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  1. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  2. Haley James Scott and Tree Hill Adults #5: We could have more scenes of Haley w/ others that we don't see, but only happened in off-screen..
  3. Standard Avatars 2018
  4. Joy Three Word Posts #43
  5. Joy ABC's #122: Joy, Kind, Lovely
  6. Haley/Quentin #3: We could have more scenes between Haley and Quentin, but it wasn't enough..
  7. Joypiter Welcome, Board Guide, Birthday, and Rules Thread #7: If you're a fan? Join us!
  8. TPAM #44: TPAM is looking forward for new things coming in your ways on this year?
  9. What Joy Song Are You Listening To #45: Any kind of songs that can be cover, old, new, etc..
  10. Abbott & Costello Thread #8 [Joy/Haley & Tyler/Chris]: Chris always find the way to annoy the hell out of Haley, but she already get use to him..
  11. Besides OTH, What Are You Watching? #20
  12. Word Association #150: Fruit - Sweet - Pea
  13. Lindsey|Haley Thread #3: Both Haley and Lindsey have similar common and understand each other w/o being judging when they met in the city, not TH..
  14. Anti-ABCs #104
  15. Mama Haley James Scott #25: Haley is only one who are the most selfless and very loyal who always there for anyone, but herself..
  16. NH+2 #17: We should have more family scenes of them in series finale!!!
  17. The Pornstars [LS&HJS] #20: They love each other unconditionally as siblings, nothing more, just family...
  18. Lucas/Haley/Nathan (OT3) #6: We could have one final scenes between them, but we were rob by them!
  19. Joy Pic Thread #55: Her IG pictures or IG story that she never look bad enough when she's always look happier and sillier!
  20. Jenna Hudson [Snowed-Inn Christmas] #1 - This weekend! On 12/16 at 8PM!
  21. Hotel Cafe #71 (OT): Christmas is almost here, but that mean 2018 will be here very soon!!!
  22. Joy Last Letter Game #58
  23. The Energizer Bunnies (Haley/Brooke|Joy/Sophia) #6: Because "she could play some crazy role and nail it" Sophia talking about Joy.
  24. Romantics {N♥H} #83: Every AU version of world, they always in love w/ each other only, not anyone else..
  25. TPBM #128: TPBM is up to something that nobody know?
  26. Joy ABC's #121: Great, Haley, Intelligent
  27. News #43: Joy will be on Grey's Anatomy, in new Christmas movie, and has secret project that we need to know about!
  28. Besides OTH, What Are You Watching? #19: So much to watch, so little time.
  29. Music Junkies [Haley&Peyton/BJL&HB] #14: They're being mom, entertainers, and so much more that they can do anything they put their mind on it!
  30. Hay&Tay ღ Joy&Lindsey #8: We could have it all if Taylor stay in TH to have a better relationship w/ Haley...
  31. Besides Joy, what are you listening to? #17
  32. Hales & Jimmy Jam #2: They are sweetest mom and son who always there for each other in no matter what!
  33. Anti-ABCs #103
  34. Skills/Haley (Joy & Antwon) #4: Haley's place is only way that he can go to because she has food, entertainment, drama and more that he loves to go!
  35. Haley James Scott and Tree Hill Adults #4: Haley always have better relationship w/ almost all the adults...
  36. Abbott & Costello Thread #7 (Joy/Haley & Tyler/Chris): Haley was the one that got away for Chris.
  37. Mama Haley James Scott #24: Nobody can do what Haley can by giving good advices on life, love, family and friendship, she always there for you..
  38. Haley/Quentin #2: Having Haley as teacher who don't play when it comes to education, but show cares about Q's education...
  39. Besides OTH, what are you watching? #18: Soon summer shows are about to be over, but good news that the fall shows are back!!
  40. What Joy Song Are You Listening To #44: Will put all the old/new songs on iTunes to have all the fans listen to it!
  41. TPAM #43: TPMB is ready for back to school/college or finally have the kids back and place to yourself?
  42. Joy Last Letter Game #57
  43. Joy ABC's #120: Devote, Entertainer, Friendly
  44. Lindsey|Haley Thread #2: Lindsey is only one friend who's mature and outside of Tree Hill friendship that are uncomplicating...
  45. The Pornstars [LS&HJS] #19: They are more than just being best friend, family that came out of love..
  46. Romantics {N♥H} #81: Nothing can be compare to Nathan/Haley's love for each other that everlasting beautiful to see on screen!
  47. TPBM #127: TPBM always have more questions to ask?
  48. Hotel Cafe #70 (OT): Summer here meaning working or being lazy to catch up whatever we're doing!
  49. Lucas/Haley/Nathan (OT3) #5: Haley is the reason that made them as family in no matter what!
  50. Word Association #149: Joy - Happy - Mood