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  1. Detective Sumner | Sidney Tamiia Poitier
  2. Voight & Lindsay #2: Lindsay: "What'd you bring me for?" Voight: "You cheer me up." Lindsay: "...Yay!"
  3. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #16: Because can you image Erin & Jay get together & someone breaks into their apartment? Big mistake. -Jesse Lee Soffer
  4. Pirates be takin' over
  5. [Episode Discussion] Chicago PD - 1x10 "At Least It's Justice"
  6. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #15: Because we have more threads than episodes and we've only just begun.
  7. Detective Alvin Olinsky | Elias Koteas #2: "Sneakiest guy I know." - Adam Ruzek
  8. Jay Halstead | Jesse Lee Soffer #5 Because we want his scruff back.
  9. Jay♥Erin#14:if 2 young,healthy people have 2 ride in a car all day 2gether as partners & they’re attracted 2 each other, it could become a problem
  10. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #13: Because he's her partner and he can talk to her anytime because she does want to know.
  11. [Episode Discussion] Chicago PD - 1x09 - "A Material Witness"
  12. Episode 1x09 thoughts/expectations?
  13. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #12: Because: "We haven't done anything." "Don't I know it."
  14. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #11: Because she might not be wearing a ring but they totally act like engaged couple anyway.
  15. [Episode Discussion] Chicago PD - 1x08 - "Different Mistakes"
  16. Antonio Dawson and Hank Voight #1: 'Is that a Puerto Rican thing?' 'I'm Dominican.'
  17. Sergeant Platt | Amy Morton #1: 'Oh My God, You Should Have have said you were from NYC. I'm Mortified.'
  18. Jay Halstead | Jesse Lee Soffer #4: bc Voight may have issues with Halstead but he still thinks Jay has a potential to be great police.
  19. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #10: "I bet they're not gonna keep it professional for long." - Seth Meyers
  20. Adam Ruzek & Kim Burgess #1 : "I just thought you could use an out."
  21. 10,000 Posts Celebration Thread
  22. [Episode Discussion] Chicago PD - 1x07 - "The Price We Pay"
  23. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #9: bc we love how Jay was all in when Erin told him to be her fake fiancé.
  24. ♥ 10,000 Preparation Thread ♥
  25. Please Welcome Roswell Dream Girl & Chastidy As Your New Moderators
  26. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #8: Because it's certain that "one day" they will "definitely" happen
  27. Chicago Fire Thread #2: Because Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire!
  28. Alvin Olinsky & Adam Ruzek #1: "Love me or leave me, man. Love me, Al?" :)
  29. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #7: Because letting people in has always been an issue for her, but for him she's willing to try.
  30. Characterization | Plot Development Thread #1: Come Plot With Us
  31. Detective Lindsay & Officer Burgess {The Lady Cops} #1: Because They're The Best, Most Badass Lady Cops On Television!
  32. Detective Lindsay | Sophia #3: Because Erin Lindsay is popping up in all our shows!
  33. Jay | Jesse #3: "He’s a little cocky — not in a bad way, he just knows he’s good at his job and he can be a little aggressive."
  34. One Chicago TPBM #1: TPBM can't wait for the next episode?
  35. Chicago PD Pictures #2: Because we've been getting so many pictures but we want more because this cast is so pretty and we want to talk about that!
  36. [Episode Discussion] Chicago PD - 1x06 - "Conventions"
  37. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #6: Because This Ship Has a Lot of Potential.
  38. Besides CPD, what else are you watching? #2
  39. Molly's [Off-Topic] #2: Where Anything Goes!
  40. Social Media [Twitter + Instagram + Tumblr] #1: We love to keep up with the cast!
  41. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #5: "If I were to ask you out would I need his permission?"
  42. Cop ღ Firefighter { Lindsay ღ Severide } #1: "I didn't know where else to go."
  43. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #4: Because even though he knows her 'dad' wouldn't like it, he's still there for her.
  44. Moderator Opening Announcement
  45. Detective Jay Halstead | Jesse Lee Soffer #2: because Voight warned him to keep it in his pants but Jay didn't even know it was out.
  46. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #3: "Justin thinks I'm your boyfriend." "You wish." "You wish!" "No, YOU wish."
  47. Guest Stars #1: Because over the years there have been so many great ones.
  48. Jay Halstead & Antonio Dawson #1: "Hey, be careful. You hear me?"
  49. Jay Halstead ♥ Erin Lindsay #2: "Thank you for being here." "You've been there for me before."
  50. Detective Erin Lindsay | Sophia Bush #2: "Any guy who needs to ask my dad’s permission to date me should save himself the trouble."