt Casey | Jesse Spencer #7: "Chief, as captain of Truck 81, I should have the right to pick my own crew."
  44. Sylvie Brett & Stella Kidd #6: "It's all kinds of awesome riding with you."
  45. Blake Gallo | Alberto Rosende #2: "I realize this opportunity comes to me at a very high cost to 51. I don’t take that lightly."
  46. "Randy "Mouch" McHolland | Christian Stolte #06: "My advice is bring donuts."
  47. FBI (CBS) #1: "New York's FBI task force is looking for a loan out officer. I just signed you up."
  48. Vanessa Rojas | Lisseth Chavez #2: "These predators come in all shapes and sizes and they find you."
  49. Celebration Prep Thread: 200,000 posts!
  50. Law & Order: SVU General Discussion #4: "A law without empathy doesn't help anyone."